35 thoughts on “Day 1 Part 1: Introductory Intel x86: Architecture, Assembly, Applications

  1. Why the f**k does "little endian" ever exist, other than to create pain and suffering and unnecessary mental torture?

  2. is watching all of the videos necessary on the binary exploitation track? its about 12 hr of content if i recall correctly

  3. Just for curiosity:
    47:21 – At SPARCv{8,9} architecture there are the SETHI instruction: "SETHI does not affect the condition codes" – http://moss.csc.ncsu.edu/~mueller/codeopt/codeopt00/notes/sparc.html
    SPCARv9 Manual: https://cr.yp.to/2005-590/sparcv9.pdf — A.48, p.220 (p.248)

  4. Sir am showing your all video
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  5. I dont understand why the stack pointer moves by for with for example the pop instruction. what could i rad to understand this better

  6. Okay, so where is the video course that gives you the mandatory background? I don't want to just give up. But I know nothing. I looked up how to learn asm and I found a video telling me to start here, yet I am supposed to already have a background in coding? I know how to use my computer, pretty well, but know nothing about this. So where do I start? Please point me in the right direction because this isn't it for me, at least not yet. This is white noise for me so far.

  7. I realllllly dislike how memory is visualized in these videos – where low memory (0x0000 0000) is at the bottom and high memory (0xFFFF FFFF) at the top and the stacks grows downward. ='(

  8. I could not find Dillon, so with respect to max instruction length (https://youtu.be/H4Z0S9ZbC0g?list=PL038BE01D3BAEFDB0&t=899) it is 15 per the sauce: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14698350/x86-64-asm-maximum-bytes-for-an-instruction

  9. A bit strange that the instructor does not refer to '#' as 'pound'. Most people I talk to say, 'pound include.' Also, as a critique, the teacher makes too many references to material that has not yet been introduced. That can be extremely confusing for students.

  10. Hey guys! Can someone tell me what does he mean when he says that
    registers are big endian? Is there any kind of addresses on registers
    that we can access?

    Thanks for the great content!

  11. Excellent introduction to assembly, the stack explenation is very good to finally follow Hacking, The Art Of Explotation, Thank you vey much!

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