Creative Advertising at Humber College

Creative Advertising at Humber College

Michael Rosen: The Creative Advertising program has been in existence now since 2005 and we’ve been incredibly successful. It’s one of only two four-year bachelor’s degrees in the creative aspects of advertising. The creativity is all through the lens of business. It’s always solving a business problem. Amanda Parovel: Part of the Creative Adverting degree program is an internship that takes place between January and April of your fourth year. Well I’m really incredibly lucky to be at Young & Rubicam in Toronto. I’m in the broadcast production department so I work underneath all of the broadcast producers. Kael Cruz: Coming here to Creative Advertising at Humber really opened my eyes as to what else goes into the thought
process of what we use to sell products and ideas to clients Rodrigo Chavez: We have teachers that teach us account and marketing classes, we have teachers that have copy-writing backgrounds or art direction background. And even digital production background so everything combined gives us all the tools we need. Jaimie Bautista: They also have that contact outside
the program so they actually get in some industry professionals to talk to us and give
us a little taste of the real world. Michael Rosen: Our students are generally hired as art directors, copywriters or account managers but also some become graphic designers. There are other things because they’re relatively related fields. Amanda Parovel: You get hands-on experience and the theory so you have two ways to come at a problem instead of just the one and I think that the way that they integrate having real clients come in during the various different stages of your degree helps you in ways that you don’t even realize until you get into the real world. Eric Neal: Tonight we have a ton of
notable creatives, account people from the industry, advertising in general from shops all over Toronto
and they’re coming out here to look at our books and see what we have to show
them what we have to offer to the agency and hopefully offer internships. Michael Rosen: I’m just every year just proud
as anything and you know I love to see their success. Kael Cruz: This is definitely worth it and the creative advertising program like I said, it’s the best investment I’ve ever made.

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  1. Thanks for your feedback – It's definitely appreciated. We're working on videos for the many programs at Humber (we have 150 full-time programs) so you can imagine the scope of a project like that. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message.

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