Design & Draw Fashion Sketches : Fine Tuning a Fashion Design

Design & Draw Fashion Sketches : Fine Tuning a Fashion Design

So now we’re just go over it, kinda fine tune
it and kinda get our whole idea out on the paper and we’re also gonna make it look like
as if we never really trace the girl. So I’m just kinda go over my lines here. Let see.
Maybe she needs hair. Maybe she should have that haircut right. We’ll give her that haircut,
with the 90’s revival bob. So she got hair now. And we kind go over her arms, make her
little skinnier if we want by that, make it more purposeful. Okay. So we got our outline. And she got some
shoes on. Now we got our basic. How we’d like the haircut, that looks like the haircut.
Okay. And here we go. Now we’ve got a drawing of our basic outfit. Now we’re ready to add
some color, and add some shading and add some express to it.

92 thoughts on “Design & Draw Fashion Sketches : Fine Tuning a Fashion Design

  1. people like u deserve to die with blood flowing from every orifice on ur sick little body. and u deserve pain forever…. ur the piece of shit

  2. okay, the drawing isn't the best, but
    it's only a drawing. no need to tell people "to die", "that you hate them" and stuff!
    it's a good thing people at least TRY to help and do tutorials, thex haven't got anything bad in mind!
    can't understand why some people are so agrresive… jsut because we're on the net and seemingly nobody can know who you are…

  3. finally someone else with common sense!! Thank you!!

    ive had to put comments like this on some of the other vids of Expert village too. Why do people put up such ridiculous Hate comments? It makes them look stupid, I bet half of them cant even get a square right to be honest.

    People. Lay off with the hate mail.

  4. WOW this lady needs some common sense that people will know that she is tracing over lines. I want to be a fashion designer and let me tell you something…. SHE, THE DRAWING, AND THE VIDEO ARE FAKE.AND she is so not in my ROLE MODEL LIST.

  5. i hate this kind of sketches ….. i like the realistic ones …. this are too bads … she spend much time on the hair and redraw it again and again …. OMg she is bad!

  6. you know who is good? steven stipleman. and you do trace over the other images, well he does, he is a fashion illustrator and he draws a picture in black and then he puts another piece of paper over that and semi traces semi makes adjustments and goes through a lot of paper! finally it's finished and it's awesome. i watched a video in the library at my school (rmit uni) yeh. steven stipleman.

  7. if you can not daw then you should collage and drape onto the stand. Find other ways of representing your ideas through other mediums. chanel and balenciaga could not draw well and prefered to go straight into fabric.

  8. this woman has no paticular talent for drawing. i justv recomend drawing constantly and in your own way so dont look at book or other peoples for ideas. drawing skills come through rigourus practice. its also important that you have an idea that you are expressing and not copying.

  9. sorry what i ment was mark making and collage on paper and using photography drawing into draped ideas or experments from the dress form. if that makes sense

  10. I know the difference between a fashion illustration and design sketch plus I can draw incredibably well. I don't recomend books because u are learning to imitate other peoples style and you need to develope your own style of drawing and working. If u are to use books it should be as a starting point but there are no set rules on how to draw. The body is the focal point of the garment. it indicates the proportions + mood of the outfit. Only in technical drawing should u illiminate the figure

  11. so i dont think its pointless to draw the hands eyes, lips,nose, hair in detail is pointless if u can, it is good practice. if you think they are taking away focus from your designs then you don't have to go into detail or draw them at all. the whole idea is to be experimental and creative in your approach and to be unique. You don't need these stick people or wooden dolls. Life drawing + pictures of people should help you get proportions and poses and perspective down.

  12. @ArtSN2009 i agree that its not easy to "just become" an artist or designer because its not ,cuz i practice all the time. But people have different styles of drawing so maybe you see her video as rubbish you probs just dont like her style of design. Thats what i think anyways not saying that ur wrong or anything

  13. For an expervillage your using the wrong supplies. Those pencils suck for illustration, the eraser even more it smeers the lead. Check my channel.

  14. @ArtSN2009

    Please get that stuck tampon out of your arse.
    People DO have different styles, and the fact that YOU have more than 20 years of experience doesn't mean your style of drawing is best.
    Other people with less experience might as well draw far better than you do.

    And the woman in the vid is atleast trying to help people out, now what do you do?

  15. @ArtSN2009
    but on the other hand there are some really good designers I admire that did not study "fashion" in the first place.
    Its usefull to study for sure, but If you have no talent won't help you much.

  16. @ArtSN2009 I agree with you I believe that art is something beautiful, powerfull, is something that makes you fall in love with it. It's not only to study. If you live love hate feel the art you are an artist
    fashion design is also the same , It's a fine art where you can design and make wonderful clothes which are like an amazing painting. you draw and your canvas is the human's body.
    Anyway, I also think that this video is pointless , BUT it's helpul for people who want tp be called fd!

  17. @ArtSN2009 I completely agree with you, too. The idea of tracing the original figure is abhorrent. I spent 5 years studying to become a designer, meanwhile people who have no idea about are just going in for it with no training, & producing rubbish, which gets accepted by the masses, who are also uneducated. Does my 5 years + experience mean nothing? Apparently so.

  18. but since you're a true stylist can you give me some advice on how to draw clothes vistoche I would like to become a designer look forward to your reply hello crook
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  19. but since you're a true stylist can you give me some advice on how to draw clothes vistoche I would like to become a designer look forward to your reply hello crook

  20. I'm sorry but that looks so amateur (even if it's just the beginning)
    And I hat it when I can hear the breathing…:(

  21. this is a great way of teaching others how to draw and enjoy at the same time your passion , keep up the spirit of creativity!
    Great work!
    a fashion creative

  22. I personally think her drawing is good. No one ever said that in fashion design, the sketch had to be spot on perfect. Can any of the people that are complaining on here
    do anything better than this. If yes, show us, if not keep your mouth shut and keep it to yourself. No one said a drawing has to be perfect, either.

  23. I like her sketches~ I think we should appreciate those that are willing to put up videos to teach others~ Well..their levels might vary. So just watch it and if you think it's not sufficient just skip to the others~ Isn't that simple?

  24. OMG… you people are pathetic. Why can't you just appreciate that someone actually took the time to make a post the video? Plus, if you don't like there are hundreds of other options out there, just search and go. Stop knocking other's efforts down!!! Great videos and classes. Keep them coming.

  25. @bluebunny0888 Your right. You know comments like elichocolate's and for those who thumbed up the comment are just bullies! big fat BULLIES! who might have been a fashion design wannabees! A lot of young people nowadays would rely to this kind of videos for guidance because they might not learn this from school because of lack of money! This is Educational not some BULLCRAP! makes you Sad? Well it makes me HAPPY and i think a lot of other people do too.

  26. I noticed that your are talking about picking up from somewhere not see in the video, how to we find the previous video that meant to seen prior to this one, please. Thxs

  27. WTF!!!! You can't even do a decent haircut???? I would suggest to hold your pencil a 'lil softer and more graceful, you don't have to torture it with the hard sudden movements.

  28. your right as long as you can translate some idea on paper your good to go but if it were fashion illustration that is a whole other thing.

  29. You're right. And I also believe that the word PERFECT is very subjective. There are things which may seem to be perfect for them but not for you.

  30. Do you the sketches have to be really good to work in a fashion industry as a graphic design for garment designs?

  31. Practice helps, but you can also get Fashion Croqui Stencils. just google "croqui stencil" they come in different poses and can be used over and over again. You will have perfect sketches every time.

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