Creating HDR Real Estate Interior Photos

Creating HDR Real Estate Interior Photos

Hello and welcome to part 2 of the Photomatix tutorial for Real Estate Photography, where I’m going to show you
how to render an interior with a bright window. Part 1 shows how to take bracketed photos which capture
both the darkest part of the interior and the brightest parts of the windows. If you haven’t completed that step, then follow this link and work through the first part. But if you have, then I’ll now show you how to use the bracketed photos. Open Photomatix Pro and click “Browse and Load” to select your photos. Select your bracketed set and click “Open”. Or open them in Windows Explorer, and simply drag them into Photomatix Pro. By the way, if you have Lightroom, you can access Photomatix directly from Lightroom, via the plugin which is included in Photomatix Pro. You will see a window with the thumbnails of the bracketed photos you selected. Then click “Next : Choose Merge Options”. The next window has options
for how to merge the photos. If you took the photos handheld,
you will have moved the camera a little in between each one and the “Align Source Images” option
will correct for those movements. Now click “Align & Merge to HDR”. Once the “Adjust and Preview” screen opens, click the drop down menu just above the thumbnails list and select the “Architecture” category. Click on the preset thumbnails to see
the different effects you can get: “Realistic” “Natural” “Interior” The “Interior 2 ” preset is often a good starting point. On the left hand side you can use the sliders to fine-tune the effect. Once you are satisfied with the image, click “Next : Finish”. Before saving, you can you can add some finishing touches to your image. The “Finishing Touch” panel lets you add contrast to your image. You can sharpen it … and straighten it. Straightening is especially useful
for fixing perspective issues with buildings and and interiors, where lines that should be
horizontal or vertical, look crooked. And lastly, you can crop your image. Select the aspect ratio you require,
and with your mouse, simply draw a frame over your image. When you’re finished, click “Apply”. By the way, if you need to upload the image to MLS, then choose a 4 x 3 image ratio instead. Once you’re done with your finishing touches, click “Save Final Image” and choose where you want to save it. If you want to upload the image to MLS, then use the “Save With Size” option
to save at a lower resolution. Download free trial of Photomatix Pro 6 at The trial is fully functional and doesn’t expire, it just adds a watermark to the final image.

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  1. does the previous version of this software have the option PROCESS and METHOD on the top left corner of the screen available? I've been going back and forth on the pro and essential software and neither have one has this feature I see in every tutorial. I see that your using the newest version of the software and the feature isn't on the screen either. Can you please help me with this? I'm very confused here…

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