Dana Carvey and David Spade Trade “SNL” Stories – Lights Out with David Spade

Dana Carvey and David Spade Trade “SNL” Stories – Lights Out with David Spade

Dana is an old buddy of mine. As you know, we did old SNL, and we– at the same time;
we overlapped a bit. I met you, I think,
when you were 19. -No.
-Or 20. -Oh, you met me? Yeah.
-When you were 19 or 20, and you looked like
a fetus with shoes. (laughter) (high-pitched):
Hi, fellas! I want to be in show business! No, you didn’t… No, no. -(whooping, applause)
-He was always cool. I was constantly
crapping my pants? -You…
-Yeah. and Rob Schneider were the,
uh, you know… -We came on together.
-Coke and Pepsi. Dennis Miller and I
befriended you guys -Yeah. -and recommended
you guys to Lorne Michaels. -And then what happened?
-And then, uh… well, we have a million stories,
but one of them I remember was, we were, during the elections,
you were playing George Bush, Phil Hartman was playing…
Clinton… -George Bush Sr.
-Senior. -Phil was pl… uh,
Phil was playing… -Clinton. -Clinton.
-And, then, I… I was… I wanted to try
to do Ross Perot– he was someone running
back then– and, uh… Kind of a crazy Texas munchkin
who just passed away. -Yeah. And so I said…
and I called Smigel, -Yeah. and he goes,
“No, I think Dana’s gonna,” and I’m like,
“Dana already plays Bush.” So, I got a call to play Ross
Perot in the election special in primetime– and here’s
a picture of it, actually. So, I do an hour of makeup–
there I am on that side. How are you taller than me
again? Are you on an apple box? Because, uh–
that’s all I care about. -So, that’s the wide shot.
-That’s a wide shot. So, we start the special,
I’m so excited, I’m, like, working on my Perot,
and then they do… Dana does all his Bush, then,
uh, Clinton, you know, by Phil, and then they get to me,
and they go, “Hold, please. “Thanks, David. Let’s get Dana
in the Perot makeup.” Then I would go backstage,
get in the Perot outfit, -go over here… -Yeah,
I’d peel off the bald cap. But you didn’t do Bush
in the wide shot. You just did Perot
in the wide shot. No, I… no,
I was a little chump… That was A. Whitney Brown. Oh, did he do it
in the wide shot? I’m just kidding. I just said
the name to get you going. Don’t worry,
I’m already livid about this. -But-but I re…
-(laughter) I remember you, ’cause
I was going back and forth, just in the rehears…
and you over in the corner, and you had the wig on
and the… -I’d never seen a more miserable
comedian in my life. -(laughter) You were invited to the party
and didn’t have a line. -It was just, like…
-I know. I was so sad, and I was, like,
I came over in character. (like Perot): You all right?
How you doin’, young man? -Which made it worse.
-Hey, can I finish one time? Can I finish one time? It’s a marathon, not a sprint,
you understand? You understand?
Let me put it to you this way. You can’t put a porcupine
in the barn, light it on fire, and expect to make licorice. (laughter, applause) -And I looked at…
-(whooping) You made me feel better. -You had one single tear
coming down. -Bee-yoo… The only reason we didn’t tease
you is ’cause now, in 2019, -you have your own show.
-Yeah, we can tease me. -(cheering, applause)
-Well, yeah. My first time. Now– second time. I prefer jobs where I don’t have
to come in before noon. -Uh…
-And leave by 3:30. Yeah. But you’re an old pro,
so you might have advice for me. Do you have any advice
on doing a show? Well, I talked to… I talked
to our friend Dennis Miller -about the show,
and he was impressed. -Oh, okay. (like Miller): Criminy. Spudly
going in the big-time, huh? Half past 11:00,
following the Noah cat, huh? You got Fallon on the left,
okay, Colbert on the right, and you’re stuck
in the middle, Kiki, okay? (laughter) Quick impression: Jimmy Fallon. (stammering, laughing) (laughter, applause) -Yeah.
-Quick… -Yeah? -Quick impression
anything gets a laugh. -Of course.
-Quick impression Samantha Bee. (high-pitched)
Heh-heh. (laughter) I did it backstage–
they thought it was funny. -(laughter)
-It was fun. It is. If you say it’s an
impression, people believe it. -They love it.
-I know. Like you. (like Spade):
Hey, buddy. What’s up, buddy? Whoo-whoo.
(whistles) Raah, raah, raah. (applause, whooping) Or this one. (high-pitched humming) I love all your moves. I love the use of sound effects
in your stand-up. Makes me laugh every time.
Open a door. (imitates creaking) -(laughter)
-Crying. (high-pitched)
Bee-yu, bee-yu, bee. (imitates dripping) -Uh, now, Dana…
-Wait a minute. -Yeah. -That was bril…
I didn’t know that one. -Yeah.
-Do that one more time. What is it, water…? (imitates dripping) -Yeah, stay close. There’s more.

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  2. SNL has been on 35 years too long. After the original cast it's been all downhill. Now its just an excuse to push leftist liberalism. I await all their deaths.

  3. I remember that debate sketch. You can clearly see Spade standing there dressed as Perot, then he disappears and is replaced by Dana Carvey on tape.

  4. awwwhhhhh! ADORABLE 😮 I wanna see more of this interview 🙂 I could literally watch these 2 reminisce & riff off each other for like an hour

  5. Recently went back and watch spades special from like 99. Legit one of the funniest comedy specials I have ever seen. Killed me throughout the whole show.

  6. Carvey turned 64 in June!! WTF?!? He is not only hilarious, he looks amazing. Funny, funny, funny man….😂😂😂

  7. The only time david was funny was on rules of engagement. Its really sad how hes never been funny since then.

  8. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, they blow.
    Now this , I will watch. Been a long time since there's been a late night talk show worth watching!!! (Like since Leno tetired) Kudos to you David Spade, I love it!🇺🇸✌

  9. David Spade is one of the only people on the planet who can make me laugh just by saying LITERALLY ANYTHING. Love! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Spades only famous because of Tommy Boy…led.him to Joe Dirt…and that should have been that. And Dana Carvey is even worse.

  11. My impersonation of David Spade involves me dying my hair blonde, then going to a busy street where I tell unfunny jokes whilst holding up a sign begging for money.

  12. He brought up Rob Schneider, so I'm going to ask did Rob have a falling out with Adam and David cuz you never see him around them anymore or in movies with them anymore

  13. They need to make a new movie together real soon We all know that would be Funny as Heck.

  14. Why does David Spade not look /act/sound in any way like David Spade anymore? Hair, face, expression, even his voice is off.

  15. HAHA Dana is the best! Almost 30 years ago and David still seems butthurt about that segment. He wasn't even enjoying the rest of the interview after he brought it up. Blllaaah I laughed at the Samanatha Bee joke tho.

  16. Doesn’t look like spade is comfortable with carvey, too bad cause Spade is hilarious and underrated
    Much funnier than carvey although Dana is a talented impressionist

  17. So what's with the canned laughter? It's so overdone it's completely unmistakable. Is this Spade's insecurity or the network's?

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