Daler Rowney Designers’ Gouache

Daler Rowney Designers’ Gouache

(♪♪♪) Daler Rowney has been
making fine art materials for over 225 years, and Designers’ Gouache
is no exception to that tradition. Designers’ Gouache
was originally developed for professional designers
working on illustrations for graphic productions who needed an
opaque watercolour to provide stronger colour than
ordinary watercolour, but has become
a favorite among fine artists. Designers’ Gouache is
a water soluble paint that is opaque
rather than transparent. Transparent watercolours allow
light to pass through it so you can see
the paper underneath. With the opacity
of Gouache paint, the colour is solid
and no light passes through. For instance, Yellow Ochre
in traditional watercolour is a transparent colour,
so when it is applied to paper, light passes through to
reveal the paper underneath. In Designers’ Gouache paint,
it is a solid colour, so when it is
applied to paper, it becomes solid
and no light passes through. The high quality pigment and superior
reflective qualities of the fine white
calcium carbonate used to manufacture
Designers’ Gouache ensures that it retains
its bright colour every time you use it. It is characterized by
its fine flowing texture, superior tinting strength,
and excellent covering power. Artists can apply
Designers’ Gouache with confidence using
a brush, pen, or it can be thinned
with water and put through
an air brush. Daler Rowney has 87 colours
available in 15 mil tubes. Designers’ Gouache is
a versatile paint that can be applied to a variety of surfaces
and mixed with other types of paints. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

4 thoughts on “Daler Rowney Designers’ Gouache

  1. Why does the Daler Rowney range of gouache contain so many fugitive colours, that  will fade over time. Today there are pigments have will retain their brightness with the passage of time; yet Rowney have failed to include these into their gouaches. One only needs to compare the light fastness with the same colour from Winsor range to realise that Rowney's colours are lacking those really permanent colours! So is Rowney's gouache the best that you can purchase at this present time?

  2. if you want lightfastness for gouache colours, try schmincke ARTISTS quality gouache. 
    IMO they better than all the rest…next to zero fugitive colours. Most designer colours are for throw away art works or those that never see the light of day in a folder.

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