Danielle Bernstein’s Luxe NYC Apartment Tour | At Home With | Harper’s BAZAAR

Danielle Bernstein’s Luxe NYC Apartment Tour | At Home With | Harper’s BAZAAR

(optimistic music) – Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Danielle from WeWoreWhat. We are here in my New York
City West Village apartment, and I’m gonna take you
on a mini home tour, show you my favorite pieces of furniture and where I got them. (upbeat music) This is the entry way to my apartment. It’s what you see in my
Instagrams every morning. It’s important to me that
this space felt really clean and simple but it was also something I would wanna show on my Instagram. I actually just got this new console from my friend Claude Home. She creates all this vintage furniture, and is really awesome. This mirror is from Restoration Hardware, and is this kind of
French-inspired antique mirror, and I put some of my hats here just for a cool accent. I actually have triple the amount of hats that you see here and
this is my selfie mirror before I go out, so
it’s the most important. (upbeat music) We are sitting on my California King bed. I wanted a bed that was extra long, that’s why I got the California King. And my favorite piece in my bedroom is this Louis Vuitton trunk. It’s from the early
1900s, it’s super vintage. It has somebody else’s initials on it, and I can’t even imagine the stories behind where it came from. My other favorite piece is right here. It’s my Hans Wegner chair. I saw it in a Isabel
Marant store years ago, and just had to have it. The rug I have here is from Etsy. It’s just an old Turkish rug, and then my side tables
are burl wood side tables, no specific designer, just
something I found also on Etsy. (upbeat music) So right now we’re in my living room. I mean, the space is kind of all connected because this is a New York City apartment. One of my favorites that just came in is this Sergio Rodriguez chair. It’s a Brazilian designer,
it’s really special. I love the design. I saw it in a store in
Tribeca a long, long time ago, and became obsessed with the designer, and found this chair on a resale website, actually, rather recently. I have been through so many
sofas living in New York City, but this one is by far my favorite. It is the most comfy, it
is a Timothy Oulton sofa, and it’s in this gorgeous white linen. If I sit on it any
longer, I will not get up, but this sofa is the
best one I’ve ever had. So something I’ve been paying
closer attention to lately are the accessories that really complete and tie together my apartment, and so anything like this vintage vase that’s holding my pompous grass to this burl wood pedestal and this really pretty
ceramic planter right here. I’ve been really looking
for these special pieces that I think will, you look
at a coaster for example, and my coasters happen to
be these vintage marble ones which you would never really think, oh, I should go out and get cooler coasters than you would normally have, but to me these pieces kind of make the apartment really special. This is a marble dining table I’ve had for a few years now. I got it from a website
called Kathy Kuo Home, and I decided to pair ’em with these vintage
Marcel Breuer cane chairs which my dad actually
told me he had growing up. So, they’re really cool,
they’re super vintage and old, and I love the bulk of the cane chairs with the marble table, and then behind me you can
see I have my pride and joy, these Allan Tannenbaum
original Studio 54 photographs. I met Alan through an
Israeli designer, Nili Lotan. Went to his apartment in Tribeca, and picked out all of these
images myself with him. He told me the stories behind all of them, and I just have this crazy
obsession with Studio 54. I wish I lived in the
time when it existed. I could go there, and hang out with all these really cool
people that were there. (upbeat music) Now we’re in my kitchen where I don’t do nearly enough cooking, but I did wanna show you guys
these new stools that I got. They’re Thomas Hayes studio
customized shearling stools. I saw them in an apartment
that was for show in a new building that just opened, and I couldn’t not have them. So I found out who made them, and I placed a custom order myself. (upbeat music)

62 thoughts on “Danielle Bernstein’s Luxe NYC Apartment Tour | At Home With | Harper’s BAZAAR

  1. Think I'd have liked to hear more about reasoning behind her choices, cool stories, and what a day is like in that apartment. Felt kinda like a running list of designers.
    Would love to see more apartments!

  2. Love your home and the RH mirror in the foyer is my favorite!!!! Your sofa looks so comfy 😴That dining table and the black and white photography is everything! I want those bar stools!

  3. Omg, the outfit is absolutely amazing!!! Can someone tell the brand of this gorgeous white blouse and assimetric earrings?

  4. woo hoo another rich white woman who can't pronounce her designer's names and throws around vintage as much as possible like it matters

  5. I’m super rich and have lots of money, and I also have lots of money and did I mention I’m rich? Anyway I have heaps of money. I’m rich

  6. Disappointed by the comments on this video. Danielle Bernstein just so you all know is not only my favorite influencer on instagram, but she's genuinely talented in her styling and just to see this video alone is amazing. Loved this video! All of you need to look her up, and stop criticizing so much.

  7. She doesn't look like her Instagram photos at all. "Sir- gee-o Rodre-ehs" GIRL all that money for nothing

  8. def some nice pieces there, love her outfit too, but please at least try to pronounce designers names correctly. Also is that a thing nowadays throwing around all the time words like 'vintage; and 'obsessed'…

  9. Another rich woman who really doesnt give a toss for the poor .mind you the place is loverly.shes lucky.

  10. Amazing taste very well done and thoughtful! I’d be using that kitchen daily 👨🏾‍🍳💯🔥

  11. None of these pieces are particularly unique, I have seen the leather Sergio Rodrigues chairs all over the orchard st Equinox, and I have seen things just like the Hans Wagner chair. Tho I am extremely jealous of those fuzzy wooly white arm chairs she didn’t mention them but I have seen those at modernlink on Bond St.

  12. If ever there was an occasion to comment on beauty being no guarantee of taste then this it that occasion.
    Estuary way? for a inner hall?

    Wearing two tents one to show of a chair with a punch bag fixed horizontally the other to cover growths on her shoulders.
    Coasters that are different but made of marble??

    Four chairs covered in fake wool by the breakfast table?? How unhygienic is that.

    Accents purchased from a 1970's charity shop.


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