49 thoughts on “Could you be an architect? Part 5

  1. Sir are you on Instagram or Facebook please answer i have some questions please please please answer

  2. I really want to study architecture.. But in my place there is practically no scope for architects, and I miss afraid I will not be good enough
    .what do I do?

  3. What if you're not good in drawing and math? And you somehow sucks at speaking and not that creative. Can s/he still be an architect?

  4. What if i know perfectly the languages Spanish and Russian,but I'm living the second year in Germany and I want to finish university here but then move to the USA:can I still be an architect there?like just by learning perfectly English?I think I'm really good at it)anyone can help me???

  5. I still don't know 😭 I started biomedical engineering, but I think it's not for me. I just kept getting architect when I took career tests. So confused in life, I hope I find my way 😭

  6. Thank you for this videos, you make me see architecture with other perspective, I’m currently studying architecture and didn’t know if i could pull it off, but you don’t need to be the best in every area or have the best grades you need to really learn and practice! Thank you so much!

  7. that's so creative i like your videos ,and the way how you present your ideas ,i'm realy want to become an architect ,but i'm so afraid too ,i think that i'm creative and i can draw very well , and this's the only thing that i'm good at. i love drawing and i'm not sure if i will succeed ..But when I saw this I had little hope .
    thank you so much =)

  8. I want to be an architect but it seems i have no passion for this type of career (btw im an animation student)

  9. I am bad at english .. that most of words on the vid i didnt understand it
    And the maths is the worst subject evah

    I could be an architecture !

  10. really thanks you i am still a student and a bit hesitated in choosing collage but you just said i can be an architect this series  is absolutely helpfull

  11. I love it ! And I think or in other words I am able to become an architect. Thank you for your videos ! 🙂

  12. Thank u for your videos , in fact you really push me to choose this career.I am creative and have skill communications and I will love to grown that's and be my own boss and sale myself and my work .Thanks again !

  13. I'm a yes on all questions except this last one. I am almost entirely doing what I feel like doing. I am an absolute nutcase at forcing myself to do anything. That said, I do try to learn it anyways, but this video series have made me realize that although I am very creative, pretty decent at designing, great at math, quite good at english and the latter which I cant remember right now, then I can barely force myself to do anything. I'm probably more the programmer type. Cause although I am strong willed, then its only inside things that I either want to do in the moment or which are definitive long term goals of mine. Architecture was mostly somewhat of a backup plan as I'm pretty sure it would be too much routine and end up boring for me. Architecture is beautiful, but not that hard to figure out (at least I dont think so), So I'll probably take the somewhat same route as my dad and become an engineer of some sort…

  14. it seem s really hard to be an architect !!it s my first year as a student architect and I am scared.but I won t give up if I didn t try and those videos make me understand what qualities we should have to be a good architect so please wish to me a good luck 😊

  15. nice video 😁😁
    thanks for raising my motivation to be a student of architect.. at first, i can't believe in my self to be an architect with my little skill. But right now, i have to study hard and increase all of my potential or whatever that can be useful tomorrow

  16. What Arti.. thing do u do? I see a wide options to choose from IF I take this course.. Like ARCHITTEURE MEDIA, ARCH. DESIGN, ARCH CAD ETCIDK WHAT TO DOOOO

  17. I said yes to every question except math… I suck at math. Do you think I could become a successful architect?

  18. thank you sooooo sooooo soooooooo much .
    i was scared to death….
    i am not a Genius in mathematics but also not that bad …..
    i love the architecture but i was afraid of failure…..
    thank you ….
    really i don't know what to say .😂😂😂😂

  19. Excellent serie. Amazing job. Made me want to discover if I have what it takes.

  20. I am good at every question you asked in the videos, except for physics, im not bad but im not good either!! I love architecture, do you think i can make it?

  21. I'm not good at math. But the worst thing is I'm terrible at socializing and working with people. I learned from your videos that the hardest for me would be putting up with what people want and their different approaches, way of thinking, opinions, attitude, etc. Because not everyone knows how to appreciate a creative and pragmatic process. And that sucks out my energy very quick. I need to work a lot on my self maintaining and mental health. But at least this gives me new details in my fantasy about what I could be lol.

  22. I'm going to be N architecture student and I'm scared as hell whether I'm able to succeed in all this ways to become a successful architect. someone please motivate me 🙁

  23. I'm good at drawing, I don't like Math that much but guess I don't have any choice about that since my motivation to have a career as an Architect is really strong, I mean it's kind of my dream to pursue my studies and be done with it, your videos were interesting. I'm gonna give it a try anyway

  24. I'm pursuing architect and according to your questions especially the last i might be not cut out for architecture. So you can guess that my greatest weakness would be my laziness and lack of motivation. Sadly enough I can't back out anymore 🙁

  25. I can draw good but not that well. Im not good at math though im good at english and I like to create things that were extraordinary. I believe that if i will pursue this course with extreme determination and hardwork to grasp and overcome my weakness i would be an architect. Am I right or this is not the path for me?

  26. Hi! i'm good at drawing, and been a good leader. I love math and im really good at it, but I don't speak English really well. I wasn't born in America. I'm in 9th grade, and my English has improved a lot in the past 3 years, but still having some problems speaking aloud. My dream is to be an architect. I would like to know if I have a good chance to be one? If someone could answer, I would be really grateful.

  27. Just curious, what material did you glue your sketches on to that made it strong enough to make a connect like that?

  28. Since im young i really want to be an architect but when i watched this i get confused and frustrated. Im not good at math, speaking, and im not good at drawing. Im just creative and i love to draw but im not good at drawing. I hate myself 😭😭

  29. I'm not the best artist but i'm also not the worst and i am taking courses so i believe i can learn hopefully and i am good at math (but i dont take physics) I don't know if i'm creative or a designer and i'm good in English and i'm a good public speaker so idk if i could be an architect or not but i want to anyway i'm taking my chances lol 

  30. Thank you so much for the vid . i'm still confuse of what should i get .. i'd like to be an architect but i also like to be a physicist .. please could someone help me . I'm really confused -_-

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