9 thoughts on “CUDA Part A: GPU Architecture Overview and CUDA Basics; Peter Messmer (NVIDIA)

  1. So a kernel is a C++ function that is mapped onto the grid of thread blocks? This is why we avoid all the loops. But I did not hear the presenter to say it explicitly, it is just a mapping. Since each block/thread will have their own indices, the mapped kernel will act on a different place in memory.

  2. What's an xtor? It doesn't show up anywhere.
    Edit: Oh, transistor duh. That's a needlessly obscure abbreviation though.

  3. Daynamic paralleisme is not supported on kerpel with sm archi = 30 and i can't affort to by new peer of GTX with higher sm_3.x what should i do ?

  4. Great presentation and a good style to express the key concepts in a simple manner, really like it, it is good that be slow rather to go fast, so every one can understand clearly, people feel's like the person is scared but that's not the case !

  5. This turd needs to take speaking lessons. He's impossible to listen to, this interrupted mumbling gives me toothache.

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