8 thoughts on “#DearWorld, We Need To Talk

  1. You have to be aware that there is roughly 50% of the entire world that sees this ad as a thinly veiled attack against them, in an attempt to suppress, and oppress them, right?

    I don't know what the motives are behind the makers of this content. But I can promise you that this, combined with all of the rest of your content, SEEMS like an attempt to calmly coerce the disenfranchised working class people who express any level of national identity into submission, so that the globalist elite class of NGOs and international corporate entities may further oppress these same disenfranchised people. A colorful ad filled with visually diverse people telling the audience to just "be less greedy" or "be more nice" seems to be nothing short of an appeal to the emotions of those who you have already submitted, into further pressuring those who resist submission.

    Again, I don't know the true motives behind this. And I can see that the comments section is hidden so nobody can see it. But I'm fairly certain that YOU, whoever you are, or whatever international group you represent, might see this, given this video has so few views at this current moment. But I just want to let you know that that is exactly what this ad looks like: just another run-of-the-mill soft-spot agitator, designed to emotionally submit and suppress those opposed to the globalization of the world, the abolishment of their national boundaries, and ultimately, the complete dissolution of their culture, their identity, and their way of life.

  2. "We need, we need, we need" Who is 'we?' A bunch of actors you paid 5 sheckles to stand in front of a camera and read off a card?

    Low-grade effort at propaganda, to try and harness peer pressure. "Look, all these people are saying you need to be a certain way! That means you should do it!" The fact that you, the creator of the ad, thinks it necessary to remain nameless and hidden while channeling your words through these 30 mouthpieces demonstrates your lack of desire for an actual debate, despite the name of the channel. It demonstrates your malevolence and desire to manipulate.

    Do better next time.

  3. We need to be more productive? Sure. We need to be more efficient? Sure. We need to be less hateful, more open minded? That’s false. I don’t know what you’re trying to convey with this short advertisement, but I can tell you it’s the same message that the elite have been telling the disenfranchised, working men and women who just want a fair shake in life; that they should shut up and move over, regardless of what happens to them.

  4. This is very vague. Who is we? Who are you? Who is funding this? The ad I saw for this channel talked about a debate instead this is just "we're not good enough and let us tell you how". If you want to have a debate and talk about issues do so. This video has no substance. We, by which I mean reasonably intelligent people over 10, know all of this already.

  5. These 34 dislikes are a bunch of greedy nonsence people who hate to be helpful and think that what we talk about in Doha Debates is something that is talken and not made (told but not shown!)

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