Deep Speed Clean Of Bedroom! (Vintage Music AND No Talking)

Deep Speed Clean Of Bedroom! (Vintage Music AND No Talking)

So much work! Hi! Thanks for turning on the captions! Thank you for also putting up with my sign language. I’m learning more and more but I’m not very good at it. My Nike Slides were breaking so I got a new pair of pink crocs! I’d show you but apparently, Gunter wants your attention. I don’t have much to say in this video but I’ll explain what I am doing here and there. I’ve removed the house noise background and I’ll be starting up two vintage songs to play as I clean. It’s a very nice tinny sounding music. I’ve got rubber gloves on because I’m allergic to dust and right now I’m dusting! I’m organizing hubby’s side of the bed right now. Don’t you like it how Gunter must inspect everything that I do! lol Husband’s table takes me longer than most because usually leave his stuff alone. I think he prefers to have clutter and dust TBH! So, I leave it until I can’t stand it. People ask why our beds are on the floor? I actually don’t have a good answer. Zud and I argue about what kind of bedframes we should get. So, I guess we get none until we agree on something. lol I had to cut some footage because I had not realized how high my skirt was hiked up in the back. OOPS! lol Disinfecting stuff. I don’t usually do this either. Maybe twice a year? Fixing up the big cactus and making him happy. The cactus has a name (Padre) and we’ve had him since he was as tall as my knee. Now I removed dirty laundry and I am folding clean laundry. I have an apartment spin washer/dryer so we have to hang the clothes to dry. I’ve moved you because I knew to organize the top of Zud’s dresser was going to take awhile. It’s his catch-all for before and after work. It’s covered in trinkets, papers, and random things. He collects cactus, bears, and hourglasses. Each one needs to be cared for. I’m organizing some of his family heirlooms now. Papers from his dad and niece. He has a shadow box he got months ago to set up for his dad’s things. I’m going to help jump-start the project. I’ve printed a background and now I’m fitting it inside the box. Also, the first vintage song is done and now the next one will play… This seemed like a simple project but it took me a while to get it done right. It’s pictures of his dad, and the matching tattoos they both have. I could not think of what else to use as a background. I think I’ve got it done… and now I’m adding a tiny tabasco to start off the items. Zud has a vintage fuzzy bear bank. I’m removing dust and fur with he reusable sticky roller I got from my Wishlist club. Ok! Back over here for you! We are almost done!! My nieces artwork that we have. I’m putting it away. organizing more of Zud’s stuff. He’ll just stuff it into random places. I have to find and then clean. That’s a portable dehumidifier. It’s tiny but keeps the floor very very dry. I’m attempting to show you that I put powder on the beds to keep things dry and clean. (I’m kinda obsessed with keeping moisture out of my bedding because of allergies Gunter helping me make the beds I guess. Vacuum time! I got a lot more spaces that I lost the footage for and I even spot scrubbed places on the bed and carpet. WHEW! That’s nearly it! A few more touches…. DONE! What do you think? Do we clean the same way? Thank you for watching! Please, subscribe, share and like!

23 thoughts on “Deep Speed Clean Of Bedroom! (Vintage Music AND No Talking)

  1. Hey Merry Weather how are you doing? 😉 i thought it was a good video and if i did that cleaning video well let's just say it will be longer then your video ;). Every time you were something different you look different 😉 well i think the hair does ;). What are you wearing? i see captain America?

  2. You go , girl! Looks like you got everything nice and clean and everything put in it's place! I love this video! The music and the speed of the video made me think of those old time movies! I love it! I love your blonde hair! It really looks good on you! Stay sweet, my friend! I hope you are doing well!👍💕

  3. You Have A Great Channel Dear Friend And I Like Your Channel . I Guess You Work Hard On your Channel So I Wanna Subscribe Your Channel If You Sub Me Back And If You Do Sub Me It Will Be So Nice And If You Dont Thats Fine And Keep Up The Good Work And Have a Great Day..

  4. Отличное видео =)) Заходите в гости! Cool! Great video! =))) Come visit! 😘😘👍👍👍👍

  5. I wish I could move that fast doing anything. Neat music you used in the background, like something from the old Little Rascals movies.

  6. I think he’s making sure you cleaned the area right lolol bahahha I never had a bed till my husband. I LOVE SLEEPING on the floor with a blanket.
    1920 music? How old is your niece ? I love how the animals say thanks for making the bed
    For us! Lolo
    I was just thinking about you recently, How’s your health? Hopefully better ! 🤞🏻

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