Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Death Of A Fashion Designer – Ep 543 – 17th July, 2017

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Death Of A Fashion Designer – Ep 543 – 17th July, 2017

Dream to aspire and
to achieve something in life. Who doesn’t dream
of such things? But the mindset of
our society is different. If a male chooses to dream
about his achievements by staying away from
his family responsibilities we call him ambitious! But the same dream,
when envisioned by a woman in spite of looking after her family
and going ahead at the same time the people in her surroundings
brand her as a selfish woman. Equality is only a matter
of the constitution whom no one seems to accept
or respect. Women keep falling prey to
these defamatory practices thus. ‘Be selfish to dream.’
Interesting.. What does it mean? – This
means that once in a while a person is required to be
selfish in order to achieve his dreams.
If not.. he ends up making sacrifices
all lifelong. If given a choice between
your dreams and your family whom would you choose? Ma’am, why is the woman always
expected to make sacrifices? If I get married tomorrow
I will not be just a mother or a wife. I will have
an identity of my own. Then how can I
sacrifice my dreams? Well, you have two months. Because you are selected. Congratulations!
You are going to Paris. A very enthusiastic woman’s life
was put to an end who dreamt of going to Paris.
Her corpse laid on the highway. Who was she? Was this the price
that she paid for her dreams? Move behind..
– Move behind, please.. Look at this, Patil. I think
she was strangled to death. Look at this, sir. A tattoo..
Sameer and Reema. She could be Reema and Sameer
could be her love interest. Sir, look at this. I think the sheet had something
on this side that was cut out. Patil, this sheet looks like
one from a hotel or lodge. The snipped out portion
could’ve been baring the brand of the lodge or hotel
that the offender didn’t want anyone to notice. Looking at her state I think,
this girl Reema was stationed in a lodge or hotel with a guy.
Where they must have fought and then he wrapped her naked
in a sheet and dumped her here. Do this!
Find out which hotels and lodges use these kind of sheets
around the area. Send this photograph to
the nearby police precincts too. Mulund, Matunga, Vikroli
and all the nearby places! Her missing complaint could be
lodged at some precinct there. Sir! Look, what a pretty sheet
I have got you. – Mom.. Why did you get me a bed sheet?
Wouldn’t Paris have bed sheets? Where will you get
a pure cotton one like this one? That is why I have got you one.
You’ll like it. And look at
the other things I have got you. Pickle, ‘Papad’ et cetera
of your choice. Mothers, seriously.. Thank you.. Whenever we have to travel
so carry a lot of luggage along. Absolutely. One second.
– That is a mother’s job.. Amir, I’ll call you back. I am with my mom. Hello. Amir.
– ‘I am..’ – What’s wrong? ‘I met with an accident. My
friends have just left me home.’ ‘Please, come..’
– What! I am on my way, Amir. Right now! Sandy, sorry. It was just
a prank! – Was it funny to you? Sandy, sorry! – Amir..
I will not spare you today! Sorry! – Wait there.. I was scared to death!
– You are so busy and have no time for me
so I pranked you. – Nonsense! It’s just a matter of a year. Once I finish my internship
I will return back home. We will settle here then. Then trouble me as much
as you want. Okay, I’ll trouble you later.
Let’s have something else? I mean let’s have dinner
somewhere out today? Okay. Chinese?
– Indian? Amir, you are very notorious.
– O-Okay.. Sir, I have questioned
every precinct nearby. There is no missing complaint
of this girl named Reema. I have circulated her picture
as well. But there has been no match
so forth. Patil, maybe her kin
do not hail from this city. Or they could be out of town
currently. – Sir, we only have her tattoo as her identity
for now. – Sir! We have interrogated at every
possible hotel and lodge surrounding Ghatkopar but
no one seems to knows the girl. Sir, Reema’s post mortem reports
are here. She was murdered by strangling
and it happened around 7-8 p.m. As per the autopsy report the
girl wasn’t sexually assaulted. Sir, if the girl wasn’t
assaulted sexually then why did they unclothe the
body and place it on the road? To mislead us. So that we got occupied
by the notion of rape and the offender could use
the time to slip away unseen. I know that you have killed
that girl. Only two people know of it. You very well know
who is the other one but he will not open his mouth. I will tell you when and where
you have to come with the money. They couldn’t trace her identity
nor find an identifier. Even a missing complaint
wasn’t files against her. She just had a tattoo on
her right hand as her identity. Reema Sameer.
The mystery was broiling up. Her corpse was found in a sheet
whose logo was snipped off. But the police finally learnt of
the hotel that used the sheet. Sachin Bhamla. – Yes. Do you recognise this girl?
– No. I have never seen her. Do you recognise this sheet,
Bhamla? Yes, sir. – Such sheets are used
in your hotel, right? Yes. – This corpse has a similar
sheet wrapped around it. This woman was stationed
at your hotel, right? How can I be sure of that?
B-But, sir.. You can surely watch
the surveillance footage. I’ll call for it right away. Sir, look. There are four cameras in total where the camera on third floor
is out of order. Reema came to the hotel at 7:30
to meet someone. And she met him too. But whom she met is unknown
for he is behind that pillar. Zoom in.
Some more.. Show me the CCTV footage
of behind that pillar. Sir, we don’t have a camera
on that side. So.. Sir! I checked the guest entry. But Sameer and Meera’s names
are not mentioned in it. Why is there no entry?
– She must have come to our restaurant
or to meet someone, sir. Even we can see that. We can see
her meeting someone. But we can’t see
who she is meeting because his face
is behind the pillar. Patil, take the footage
in our custody. Sir. I suggest,
get Reema’s photo printed in tomorrow’s morning
newspaper. There could be someone
who recognises her. Mom!
Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Hey, I will fall. I have got my visa. My tickets
have been booked. I am going to Paris! Really? Mom, mark my words I will earn so much
fame in three years that I will have
my own brand. I will think of
a good name which incorporates your
and my name. S.. What about Susan? ‘Su’ for you
and ‘san’ for me. Yes! Right! Sandhya.. Sandhya,
what happened, dear? Doctor, is everything okay? Ma’am, I am
feeling odd to say this but Sandhya is pregnant. Sandhya wants
to go to Paris. But she can’t travel
in this condition. You both decide
what you want to do. Mom, venting your temper
on the utensils won’t really solve
the problem. Please, Mom..
Calm down a little. Please. How can I calm down? You might like Amit,
but I don’t like him one bit. I don’t think
that he loves you. Mom, please!
That’s enough. The pregnancy
is confirmed. So, what have you decided? I don’t know, Amit. I am really confused. I am unable
to decide anything. That’s why,
I asked you to come. Ma’am, I know that you’ve
never trusted me. But I am committed to her.
I will only marry Sandy. And we both
will bring up the child. What about Paris? Her career
will be ruined, right? Mom.. Amit, I will never get such an
opportunity again. Sandy, is one’s carrier
and dreams more important than love? I wish, I had
an answer to this, Amit. Okay. You don’t worry. This is our child. I am equally responsible
towards the child. I promise, I will quit
my job for our child. I will play the role
of a mother and father. Then, you can go to Paris
and chase your dreams. Okay? Come on,
Sandy, smile now! Sir! I have questioned
the manager of Yellow Leaf. He said that several people visit the restaurant
which on the ground floor. It’s hard to find out,
who had come to meet Reema. Sir! He wants
to tell you something. Sir, I am Manav Dixit.
Sir, I know her. She was my tenant
at a flat in Dombivli. Her name
is Sandhya Deshmukh. What?
Sandhya! Yes, sir. Sandhya used to work
at an export house in Thane. Her permanent address
was of Pune. She is a divorcee.
She has a daughter. She has been
my tenant for two years. Her mother had visited
her a few days ago. Give them the address
of your house, where she lived. Okay, sir. She is home. Grandma.. Grandma, why are
officers here? Where is mom? Mom has gone out
for work, right, dear? She will be back soon. Go inside.
Let me speak to him. Okay. Is Sandhya your daughter? Yes. Your daughter
has been murdered. Are you feeling
a little better? When did you see
Sandhya for the last time? I saw her two days back. I was going to Pune
with Ananya. Mom, I am going out.
I have a client meeting. My client wants to see
samples of my design. We will reach Pune
by late evening. You keep calling
and informing me. Yes, Mom.
I will call you up. But don’t get worked
up, if I don’t call you. You know how things
are in my profession. Once the work starts,
then there is no time to spare. Mom, just pray
that I get this project. Then,
I’ll never look back. Bye. Come here.
– Bye, Mom. Love you! Don’t trouble grandma.
Travel safely. Yes..
– Wish mom all the best. All the best!
– I love you. Did Sandhya tell you
who she is going to meet? No.. Tell me something. Did anyone visit Sandhya
at this house? Her husband
had come a few days ago. His name is Amit.
Amit Deshmukh. A divorce case
is underway. I want
to be free from you. Then, why are you
delaying this? Take this,
sign the papers. These divorce papers
are one sided. Is our child
just my responsibility? Don’t you have
responsibilities towards her? Then, hand her over to me. I don’t
want to ruin her life the way
you ruined my life. You’ll have
to pay an alimony. And you have to pay
as much I have demanded. Look, don’t enrage me. Otherwise, I’ll settle
the matter out of court. He had
threatened Sandhya. Was there any specific
reason behind getting a divorce? Amit was
having an affair. Amit was forcing
Sandhya to leave him after taking an alimony
of Rs. 15,000 or so. He had made
her life miserable. He must’ve killed
my daughter. Don’t mind me asking this. Did Sandhya have an
affair, after she came here? Or was she friends
with someone? Yes. Who was he? She didn’t
tell me his name. She asked me
to come here a few days ago. She said, she wants
to introduce me to someone. She said,
he is a good man and he is accepting
Ananya as well. She was really happy. She wanted
to start afresh. Have you ever heard Sandhya
speak of someone named Sameer? No, I haven’t.. Tell me something.
Did you address Sandhya as Reema as well? No.. Her friends used
to call her Sandy. We found a tattoo on
your daughter’s right hand. Which had Reema
and Sameer written on it. Yes, I saw it on her hand
a few days ago. Pass me the red bag. What is this? What have you inscribed
on your hand? It’s a secret.
I will tell you later. Give us Amit’s phone
number and address. Give us Sandhya’s
phone number as well. Patil,
this is very astonishing. If her name is Sandhya,
her friends called her Sandy then why does she have a tattoo with the name
Reema and Sameer? This tattoo will help us
solve this mystery. For now,
we have two prime suspects. One is Sameer,
the other is Amit Deshmukh. Sir, she is Leena. We
are in a live-in relationship. I am really sorry
to hear about Sandy’s death. But she had it coming. She could have an affair
with anyone to get famous. You and Sandhya
had a love marriage, right? Yes, sir. Sandhya’s mother said
that you threatened Sandhya. I did not threaten her
but I was angry with her. I wanted a divorce. I want to settle with Leena. She wanted an alimony
of Rs. 1,00,000. My salary is Rs. 1,25,000. If I get her what she wants
how would I survive! Are you doubting me? Sandhya had tattooed names
of Sameer and Reema on her arm. What do you know about that? No, sir. I am seeing this
for the first time. She was a designer.
She must’ve had an affair. She would’ve got it made. I do not know the number
of men she had an affair with! Ananya, you’ll be late
for school. Hurry up now.
Come on! Come on, be seated. That is like a good girl.
Put this on. Grandma.
– Yes, dear? Mom is playing
hide and seek, right? Yes. She has gone to Paris. She will be back soon. She wanted me to be strong
and do things by myself. Leave it be.
I’ll do it. If I do all this she will come
to meet me, right? Yes. She will come. Sir. These are Sandhya’s
call records. There is number frequently
in contact with Sandhya. It is registered to Mohsin Ali.
A fashion designer. He is a high profile guy. They were in contact
since past six months. Call this Mohsin Ali.
– Sir. Sir, Sandhya and I
know each other from college. We were good friends. I helped her after
the final exams. I helped her fill
an application form and I helped her
for the Paris internship. Later I heard that
she got married and we were
not in contact. She left the industry. She contacted me again
about a year ago. I knew you
made a wrong decision by marrying Amit. But you would not listen to me
back then. Leave it be, Mohsin. I cannot change the past. For the sake of old times,
can you help me? Tell me.
How can I help you? I want to come back
in the fashion industry. – Okay. I cannot find a better network
than yours. I arranged for Sandhya to meet
a fashion designing company but she did not show up. When I called her
she said that.. I am sorry, Mohsin.
I cannot meet you now. Amit is trying to find evidence
against me. He wants to prove me
a characterless woman and hence save on the alimony. And if I meet you
in such conditions I do not want him
to frame you and me and present in court
with twisted facts. He was spying on his wife?
– Yes, sir. Mohsin, we found this tattoo
on Sandhya’s arm and it stated the names
of Sameer and Reema. What do you know of this? What can I say?
I have no idea. Sit down.
– Why are you hitting me? What is all this?
– This is our way. Now are you going to tell us
everything or do we have to insist? Sir, I’ll tell you.
– Go on. I knew that
Sandhya had affairs. I just wanted
some evidence. And that is why you went
to Yellow Leaf Hotel? Yellow Leaf?
Where is this? So this is going to be
the hard way then? Trust me, I do not know
any hotel by this name. Sir. Just a minute. These are Amit’s call records. On the night of murder his phone location
was not at Yellow Leaf. Tell me something. Who do you doubt? Who do you think had an affair
with your wife? There were many. It could be Sanjeev Tripathi,
her former boss or it could be Mohsin Ali,
her college friend. An old lover of hers. Let Amit go.
We cannot hold him for long. Keep an eye on him. He is still our prime suspect. I want call records
of Sanjeev Tripathi and Mohsin. See if they were at Yellow Leaf
on the night of murder. No need to blackmail me anymore. Sandhya is dead now
and I know it. I do not need any evidence
of her affair nor I need you. Got that? I am not giving you
a dime! Hello. ‘You wanted evidence
against your wife?’ ‘This is more than enough
to have you arrested.’ Sir, I checked the call records
of Mohsin and Sanjeev Tripathi. On the night of murder, Mohsin
was not at the hotel but Sanjeev was there. Sir, I ran a check on Sanjeev.
He is a womaniser. He goes after women. He could have done
anything to get Sandhya. Patil, we need to check
the CCTV footage again before we get Sanjeev here. What if we may have
missed something? Grandma, I am starving.
– Are you, now? Just wait a minute and I’ll get
your favourite dish. Some pasta for you. Who is going to eat
this yummy pasta? Ananya! Come on.
Open your mouth. Mom. Ananya’s favourite pasta. Such a nice aroma!
Open wide. This is Sanjeev, right?
– Yes, sir. The time stamp is
of 7:00 p.m. He enters the hotel at seven. Go a little forward. He is getting out. So he enters at seven
and comes out at nine. Now we have evidence that Sanjeev was in hotel
on the night of murder. The night Sandhya was murdered
you were there at the Hotel. We have evidence.
– Yes, I was there. But I had nothing to do
with Sandhya’s death. I never said anything like that.
– You implied the same. Let us cut to chase. Everyone at your office knows that you go chasing
after beautiful women. You offered Sandhya a job seeing how beautiful
she was, right? No, sir. She had talent
and personality. She needed help and hence
I hired her. The evidence will bring
everything to light. So who called you that night? One that you were talking to
while you were in the lobby. I asked you something!
Answer me. It was my agent. An agent?
What agent? An escort agent. He told me that Sandhya is available during nights. So I thought over it
and I could not pass this. He asked me to reach
the hotel at eight but I reached there at seven. When I saw Sandhya entering
the hotel I called her. Hi. You are here? You had called me here
for the meeting. Meeting? What meeting? Quit this act, Sandhya. I know all
about your night life. After listening to me,
she left in rage. I got a call from that agent
an hour later. He said that I made a mistake
by going before time and that Sandhya does not wish
to see me. I was furious. I had
a few drinks and I left. You must be having
that agent’s number, right? Yes. This is the number. We saw this tattoo
on Sandhya’s arm. It has the names of Sameer
and Reema. What do you know of this? I can tell you that I saw
this tattoo too. But I know nothing about
Sandhya’s personal life. May I leave now? Patil. Can it be that Sandhya took to
prostitution to make a living? It is possible, sir. If that is the case
then the agent might know about this for sure. But the number is switched off. Listen to me. Get your informants active. Try to find out if Sandhya was really
into prostitution. – Sir. Ananya, why are you
standing there? Come here and have some milk. Grandma, why isn’t mom back yet? She has.. What if I write a letter
for her? Will she come? Yes. Sir, you will find
many with this name. She is not into this business.
I am sure about it. A girl
whose name was Sandhya but the mystery about
the tattoo was still unsolved. There was no
information from the hotel where she was seen
last. And the police got an
information about the dead body
found in a flat in Vikroli. Sir,
he is the same man who had given us
the CCTV footage. Sir, take a look. Sir,
there are four cameras and the camera on
the third floor isn’t working. Patil, the way,
things have been scattered looks like,
he manhandled that murderer. Collect the evidence and send the
body for post-mortem. – Sir! Do you stay in
neighbourhood? – Yes, sir. Was Hiten staying
alone? – Yes, sir. Did you see
anyone visiting him? No, sir.
– Sir. Yes. – Sir, we found
Sandhya’s body in a bedsheet of ‘Yellow Leaf’
Hotel. She was in the
hotel on the murder night. And the one
who has been murdered used to work
in Yellow Leaf. Sir, I found this laptop
in his room. Check the laptop
properly. And get Hiten’s
call records. – Sir! Ananya! Come on,
let’s have food. Grandma,
I have written a letter for mom. Shall I read it
for you? Sure. ‘Dear, Mom’ ‘you wanted me
to be strong, right?’ ‘I am strong.’ ‘I don’t cry
even after missing you.’ Grandma is right.’ ‘You are present around
me.’ ‘You had told me
not to cry when I fall.’ ‘I must stand again.’ ‘Because if you
want to succeed in life’ ‘then you will
fall down.’ ‘But you shouldn’t be
scared of falling down, right?’ ‘Anyway,
God loves those’ ‘who stand up
after falling down’ ‘and fulfil their
dream.’ ‘Mom, I will fulfil
my dream.’ ‘I’ll become
a famous designer like you.’ ‘A very famous
designer.’ ‘Just keep supporting
me.’ My child! Sir! I have found
something in Hiten’s laptop. Take a look. Amit was not just
present in the hotel but he had also
gone to room number 304. Sir! You had gone to
hotel Yellow Leaf, right? You have killed
Hiten and Sandhya, right? Look, if you lie..
– Sir! You are lying again. – No,
sir. I am telling the truth. I just wanted
to get rid of Sandhya. I tried a lot
to settle the matter. But he wasn’t reducing
the alimony. Sandhya used to meet
different people for her career. I just wanted the
evidence which I can present
in the court. That she is characterless. Sir..
– Tell me something. If you were in Ghatkopar then why wasn’t the
location of your phone there? Tell me. – Sir! Sir,
I have one more phone. I haven’t given
the number to anyone. Not even to my girlfriend. I had received a call. Sir, he told me
that he can arrange photographs of Sandhya with
someone else in bed. And he had demanded
Rs. 10 lakhs for that work. Who had called
you up? Sir, I don’t know. He used to call up from a
different landline, every time. Sir, he had called me up
the other day. ‘If you want the proof’ ‘then you can come
to hotel Yellow Leaf. ‘She is going
to meet someone there.’ ‘Listen to me. You must
come from the back gate.’ ‘And come the third floor
and room number 304.’ Sir,
I did what he had said. I entered the hotel
from back door and went to the
third floor. But sir,
it was of no use. I couldn’t catch Sandhya. I came back. Then I got a
call. He was blackmailing me. That he has a video to prove
that I was present in the hotel. And he kept blackmailing
me. The CCTV footage
that was shown to us.. We didn’t find
Amit’s entry. But the footage that we
found in Hiten Yadav’s laptop.. Only Amit’s entry was
seen. Sir, I checked
the timeline of the footage. The footage
has been edited in a haste. Probably to mislead us. Patil, I wonder
if Amit has been trapped. But who can it be? Sameer. The question is
who Sameer is. Did you get to know
anything about the agent which Sanjeev Tripathi
had told us about? Yes, sir. The
number was taken from a fake ID. which has been
disconnected permanently. Sir, such agents
keep changing their number. Sir,
what should we do with Amit? Don’t let him go. He is still on our
radar. Get the call details
of his other number as well. Okay, sir. Sir,
we had been informed that the CCTV footage
of the third floor was off. Sir,
there are four cameras. The camera on
the third floor is not working. It was working. That why,
we got Amit’s footage. Sir, that means, the manager,
Bhamla was lying to us. Sir! Sir, I checked
Hiten Yadav’s call record. I didn’t find anything. But the manager, Bhamla
and Hiten spoke a lot on the day incident
took place. Once in every five
minutes. The manager,
Sachin Bhamla and Hiten Yadav were hiding the evidence
from the beginning. Amit’s entry was missing
in the CCTV footage that they showed us. But they blackmailed
Amit with the same footage. Patil, I wonder if Sachin Bhamla
has planned all this. Hiten might
have double-crossed him and Bhamla
would have killed Hiten. Sir!
– Entry from the back door The camera on
the third floor was off. You are the mastermind,
right? You have killed
Hiten and Sandhya, right? Look,
there’s no point lying. Sir! Sir!
Sir! Speak up!
– Sir.. Sir, we use to give entry
to the girls from the back door. The customers who used
to come for two or three hours we never registered
their entry. Sir!
Sir! We had kept
third floor for that. Hiten was also
involved with me. We used to earn
good money. Sir, Sandhya had gone
to room number 304. No one was with her. Amit had gone to her room
at 8 p.m. He must have killed
Sandhya. Where did both of them
they get the keys from? I am sure for
one thing. Someone else was already
present in the room. Sachin, tell me the truth.
Who has killed Sandhya and who disposed
the dead body? I don’t know, sir. Hiten must have
got into some other deal. Sir, Hiten used to keep
all the footage of third floor in a different folder. Sachin is still not
telling us the truth. Someone was already
present in room number 304. Even Amit had gone
to that room. And he came back. Amit must have killed
Sandhya and he must have
thrown the body on the road. Sir! Sir, Hiten’s
post-mortem report. He was murdered
at 11 pm. He was strangled. Patil, I wonder if
Sandhya and Hiten were murdered
by the same person. Did you get to know anything
from Amit’s call details? Yes, sir.
Neither of his phone numbers match with the
murder location. And Amit was with
his girlfriend when Hiten was
murdered. Sir, it’s possible
that even his girlfriend is involved in the
murder. Patil, I think, we’ll have
to meet Amit’s girlfriend. Because Amit’s girlfriend
may not be as smart as Amit. She won’t be able to
hide the truth from us for long. No, sir. As per what you said,
Amit was with me on the night of the murder. Actually, Amit
and I had a fight that night. First, you asked me
to wait till she gave a divorce. Now, she is dead. Now,
what is your problem? Why don’t you understand? She has been murdered,
any rushed decision.. Another excuse. I honestly feel that you
cheated on Sandhya as well. Just shut up! You shut up! I
will leave from here! I could never imagine,
he could do such a thing to me. He cried to me
about Sandhya’s affairs and I fell for it. Tell me something. Do you know anyone
named Reema and Sameer? Reema and Sameer.. Sir, the day I was keeping away
Amit and Sandhya’s belongings that day, I read
this name somewhere. Patil. This seems to be
a script of a play. Is this Sandhya’s script? Yes, sir. All this belongs
to Sandhya. Mohsin, a blogger, a saviour
in the fashion world. We have all your
track records and details. You tell us.
Where do we begin? Should we begin
with your call records? Or should we begin
at the public booths which you used
to call Amit? All the both
owners know you. Sir, I agree I did love Sandhya
at one point of time. But that is
a very old matter. She had chosen Amit
at that time and not me. Matter ended there. But she came back
into my life. A month back,
she got a tattoo done as well. Ta-da! What is this? ‘Sameer. Reema.’ What does it mean? Mohsin. The most
favourite and romantic couple of our play in college. Sameer and Reema. What was
the name of the play? ‘Finally,
Reema meets Sameer.’ Exactly. Finally,
Reema meets Sameer. So I thought,
just like our relationship I should make the characters
permanent as well. She had started feeling,
we both were made for each other just like the
romantic pair of the play. She had forgotten
how different life had become. She has a child now. You must’ve wooed her. That’s why,
she got carried away. She was beautiful. I thought, it was okay
if we just have an affair. And you kept using
Sandhya physically. I was about to explain to her
that we can’t get married. Firstly,
she got her mom here. She wanted
to introduce me to her. Guess what, Mohsin?
Mom has arrived. I will make her meet you
this weekend. And I am very sure,
she is going to be very happy. I was trapped, sir. I had no intensions
of marrying her. But she was just after me. She wanted me to meet her mom,
marry her and settle down. Then, I crafted a plan. To get rid of her. Once she
had shared with me.. Tripathi stares
at me all the time. I knew it, Amit keeps
a constant eye on Sandhya. He used to follow her as well. I thought of using
Sanjeev Tripathi and Amit as pawns. I called Sanjeev Tripathi
as an escort agent. I said that Sandhya
is ready. There is great client.
You’ll be sorted for good. And then,
we can think of marriage. Okay? Where do I need to go? Hotel Yellow Leaf. He has put up
at room number 304. By the way, I’ll see you
there at 8:00 p.m. as well. Okay?
I involved Amit as well. I said,
I’ll give him evidence. What was your plan? I had thought,
she will enter the room and I will somehow
give her sleeping pills. Then, Sanjeev
will come to the room and satisfy himself. Amit would come in
and take their photos. And she would
be out of my life. And I will get cash
from both of them. I didn’t want Amit
to see me. Because he would’ve
recognised me. But Sanjeev goofed up. That fool reached before time. I know
about your night life. Sandhya wasn’t a fool. She understood everything. You! Hey! Come in.
Come. Is this the reason
why you asked me to come here? What happened, Sandhya?
Come, take a seat. Let’s speak freely. Speak to each other!
My foot, Mohsin! You are an escort agent. And I am a prostitute! Look, Sandhya,
try to understand. I..
– What do I understand? So sick! How can you
be so sick, Mohsin! Sandhya..
– If you wanted to leave me you could’ve
told me about it. Why did you make
false promises of marriage? Why did you betray
me so gravely, Mohsin? Why! Listen to me.
– What’s the difference? What’s the difference
between Amit and you? Even you have
the same perception about me. You think, I’ll get involved
with anyone and everyone! Is that what you think? Sandhya, listen
to me. I.. Remember one thing. I’ll never forgive
you. Never! Immediately, will lodge
a complaint against you. You are very famous,
right? You are a big name
in the fashion industry, right? Just wait and watch
as to how I expose you. Your
messages. Just wait! Sandhya! Sandhya!
Sandhya! Where are you going?
– Let go of me. Let go.. But I had a bad luck. Hiten Yadav captured
everything in the CCTV footage. After that,
Hiten started blackmailing me. Then, one day,
I went to Hiten’s house. Come in, sir. I knew it that you’ll come. I killed Hiten. Then, I went through his laptop. I deleted my footage
from the CCTV footage of the third floor. And I copied Amit’s video. And I emailed it to him
from a fake email address. Then, all that drama
of blackmailing. I did all
that to mislead you people. Your life was misled
because of all this treachery. Grandma, you are crying,
right? You are mom’s mom. You should be even stronger. Don’t cry, Grandma. I won’t cry, dear.
I will be strong. I’ll be very strong. A mother was punished
for having aspirations. Today, her daughter aspires
to fulfil her mom’s dreams. Can we have such a society where women are not punished
for having aspirations by the time she grows up? On this note,
I, Anup Soni, bid farewell. I will see you again
in the next episode with yet another
astonishing case. Till then, take care of
yourself and your family. And keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. A lesson to one,
a teaching for all. ‘Jai Hind’!

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