Decorate Your Home w/o Buying Anything | Interior Design

Decorate Your Home w/o Buying Anything | Interior Design

So just because you want to redecorate, does
not mean that you literally have to throw the baby out with the bathwater, right? You don’t have to redo everything. You can basically use what you have, and you
don’t have to buy anything new, and combine it with some elements that you would find
out in nature. Meaning that you can rearrange your furniture,
bring one room into another, mix things up. Just because you’re used to seeing things
in one way, doesn’t mean that if you move it around it’s going to feel fresher and it’s
going to feel new. So if you have bedding that you want to use
as window treatments, you can use them as window treatments in your kitchen per se,
or even in your living room. If you have a chair in your living room that
you don’t love there, you can put it into your bedroom. And then the same goes for if you have rugs,
switch them out, move them around. Maybe retire some pieces that you don’t really
need out. Like if it’s a vase or light fixture, maybe
put those away for now, and let some other accessories shine, where before they were
kind of playing second fiddle. Also when I say use nature, I mean that there’s
things like pine cones and branches that you can use as centerpieces, and using you’re
accessorizing, and it also makes you feel like it’s very seasonal. So if you’re in the fall season or you’re
in the summer season, flowers and branches and natural elements like that are right outside
your door. Even if you live by a river and there’s little
river rocks, that can be great in a table setting. So remember to think outside the box and reuse
what you have, sometimes re-positioning is all you need.

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  2. we know that we can mix things up, u need to really show some examples of what can be done! Nobody wants to just listen all the story..

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