[Music] I want to beat their baby dance the night away I let my head down by one hi guys welcome back to my channel for today’s video I’m sharing how I decorated our home for fall this year and I’m so happy with how everything turned out I did all of my shopping this year at Target Home Goods and Hobby Lobby and I’ll try and link whatever I can down below in the description box in case you’re interested in anything that I share and as many of you guys know Adam and I recently bought our first home together since he got out of the military last January so this is the first time that I’ve ever really gone all out and decorated for any season really we’ve always lived in base housing and it just never really felt like home to me so I never really had the motivation to want to decorate my shoes is fun let’s win maybe so when I started to lay out all of my decor I didn’t really have a theme this year of what I really wanted to do when I went shopping I just kind of like grabbed whatever I liked whatever like looked appealing to me and then when I laid it all out I noticed that I tended to gravitate towards all of the natural tones with some pops of orange here and there but I ended up going really nicely with our home and these are the two wreaths that I picked up from Target and I loved them so much you guys I think they’re so pretty so I decided to start in the living room first and changed out a lot of the blush tones we had going on here with some orange tones for fall and you’ll see in a little bit I actually decided to return these two orange pillows I got from home goods because I just thought they were a little bit too bright for my liking everything else I got I ended up loving but the pillows were just a little too harsh so I’m still on the hunt to find some new ones [Music] [Music] [Music] the centerpiece I found at Hobby Lobby and it’s so beautiful you guys I love the color tones in it I had initially planned on doing a cute tray set up on top of this table but I think I like the look of this a little more so as you can see I’m just playing around with things and you’ll see later on in the video too when I start to decorate our entertainment center that I can take me quite a bit to figure out where exactly I want things and what I think looks best but I’ll just move things around until I’m happy with how it looks okay moving on to our entertainment center this is what our decor looks like right now for everyday but I’m so happy with how these ended up looking at the end with some fall decor so I just pulled some pieces that I thought I might want to use to style the shelves and I just played around with it until I was happy with how it looked [Music] so yeah it did take me a bit to style this but I think it looks really cute let me know in the comments if you guys like something I had done previously that you think would look better I’m really curious to see what you guys would have done for this space okay so moving on I saw this gorgeous leaf tray and decorative filler at Target and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it but I’m so happy with how this turned out I just put mine on our kitchen island but this would also look really beautiful on a coffee table or a mantel as well roll back and count over your friends hi show [Music] so you were dragging your shoulders and closed-off that’s what I told her soon enough everything started to change no going back no going back there’s no going back to your living in the past brother I’m feeling it tonight riding on the dizzying I had this two-tiered tray in our pantry so I decided to decorate it to spice up our kitchen a little bit more since we spend the most time in here I really wanted to bring a lot of warmth and all the cozy vibes to the space without overdoing it and still staying true to my style [Music] going back no going back there’s no coming back to you I’m feeling it tonight riding on the dizzying [Music] Baili picked out this wreath hanger and I think it’s so cute I decided to hang one of the reefs that I got on our pantry door and I love how it looks [Music] [Music] now I’m just using some of the remaining decor I have to spice up the back wall where our stove is [Music] [Music] and I’m curious to know if you guys are candy corn people or not I’m sort of in-between I like them in small amounts but they definitely aren’t my favorite if I’m being honest I mostly just bought them to bribe my kids with you had me animal it’s where you go base where I call [Music] I don’t need nobody has I got you and you got me too okay moving on to our dining table we don’t have a separate dining room so I didn’t end up setting up an entire table scape for in here since we actually used this table daily to eat at but I did want to do something fun for a centerpiece and this candle is actually battery-operated which I like for in here but it’s scented and looks like a real candle too which I thought was really cool [Applause] and see me [Music] [Applause] sorry [Music] we can always make it through I considered you anyway here somewhere we won’t be scared you know and you got me and save me [Music] [Applause] next I decided to decorate our mudroom area and I just used whatever decor was left over and I think it actually ended up working out perfectly the colors in this space worked great with the cream and copper colored pumpkins [Music] you see me – yeah I need don’t you need media – and lastly I hung this wreath on our front door and I’m so in love with this wreath you guys I think the colors are so pretty [Music] but that is it for this video you guys I hope you enjoy decorating for fall with me let me know in the comments what your favorite part was I’m actually sitting in my office right now and I’m so excited to share how I decorate my office with you guys I think I’m going to save it for the following week a lot of you I said you wanted to see a vlog this week so I will be vlogging on Thursday so hopefully I will have a new vlog for you guys up on Friday but thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very soon bye [Music] you

100 thoughts on “DECORATE FOR FALL WITH ME 2019! FALL DECOR IDEAS | Tara Henderson

  1. You should’ve went back and found some brown or a more neutral orange pillows for the couch to go with the color scheme in the den area. Loved it all! 🧡

  2. Awesome decor. Our style is so similar.

    One question i do have is… why is the music in your videos always the same? Gets repetitive and i know everything word for word Haha. No hate just curious,a

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  4. I loved the orange pillows honey!!
    But when you’re not used to bright colors, I get it!! I liked everything you put up!!!

  5. Okaaaay I am LIVING for your Fall decor!!! So classy, simple and tastefully done! Every aspect was perfect! K this definitely made me want to decorate for Fall now even though it's still like 90 degrees in Orange County LOL! xoxo

  6. تبارك الله اشياء بسيطه وسوت جوووو يجنن بالبيت عليها ذوق وتنسيق 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍وااااااااااًو 🥳🥳🥳

  7. Tara I absolutely love your style and your taste… Amazing decoration, not too much and everything with a taste… 😘😘😘

  8. Hi Tara I love the decorations. You have such a beautiful house and a beautiful family. I love Chloe she is so cute, and Adam is so in love with her it's so sweet. Love your videos.

  9. I love those two chairs in your living room and liking the cream, off white color of your furnitures. You should keep the orange pillows they look lovely for this season.

  10. Enjoyed your
    video! In answer to your question on what I would do differently with the Entertainment center? I would have added some books to vary the height of your items and warm it up a bit. 🙂

  11. I peeped that round dinning table! It’s on my list to purchase soon! What size is that? 54in? Love it… can’t wait to get mine to decorate. I’m so ready for fall. This will be my first time decorating my home since living here for 4 years. 😑

  12. I love it all!!! Those warm colors are just perfect. I did really like the orange pillows tho. You have a beautiful family and home. God bless you ❤️

  13. I love all your fall decor and how everything turned out!!! 👍🏽💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  14. It is all beautiful. I loved the Harvest sign you had in the cabinet of the entertainment center and the candle with the pine cones. So pretty! Thanks for the inspiration, Tara!

  15. New sub here: I am 70 years old and use the same natural decor in my home, feels so warm and cozy. Never went with the crystal, silver decor my friends went with for my generation, But that's ok….. Can't wait to see so much more, tfs Tara!!!

  16. You did a great job with decorating everything you are awesome at it Tara love the way you made everything look so cool ❤️💕

  17. I love the decor but I would suggest you to add some white color tone to the leaf tray and the tray on the dining table. Just try once I feel it will enhance the decor.

  18. I know you like stacking your Oreos, if you have a million years 😂 you can stack the candy corn and at the end it will look like corn on the cob!

  19. Watched so many fall decor videos
    But urs is so unique with minimal approach
    Liked it so much specially the front door wreath

  20. I feel you were renting a house now and i don’t feel motivated to decorate even though I love fall. Hopefully next year we can buy and I’m able to decorate definitely getting inspo from your home I love everything in your house!

  21. OMG I did the same pillow fail this weekend and can’t return them because I cut the tags off before I realized they didn’t go. 60 bucks wasted on maroon and orange pillows.

  22. OMy gosh i loved everything!😍 You have a new subscriber. Can’t wait to watch more from you. Hope you can return the support back to my channel.♥️♥️♥️

  23. Adore this video!! Always admire people who decorate to that extent with the changes of the seasons!! Your home looks beautiful!! 🎃 🍁

  24. I liked the orange pillows they looked great on the couch! I think the one in the middle didn't go well. I also would have laid the throw in between.

  25. Very classy👍😉love it.
    I think I will decorate on the last day of September, it is so hot in Houston TX that I am not feeling it yet.

  26. Hello, I'm like you as in I don't care for candy corn…BUT…mix equal parts of candy corn and roasted, salted peanuts and it tastes EXACTLY like a Payday candy bar. The peanuts have to be roasted with light salt. So delicious. Let me know if you try it what you think. XOXO'S

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