Creative Small Living Rooms,  Beautiful Decorating Ideas

Creative Small Living Rooms, Beautiful Decorating Ideas

Beautiful small living rooms in this short video. Almost fifty creative and inspirational ideas for a modern and contemporary living room. Regardless of their small size these living spaces are stylish and comfortable. Many design style ideas from traditional and vintage to contemporary and modern in beautiful designer color palettes. The colors and nuances are light making these small spaces to look bigger than they really are. Smart ideas to use the vertical space to increase the storage area. In a way, these small living rooms are similar in conception with light hardwood throughout and furnished with lightweight furniture. Watch this video and find the right idea for your own home. Thank you so much for watching. VOCAL BACKGROUND MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND

6 thoughts on “Creative Small Living Rooms, Beautiful Decorating Ideas

  1. The whole furniture is of very high quality and functional. Also the ambience is so appealing and the plants have been well placed including the cactus. Wish I could invite you to design my flat.

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