50 thoughts on “Decorating My Home with Momma Curry and God-Mom | Sydel Curry-Lee

  1. Believe it or not a grown would probably prefer not to hear how gorgeous her mom is all of the time.

  2. Sydel, you have good taste in shopping! You can never go wrong,with World Market or Target!! The family that decorates together, stays together! 👍😃👍

  3. This channel is my latest obsession. I love the simplicity of your life. So normal and down to earth. So relatable. Such a pleasure to watch!! 😊. I'm a newbie!! 💃🏽

  4. Please change your smoke detector batteries. That noise is irritating. Plus smoke detectors save lives…

  5. Too funny, you are both in "space jam" with teeth whithners. Glad your family and friends are helping. So glad you had a good day.

  6. It's a great feeling moving in your official first place and having madukes come over to help decorate because I knew nothing about decor😂 I love your sitting area and that wood dinning table is very nice.

  7. What spoil Bitch she don’t even no how toDecorate and clean her own house that is sad that’s why guys you don’t spoil your kids when there young they turn out to be like her what a shame.,grow up don’t No man want no nasty woman.i know I wouldn’t

  8. You guys got so much accomplished in such a short amount of time! Love how your apartment looks now! Enjoyed my little cameo in the video 🙂

  9. Your home is beautiful Sydel.  So nice to have the fam helping out.  The couch in your office [ Not sure if it is forest green or teale ] , is such a nice piece, you should consider ordering a second one to place upstairs to break up the grey color of the couch unit on the side of the living room where you have the cork chandelier hanging… that is too much grey in that area, this couch would be a signature piece as you can still have the same couch in your office downstairs, it draws the eye.  Too much grey reminds me of mice, lol.

  10. You should mount the tv on the wall to free up space and put cute little things on the tv stand knickknacks, framed pics etc.

  11. Damion said sheeeeit you ain't bout to catch me slipping! Pulled up his pants, took off his durag and did a lil shake out😂😂

    House is coming along and looking good, I love the dining set! Also i love your dogs, the teddy bear one is so funny lol

  12. I couldn't finish watching the video because the smoke detector is buuuuugin. Change the battery, save a life!

  13. Daimion has a great personality….I just love those two….they are UBER cute….I would love a reality show from the Curry fam….not a mean drama filled reality show but a beautiful love story reality show….the name of the show could be Sydel and Daimion Partners 4 Life….

  14. I like your vlog I live in Charlotte, but I am originally from long island N.Y. I liked the way you guys decorated your home, most of all I love the dog's. I have to minture dog's and they act just like your big boys. You guys are so down to earth and I like it. Be bless

  15. Love all your videos. Thanks for sharing and keep doing more and thank you for being so real and honest.

  16. That's wonderful to have your mother and godmother get your home together for you and your husband but for husband is really doing a lot to assist the ladies that's a big help

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