Design and animate a flow chart in PowerPoint – How to create a flow chart ✔

Design and animate a flow chart in PowerPoint – How to create a flow chart ✔

In this tutorial I want to explain you how you can prepare a simple flow chart, how to design it, how to prepare it and how to of course, animate it by going to Animations,
selecting the Animation pane and we have a very simple animation which will allow us to
present it step by step and we can explain each step of the way. Hello there today. So, I received a question
about making a flow chart and animating it. A flow chart is a type of diagram, a type of work flow, a type of algorithm where we try to establish steps which we could take to
resolve or fix an issue. How does it look? Depends on the things we want to display but a very simple and usual flow chart would look like that. We would have some
shapes with text in them so at first as it comes to the design part I think it’s very self-explanatory. We can insert shapes, we can insert different types of shapes and those shapes could
lead us one after another to the solution we need to make. So, I’ll not go into detail
when it comes to the design, I’ll just show you a few tricks. So, I would design the
flow chart like this by inserting boxes, by changing their format to no outline, eventually I would like to
have a small gradient here. You can select a gradient
by right clicking, selecting Format Shape and in the Fill Options we have gradient. In the gradient we can
deselect the remaining colors. We can stick with two colors to not make it too strong and we can select the colors that we want for this diagram. I would then add additional items like the questions and the answers and I would again go to Insert, go to Shapes and insert according shapes to the thing I want to achieve here. I want another box here. I’m searching for the proper one. Okay. I would select this
box to ask the question if I did or did not resolve it and would then recolor this shape. Now I need the link
between those two shapes and the way I would approach this is by going to Insert, Shape and inserting a line. The cool thing about a
line is that we can one, we can stick it to those object and they will snap. If we don’t want that we can of course deselect that but I think this is a super cool feature. If you want to change how this line looks, for example, to make it
dotted, it’s no problem. You select this line, you right
click and Format Shape again and on the right side again, now not in the Fill Options, we don’t need the Fill Options, we need the Line Options. You can see we have no line,
solid line, gradient line. We can have a gradient color or we can have a solid line and then we can change the dash type. We can select all those dots, those rectangles, a dash like that and it’s really, really cool because depending on the width, you see it changes a little. So, I want it to have a
more rounded approach, so those little rectangles but what I can change here is the cap type to round, okay? Now I have dots here and
this entire flow chart could be designed like that. The last thing we need is of course text. Text can be added by Insert, Text Box and just inserting
text boxes like that. I will now design a
super simple flow chart and show you how could you
animate this flow chart in a few simple steps. Alright, this is a simple flow chart I would make before
recording this tutorial, so for example, I want to record this tutorial. Do I have a topic? Well, this time I had
because I wanted to record about a flow chart. If I wouldn’t have it, can I start researching it? If no, I’m totally lost. If yes, I’ll go, I’ll research, I’ll prepare a topic I can record about and this will bring me back to my topic. Do I have a topic? Now since I’ve researched it I have it and I can follow this
part of the flow chart. One thing I want to show you, this is made with three lines, one line, two lines, three lines, and with control G or right click Group, Grouping, I have grouped
them to one object so I can animate them at once. If I would like to animate this object, it would be no problem because I would animate it in sections. I would go to my animations tab, I would close everything, and I would open my Animation pane. Now it’s a very simple process because each thing I
want to have displayed one after another I would do it with a mouse click. So, at first I want to click on this, shift this, so I have those two objects. Those two should appear
as I click my mouse once. The next thing I want to appear is this little box, so I could click again Fade. It doesn’t matter which animation. The groups that I’m animating will appear with mouse
click, with mouse click, so I want to show you this flow chart to explain you that and the next thing which should appear is the no, eventually the yes. So, I would go the bottom side first, so I would make this my next click. If no, then this happens. This would be my next click. If no and if yes. Now I want the right side to appear, so I would select all that and I would click Fade. If it will be true I
want to click on all that and all that to appear again, Fade. Okay, let me show you a preview what do I mean by creating
an animation like that. Now, don’t mind the right side because I’m animating the left side. I would like to explain
you this flow chart and I would select
recording this tutorial. I would ask the question, do I have the topic? Then I would slowly go click, go, explain you what’s happening, if not, explain you what’s happening, if yes, and finally
since I’m arriving here I want to animate the right side. As a last hint I selected nicer colors. I selected a more pleasant
color scheme to watch and a different font, open
sans, for this design. Now, this flow chart looks
way nicer for the eye and I think it’s ready to publish, use and overall to present.

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  1. How can you summarize a story using flowcharts? Like an anime called Dragon Ballz I hope you heard of it, so how can u arrange it using flow charts? Please help me with my home work I'm just an eighth grader who don't know shiz bout this stuffs.

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