Decorating Our Living Room in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Decorating Our Living Room in Sao Paulo, Brazil

it’s so bright right TV that gray hair oh my God look at it yo hello guys and happy vlog a day to you so Selena everyone today so I’m going to go to this place which they have a lot of stores that sell youth furniture for super cheap so I’m going there to get a chair for the living room yeah and then I don’t later we are going to go to another priest or like literally push what construction plate with the old people yeah for to find stuff that we need for to help yeah like she needs some table legs we’re going to basically try to make like a living room table type thing yeah well not not like the people that we already knew but like I was alone I saw something oh yeah that’s it some present kind of nil people so we’re going to look into that and then yeah we’re going to see where we go from there okay so one of the things that I want to talk about because a lot you guys keep asking hey dolly one of the big one of the things that I want to talk about because you guys keep asking is everyone keeps saying Ron can you give a tour the apartment and I can but I can’t yet because Toledo will seriously rip my face off no yeah he can’t give us who were because I am doing actually this weekend I am going to do a video like the creating everything so like I’m gonna do any part and it’s kind of secret so with that being said we just got done working out a little bit ago sorry about that very loud side my gosh we got done working out two hours ago and I decided to go somewhere to get some things they have the street full of like sores we from the used furniture so I went there and I found something really cute yeah and I do want to explain something so one of the things that I thought when I got here that we would make a ton of purchase to the places like that they they really don’t have all that many I mean they do have some obviously masum but they don’t have all that many they don’t have like like in the u.s. we have Craigslist you guys just do it instantly like they have some whatsits or whatever I guess yeah like I would say like we have a one website to website here but I don’t really trust ya and you gotta be careful with Brazil because a lot of the people well not a lot of people what some of the people have bad intentions but Tilly death got something really cool are you willing to show money those are so good you get its communal bit this is one of my favorite favorite things that I found about Brazil we don’t get her it’s called Japanese now we’re good just me um it’s secure it’s not any peanuts they got like a little bit of ritual so it looks like it’s not really a peanut it’s like a shell over a peanut but okay well basically like the inside they have a shell like a really delicious challenge off of video you can kayak you can kind of see it focuses but it’s really really good anyway I show them this visually yeah okay Julie to present it what do we got okay really not well I feed out under the Furio which is like $14 well like forty to fifty bucks somewhere now I don’t like to call or a 1030 we do have to clean it so we’re thinking about painting it there is my favorite spacing which yeah guys there is X and I didn’t know this there is a fabric paint that you can put it because I was like well if you put it on the you know someone sits down right here after we put on there isn’t going to like crack the paint I guess the answer is no it’s the first I’ve ever heard of it so we’re going to end up going to Levi Merlyn to get some of that stuff but before we do that guys we have to go but before we get to Leroy Merlin where do you have to go that bakery alright guys so we’re going to the main training but I’m gonna be super rated record currency Robert yeah but I’m going to ask for eight pieces of French bread in Portuguese all you want actually really good you was talking to the guy that was getting the bread so that’s how I did it but it was so skinny and all he wasn’t like really good because the grocery act like you know there’s just writing the way okay yes you confused me but I survived you guys scary but I survived and now I’m going to show you what we got so you know what we get together I tell that’s the French bread we didn’t really get anything that said different we got the French bread we got palm print days salsa see look how pretty look and then we got we got this sweet bread which comes with like this white things side which is really good screaming honestly similar to the ginger yes it’s the most but I feel like these one comes with more like dream inside and then we got these little things I really want to try because I’ve never tried them before and I’m trying we’re trying to do is just try little things here and there as that place to see what’s really good similar child so that’s like a cookie but it comes filled with caramel so it’s caramel in the middle and then they got chocolate here and then it’s just like kind of like a cookie I’m gonna take a big bite right now right here all these doses show us what all good yeah tell them more oh wow whoa that’s filled with caramel caramel and chocolate sprit II goodbye got two of them stiffly I went to but yeah okay fatty what a nerd with computer on the lap and ps4 he’s playing and we are on our way to where talita blood I’m Arlene and Soulja Mack Nick Leroy Merlin to get some weird and some other things in and it’s all thanks to those two SHINee’s table legs yes looking for table legs in a different language can’t read anything that I’m looking for very good throw the blades of beer instead because it legs remember exactly how to make it the kid David look it up look at us it smells like baby poo the draught inverts here that was eaten by mature Liam and then pooped out again again and then putting your roll around in very smell terrible in life once I became a serious we have Viktor my husband just literally dead like there’s no watch yet and it’s most odd form daily people think it’s a good pop rain it just stinks everywhere oh alright guys we are back from the store yes from the furniture we got how some guys yeah to the coffee table so this is a meal of course I’ve got my laptop and stuff on it but this little coffee table here it’s red now we’re going to change that color what color would you say what you think oh yeah another thing is that Selita is going to take my day take these and put them onto the wall over there that one and the table is going to be there so tomorrow’s the big day guys really I’m going to shoot the video off the creating yes you guys will see it on her channel and probably this channel through this a long time but yeah just a lot going on with decoration stuff until where I should enjoy them we’ve done it for on a budget for sure which is good because I didn’t want to spend a lot so we moving didn’t like sent if she goes on it will be cheap anyway we want to go ahead and integrate a question alright guys so they answer the question this one is from another try first nayaki trinidad oh no nada Fibonacci nayara ask a good question actually so Ron did you study in university if yes what did you study so in the u.s. we call it college but yes University lack of a just ask questions were wrong and on me yeah you guys this you know what doesn’t you know what let me answer my question man well first off before I answer the question again this colita a collection that’s cursive personal question Ron why I know I know they know what’s important but it was important but no yeah ask us questions or at halida specific questions jana gana tea and that’s a good point no one ever asked which is kind of funny but to answer your question sorry so did I go to college university yes I actually got a bachelor group all associate’s degree bachelor’s degree master’s degree and almost got my doctorates I was half with your doctoral degree and I stopped because I wanted to work for myself I was able to become an entrepreneur and I’m not looking back I think that’s a good start for all misty good sorry you find you anyway good question I loved it alright guys well thanks for watching appreciate it you guys are awesome and I don’t like slog ciao

53 thoughts on “Decorating Our Living Room in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  1. Thalita , do you have a hair advice for the hot and dry days here in Brazil? It's so hard to keep my hair hydrated in those days (specially because I live in the middle west)

  2. I've been following Thalita's channels for some time now and I'm loving these videos in English, but I have to admit that I can not understand Ron's English very well. Ron, you talk too fast, Thalita I can understand, but anyway, I'll continue here, struggling.

  3. Thalita, do you intend to try to teach Portuguese to Ron ? Send Kisses !
    PS.: Usei o Google tradutor 😅😅

  4. it is so funny how all the vlogs turn to be just about food! kidding…. love Ron vision about Brazil. kisses

  5. Alguém me explica pq nn ta tendo mais vlog no canal de vlog da Tha ?? Pq agr só tem video nesse canal q nn entendo nd 😝😝❤❤

  6. Ron, I really think you should say more good stuff about Brazil in your videos! I don't mean to be rude, but it kinda aggravates me that every vlog you keep 'complaining' about something or either neglecting our country.. Its the river, the food, the highways.. I mean, of course its your point of view, and I respect it.. We all know America might be a better country to live in, but I would really love to see you talking more about the good stuff from Brazil than the bad ones.
    And again, dont get me wrong! I love watching your videos, i watch them since day one and i support you both so much, but as a brazilian i couldnt help but noticing this! 🙂 And well.. since we are talking about it, heres a question for you: if you could take one thing about brazil to US, what would it be? and the same question to Thalita! 🙂 xx

  7. that channel is very cool, because I practical my English and see your

    obs: que medo de ter escrevido tudo errado

  8. Hahaha acho engraçado que tem muito brasileiro tentanto falar inglês aqui kkk alguns sabem, mas outros tentam e é bem engraçado. Não estou zoando até pq eu tbm faço isso 😂😂 todo mundo vem para praticar ingles haha

  9. Ron is so more comfortable and fluid when he can actually speaks. I really enjoy watching this! Talita, why are you living in Brasil now?! I thought that after you get married you would leave in USA, with the green card and all of that. Anyways, I wish the best luck for you.

  10. Ah, Thalita! Amo você, sua familia e seus vídeos. Parece que quando você não posta, é uma eternidade, rs. Quem diria que alguém que te achava metida, passaria a amá-la? Tudo isso ocorreu depois que passei as ver seus 3 canais aqui no Youtube. Os vlogs nos permitem ver quem realmente é por trás das câmeras.- Que o Senhor abençoe cada vez mais sua vida e de sua família 🙂 Manda beijo pra mim??? Please Beijoooooooooos e tudo de bom….

  11. eu adoro quando eles falam a frase final juntos . é muito fofinho. casal mais lindo d youtube😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Tha é maravilhosa

  12. Hey guys! what's up? I have a suggestion to you, since this channel is trying to reach your fellow American friends and family why not to show some more things about the Brazilian culture. It's June and there are many "festa juninas" now, you guys should go. What about going to watch a soccer match? Go to a pizzaria and churrascaria! São Paulo has the best pizza in the world. You guys should also go to a nightclub where plays brazilian music, you guys can try somewhere around Vila Madalena. There are so many things to do and explore in São Paulo! Make sure, Ron can have a Brazilian experience. it will be unforgettable!

  13. Whats your favorite kind of movies? And this question is for both of you guys hahaha
    Love u! Keep vlogging

  14. Ron, I live in the USA and my question is how was adapting ,to basically a new life in Brazil and new language? Did u like the experience ?

  15. I will ask Thalita how does she see her's and Ron's future together in ten years? having kids? a TV show? Buy a beautiful house?

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