Design Holic I بيت من الورد

Design Holic I بيت من الورد

welcome to Design Holic Happy Eeaster Eeaster means , colors – flowers – trees it means cotton – silk & wood shortly ( DECOR ) today , we will talk about how to make our home taste springy all the year 1st , we will add much flowers ! Blooming artworks Green color shaping in pots – vase – centerpiece on the table woods provides us with nature feeling beside positive energy & worm feeling adding indoor swing provides us with nature feeling The bathroom adding green wall in shower wall beside water item provides us with jungle atmosphere beside the ability to add colors in bathroom accessories , such like this ! if you have garden window you can add flowers with various colors will make big different with your morning view which reflects on your Relief there’s many styles which use wallpaper in various shapes the most important thing is to choose Pattern with simple colors Easter Egg , well known ! we will use this colors then choose cushions fabrics with same spirit lighting units , we can cover it with flower pattern fabrics or butterfly we will add some butterflies Nooo , not like this !! butterflies could be in fabrics – carpet or artwork if you have balcony you can use vertical planting you can change table clothes with flowers scheme , it will save your money flowers colors & contrast inspiring us all the time we arrange between colors with ( color scheme ) photos from the nature we like , with a perfect colors ratio if you like specific color , you can google it with ( color scheme phrase ) you will find many samples you can choose what you prefer we will put links for color scheme in description we still have more about colors , that’s just the beginning don’t forget to Like – Subscribe & share see you soon , Design Holic , Thanks

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  1. شكرا لمتابعتكم .. منتظر اي أسئلة وممكن الرد يكون بفيديو مخصوص .. متنساش تعمل subscribe وتفعل الجرس علشان يوصلك الفيديوهات الجديدة لحظة نزولها

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