Design Holic I Promo

Design Holic I Promo

welcome to Design Holic i am Ahmed Hassan , an Architect specialized in interior design Design Holic is an episodes when we will talk about Design generally & decore specially we have miss understanding in our society that we used to depend on others thoughts in everything we do they said , they are saying ! and other’s experiences in everything we do sometimes it works , but in decore i dont think so if we depends on who are not specialized , we will lose too much because of range of views & deference in decoration we loved to give you news flash to save your time & money if you are making finishes for your apartment , you’ll be interested we will talk about many creative ideas for using spaces colors & its relations with psychological comfort , and how we make matching between each modern or classic .. the famous question ! open Kitchen or close one ! we will talk about creative ideas for using spaces like when we decrees carpets because it makes spaces very narrow then we add 2 colors making matching with the space this will make much deference looks like this next episode we will talk about small spaces design and how to use every inch contrary to the public announcement about it that it doesn’t take the required furniture this samples of questions we will talk about and if you have a question , just send it for us then we will reply just wait for us weekly in ( Design Holic ) Thanks!

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  1. Congratulations Engineer Ahmed, you are one the best people in this field, Go ahead our full support 🙂

  2. الف مبرووووووك يابوحميد و ربنا يكللك تعبك بالخير يا صديقي 🌷

  3. منور ياااااااااااااااااااااحمد بالتوفيق ياحبي ومنتظرين الجااااااي

  4. ربِنَا يوفقك يا باشمهندس يارب
    خلي الأفكار الجامدة لشقتي بقى 😉😉😉

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