Custom Home Designers Utilize SketchUp for Brilliant Results

Custom Home Designers Utilize SketchUp for Brilliant Results

We saw a little sign that said “lot for sale.” Took one look to the West, and we said “Oh
my Gosh!” And, so that began the process. And largely we chose Trilogy because they
had the 3D modeling, the SketchUp was very impressive. I’m terrible on a flat piece of paper visualizing
what it’s going to look like. So this was great for me. You know, most people come to us and they
want to get the thing designed and they want to get it built, because until they live in
it it isn’t fun. But, design is fun. Design is like, you walk out of a great design
session and you feel like “Wow!” that was so empowering and that was so cool. And I know the clients feel that way and I
feel that way, and I think that’s awesome! Clearly the high points were when the three
of us were in front of SketchUp at the Trilogy offices doing real time design. I mean, it’s like playing in a sandbox. It’s so easy and so simple, before you know
it people that didn’t think of themselves as creative anymore are coming up with great
ideas. I’d love to see SketchUp even more integrated. We used it for design, but what I’d love is
SketchUp ought to be the center of the whole process, instead of just design. The SketchUp model has a surface detail, which
is visual, but you keep clicking down, and down, and down, and down and getting one level
of information after another level of information. And, so it’s a, it’s a virtual database. The client gets what they need, and that is
they get to see the house, or they get to see the room, and they have a very clear idea
of what the finished product is going to look like. There are two lights over the dining table
behind us, and the original design was one of those lights. And SketchUp immediately exposed that it just
looked kind of .. tiny. And, so instead of putting one up into a wood
ceiling and cutting into the middle of the dining table, it was done right the first
time. What’s difficult is to say how many mistakes
were not made because of SketchUp. I think it’s quite a few. But you can’t point to them because they didn’t

7 thoughts on “Custom Home Designers Utilize SketchUp for Brilliant Results

  1. I noticed that the house in the rendering rested on flat planes but the house sits on a slope. Is that because you removed terrain importing? Imagine how much better they could have done with the exteriors if the terrain was easy to import.

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