Dacia 1300 Barn Find – Day 5 Pregatire , degresare + vopsire interior

Dacia 1300 Barn Find – Day 5 Pregatire , degresare + vopsire interior

I used to drive this car Andrei , that’s why I’m working on it This car had help me, I have allot of memories regarding this car Hello dear friends , As you know in the first part of day 5, we dismantled the entire interior of Dacia 1300. In today’s video we continue the work , we clean, prepare and paint the floor but also the trunk of cars. What you will see in this video is just a budget repair and nothing more. I start by cleaning this section of the floor to see if there is rust under the paint. Fortunately, this is only superficial rust. This is the only area that indicates such a problem, I’m glad about this and continue to cleaning process After uninstalling the carpets that covered the passage of the rear wheels, I have to clean all the adhesive combined with residue from the carpet. After cleaning, I use sandpaper to straighten the areas I want to paint. Then I remove some areas with antifon from the front , but also the remains left from the front carpet. A pre-wash follows to remove all the dust and dirt deposited over time. And after carefully masking the original insulation , which I do not want to dirty during the painting process, the degreasing part follows. But also the painting process After about 1 hour of painting, this is how the floor looks like. And a question, related to the material under the rear window, whether it is the factory or not? Because the car was painted in the past, and because the electrical installation was gassed, I decided that the simplest solution is to re-isolate it. And slowly we start the work at the trunk we remove the rubber we clean the dust and dirt, I disassemble the right rear stop, which is the one with which the car left the factory. but also the left rear stop, which is different from the one on the opposite side, and which most likely indicates an incident in the past. I remove the electrical installation from the trunk, and mask the gassed areas again. I identify an area very affected by rust, but I’ll deal with in another video. Because the antifonation pieces on the rear wings were gassed, I decided to remove them from the car. A question , is likely to find this in stores? or should I look for a similar material as an alternative? And after degreasing and isolating certain components, we also paint the trunk. After about 8 and a half hours of hard work, it’s time to see what a budget repair looks like. It doesn’t look like factory, but it definitely looks better than before. If you’re wondering what paint I used, because it was about repainting an interior that was already painted, I chose White 13 from Policolor. And because the 10 minutes have passed, I remind you that next time we find out who the winner of the giveaway is, and we continue with the assembly of the car, and see what the results are. Thank you for watching.

8 thoughts on “Dacia 1300 Barn Find – Day 5 Pregatire , degresare + vopsire interior

  1. Antifonul e de fabrica? Foarte puține mașini au avut . Asa am și eu una tot albă din 74 tot antifonata. Era ceva destul de rar. Bunicul meu lucra acolo și a mers pe banda pe lângă ea când au făcut-o. Salutari din AG chiar de lângă uzina!!!!

  2. nu cred ca este de fabrica. am o dacia din 1973 cu interiorul negru cu imitatie de piele iar eu am tot imitatie de piele pe spate la luneta

  3. Bv,bvas avea câteva intrebari:
    1. Cu ce ai degradat
    2. Cu ce vopsea vopsesti
    3. Influențează vopseaua într-un fel sau altul panourile negre?
    4. Materialul de sub luneta este original, eu lam dezlipit si l-as inlocui cu mocheta neagra.
    Ms frumos

  4. Puteai sa dai jos și rezervorul sa îl cureți. Poți sa îl clătești de mai multe ori cu benzina. Apoi reconectezi conductele la motor și pui filtru de benzină pe care te sfătuiesc sa îl schimbi după o ora de funcționare a motorului pentru ca o curățare perfecta nu iese niciodată.

  5. Înțeleg ca este o lucrare de buget dar după părerea mea merita dat jos tot stratul de vopsea de pe toată podeaua si dat grund + antifon. Sunt sigur ca știai asta dar ma gândesc ca oamenii ti-au solicitat sa fie de buget..

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