Dacia 1300 Barn Find – Day 5 asamblare interior

Dacia 1300 Barn Find – Day 5 asamblare interior

Hello dear friends, As you know in the last video we painted the entire interior of Dacia 1300. In the third part of day 5, we continue the work, and install in the reverse order of the disassembly, all the interior components of the car. After arranging the door rubber seals, which will be changed in the near future, we arrange the electrical wiring in the passenger compartment. We install on position the rear carpet, followed by the front carpet. And once this is done, we can move on to the assembly of the seats. The first seat we install , is the driver’s seat. Followed by the front passenger seat, It is worth mentioning that I have greased all the screws used to fix the front seats. Next is the installation of the cardboard, but also of this separator, which I honestly do not know if it is original from the factory. After installing the backrest, followed by the rear seat. We install on position also the electrical wiring in the trunk , with the mention that I did not have enough duck tape, and those sections that remain uninsulated I will isolate them on my next visit. I install the original right rear stop , and in the background we can hear immortal stories about the Dacia 1300. The rear left stop is not the original one, and it can be seen that it was made in 1997. We will find in another video the story behind this stop light. After installing the rear left stop, we can proceed to installing the components in the trunk. And because almost 12 hours of continuous work have passed, and it was getting darker outside , we decided to relax a bit. If you think why some interior components have not been installed on the Dacia, because a good part of them I will take them to Sibiu and I will try to bring them to life with time and patience. And look what I found in the car ! the original knob of the shifter a small detail but that made my evening more beautiful. And because Fane, my father-in-law still had energy, decided to wash the car for the first time in the last 10 years, and all this time, I was trying to sort out all the documents and history of the car found in the car. Maybe you think I’m crazy, but I seriously think that in the future I will repaint and retouch only certain exterior sections of the car. And before I present to you what we will see next week, it’s time to find out who is the winner of the giveaway . As you know, to win the giveway you had to answer two simple questions, namely : From what year is the Dacia 1300 and how many miles it has . In total there were 41 correct answers. and I decided that the simplest, most transparent and fair way to announce the winner is through a draw. So I start preparing the tickets for the draw. Note that I will draw 3 tickets, the first ticket is the winner, and I will show the name of the winner, and the next two tickets, I will mark them with 2 and 3, so if the original winner does not claim his prize within a week, the prize will be won by ticket no. 2, and if the situation repeats, it will be won by ticket no. 3 That being said, it’s time to find out who is the winner of the first giveway from my youtube channel. And the winner is ……… M Vali user, which I ask to leave a comment on this video, with an email address or facebook account name to be able to take the necessary data and to send the prize. For the situation in which the user M vali does not claim the prize, I extract two other tickets, in order to be sure that the prize will reach someone later. That being said, thank you for watching, and see you next time on a test drive with the old Dacia

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  1. Chedere de usi poti sa pui de Duster. Uita-te pe facebook la Claudiu Marian Chiriac si o sa vezi ca se inchide usa cu 2 degete. Nu intra nici apa si nici nu se mai întăresc ca cele de dacie. Chiar daca ai niste chedere de dacie NOS nu ti recomand pt ca sunt tari si o sa dai cu de se desprinde fata de usa din suduri.

  2. Daca in continuare motorul bate ca în primul clip cu ea
    E nasol îți recomand sa nu mergi cu mașina pentru ca nu ii faci bine

  3. A ieșit super. Eu aș fi f mulțumit cu astfel de rezultate, având în vedere că din punctul meu de vedere o astfel de mașină trebuie condusă pentru a-ți aduce satisfacție. O restaurare perfectă consider ca nu te va mai lasă să te bucuri de ea, și vei fi afectat de orice zgârietură și imperfecțiune.
    Spor în continuare și mersi pt postări. 👍👍👍

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