Create High End Decor on a Budget with Today’s Tip and Stretch Your Supplies Even Further

Create High End Decor on a Budget with Today’s Tip and Stretch Your Supplies Even Further

Hi &Welcome to hedgehog Hollow today’s our crafting with our teaser I
have a two minute tip as always for you but I want you to show you a way to save
money which we all love as crafters so as you can see I’ve been decorating for
Halloween and last year I put these really really cute pumpkins at Joanne’s
but they were crazy expensive like a bag of these was a lot of money so I was in
the Dollar Tree the other night and I bought a ton of these pumpkins which
were really inexpensive as you can imagine and I thought I can create these
with my our teaser glitter and some deluxe adhesive so I’m going to show you
how to create some really cute for Halloween pumpkins for your home for
your craft room for decoration in any way you want with some glitters and some
products you probably already have and if not a super inexpensive and you can
use the whole year round using our crafty Wiles so let’s dive in
so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab my deluxe DC if you can also use your
new vogue loop ends they work really really well for this technique and you
can add patterns so I thought on this one we could do like a really cute
little like spider web pattern and of course it doesn’t have to be perfect
either so you can do like this really cute like
this if you’re arty you could do like initials or a monogram but you can just
kind of like I’m drooping it as though it was like a spider’s web and I thought
on this one we’ll do like a black oh you could do an orange e glitter a purple
glitter it means so many different options and I got a bag of I think like
three in each colorway for a buck so really inexpensive I got tons and
tons of stuff at the Dollar Tree I’m gonna be doing for Dollar Tree wreaths
for Halloween so I’m going to be showing you some amazing
home decor ideas for really inexpensive ways because I’ve been looking at tons
on Pinterest and they’re just really really expensive now you could also do
this but do it with flock you could do it with non spooky colors of glitter too
and in the same way you could customize it now our teaser also has some really
pretty vinyl so you could add monograms with their vinyl too and create some
really really pretty things so I’m just gonna do three rows on this one just
like this I’m trying to arch it a little bit just like that and then what I’m
gonna do is I’m going to pour some glitter over the top so let’s choose a
color I grab some really pretty colors in here there’s this chunky glitter so
we could try this here so if you haven’t tried these glitters they’re really
really great so here’s one of they’re chunky this one has like blue and purple
colors in I’m just gonna dust off here and then I’m gonna pour it over here I’m
not going to worry about the mess because I can’t clear that up after and
pour a little back in the pot of course if you’re crafting at home you might get
a little bit more careful but I’m doing it just over a piece of construction
paper so that I catch some of the mass and then I’m just going to give my
pumpkin a tap turn it upside down and then when it’s dry and I’ll tape my
surface sweep to it and just take off any excess but doesn’t that look like
the cutest like creepiest but fun almost like a Cinderella pumpkin like that and
I have a shot back down here so I don’t mind if I get glitter on the floor but I
know if you’re doing at home you’d be far more careful than being but then on
this one I thought you could do like these really
cute little dots now see well how’d you get really even dots oh I’ve got a
scrubber com finger dauber and I thought well what we’ll do is you could just
take your glass matte or something like one of these little
spreader things anything that’s like a little bit nonstick and then just ink up
your dauber and then all you have to do is load it up with some glue like this and then you just have the perfect I
mean you could do little dabs of glue if you wanted to but how much easier is
that and if you put a little less glue if you have a q-tip you could of course
get rid of the little now if you lift it up straight you won’t get the little
squiggle and the hard you press it down the bigger the area is and then we can
put some glitter on top so we could take up black glitter and I’m just going to
turn it as I go but these you know it’s just such as much cheaper way of doing
it and these are to use a glitter I think you get fifty four jars in a pack
this is micro-fine glitter so I’m gonna tap it this way then I’m gonna carefully
hold it upside down and then the top tip is to grab your surface sweet and then
you can see you just kind of dust off the excess I would wait till it’s dry
it’s a bit harder because of course I don’t have time for it to dry in the
video but you can see how I can just get rid of all the excess and then I’ve made
my own custom you know pumpkins so saves me so so much money and you can see how
much mileage I’m getting out of these glitters I’ve made ombre cards we’ve
made custom papers saved herself a fortune in those custom papers and you
could do two-tone too so I could go back in and around the top I could go in and
I could add you could dip the whole thing you could paint it with Mod Podge
you could do glitter over the whole thing
you know have something really really cool over it so you know you don’t have
to do that you go glow in the dark there’s glow-in-the-dark glitter in this
pack too so you could do something really fun I’m just putting some green
glitter over the top here so I’m just tapping I’m gonna be very gentle with my
surface sweep in here you can see I’ve just added some green in the top there
trying not to rub off any little bit now I have to talk green polka dots on the
top so you don’t have to do them all the same color and just with that little
dauber trick super super simple so there is how to create and decorate for
Halloween on a really tight budget but create custom colors too so whatever
your Halloween theme is whether you want to do Cinderella or maybe you want to do
polka dots in a custom color you want to do ombre the whole way over we have tons
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soon happy crafting everyone see you soon bye

5 thoughts on “Create High End Decor on a Budget with Today’s Tip and Stretch Your Supplies Even Further

  1. This would be super fun for kids!
    I might do this at Christmas using a glue pen to draw things on baubles because we don’t really celebrate Halloween in Australia

  2. Hi Alexandra! These are such fun tips and ideas! I purchased pumpkins and glitter or do this ideas about 3 years ago! NEVER did it! I’m inspired to get these done with my boys,, so adorable! ~ Katz

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