Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Basement Floor | Epoxy Chip System Lake Ozark MO

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Basement Floor | Epoxy Chip System Lake Ozark MO

hey guys this is Rick with custom
concrete design and Lake of the Ozarks Missouri this week we’re in gravel wood
mill and we’re at this home were down in the lower level basement we’ve already
done all of our grinding and prep the walls as you can tell getting it ready
for the base coat of epoxy that’s why you see these buckets of vinyl chips
we’re going to be doing oh this is a living room area going back here to a
little bedroom and closet we’re going to do all that we’re just gonna stop it
right there in the entryway of that closet and come back and do this
bathroom of course in this little area right here that’s a storage area we’re
gonna leave that alone but we’re getting ready to do this now
so see you guys on the next video all right we got this job over here
finished up I’ve got well it’s not technically it’s not completely finished
we’ve got one more coat to put on here that’s why we see these rollers here but
as soon as we put that second coat on sealer we’re gonna be out of here but it
does have one coat on that we put put on last night when we put a urethane up so
we’ve got a little bit of shine as you can see along the urethane gives it more
of a satin finish so it’s not a real high gloss like the epoxy is but it’ll
have a little bit more shine in this once we do the second coat but again
this is just with one coat so we’re about to wrap this up if you guys see this on youtube please
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think of the job and we’ll see you guys on the next wall okay we’ve got the
second coat down and it is fresh freshly put down so I can’t walk out there on it
so I’m gonna give you guys a reach-in view here as you can tell you know it’s
it’s evened up quite a bit as far as our shine goes it’s got a nice nice shine to
it not high-gloss like epoxy but still got a nice shine to it and you know just
it turned out nice really really good really happy with it see here it up dropping my phone

16 thoughts on “Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Basement Floor | Epoxy Chip System Lake Ozark MO

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  2. Very nice floors. Better than the concrete slabs I had in my basement growing up. Great video and as always great work.

  3. Hey Rick, Very nice job on this floor. Looks like you guys take a lot of pride in your work. We both do the same kind of work, I also do a lot of epoxy coating installs as well as a lot of decorative concrete and regular concrete floors and slabs. Love your videos and keep up the great work. Me and my crew are from Maine.

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