Design Life: Modern Family Bath: From Glum to Glam (Ep. 21)

Design Life: Modern Family Bath: From Glum to Glam (Ep. 21)

Sarah: Okay you guys- today is the day! Our
Modern Family Bath is done! That’s a wrap on the bath! But before I can call it a
wrap, I’m gonna show you what we did. Next stop on today’s design journey is a site
check at our bathroom renovation and things have been proceeding really
really well. I haven’t been here since demo but I’ve been seeing videos of all
the daily progress and it’s looking amazing. You saw me start this bathroom a little while ago. Oh we got a wobbly flobbily
door here. The bathroom is kind of small, but the plan is to take it from glum to
glam with tiles. This is the winner for the floor. Tommy: It has to really line up but
we have a really good tiler. Tommy: Everything that you’re asking him to do here is an advanced maneuver. This is not a standard tile installation.
Sarah: Before the final grout happens, I just want to check in. I want to make sure everything looks amazing and
perfect and I have a few things to deliver. So let’s check it out! I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner, and a mom. And I’m sharing it with you, so let’s
go! Today is another chapter in my design life. I’m bringing a lot of things. Some
of the things I’m bringing I may be a little early with though. Oh you know
I’ve got a shower curtain. Is it too early for a shower curtain, Bill? Some
towels, brought a faucet, I just want to visualize. Hi! I’m Sarah.
Bill: This is Richard.
Richard: Nice to meet you.
Sarah: Nice to meet you Richard. I’d shake, am I allowed to- whoa! You’ve doubled the size of it Bill! This
looks amazing! So good! How do you like the tile pattern?
Bill: It’s a challenge.
Sarah: Challenging. I know. You don’t like boring though, Bill! I gotta put my stuff down. Towels- don’t you think these are
gonna look amazing? This is what you care most about, right? Whether my towels go
with your tile pattern? Okay but look what I brought you.
I brought you a shower curtain. No you don’t need that. Bill: Oh I thought it was cookies! Sarah: Oh yeah cookies. I brought you some really tasty cookies, are you ready? Bill: Yeah. Beautiful.
Sarah: Check it out man.
Bill: Very nice. Sarah: It’s good to have the fan on because it’s a bit whiffy in here huh? From the, from the glue? Look at this-
Bill: Very nice, yeah.
Sarah: Do you have stuff on your hands? Bill: No.
Sarah: Are your hands clean? your gloves look like they’re not clean.
Bill: They just look stained.
Sarah: They look stained?
Bill: No they’re clean. Sarah: Look at that!
Bill: Very nice. Sarah: Brass. Look at this. Okay check this out.
I’m gonna set this up. I’m gonna do a little mock-up here. I want my friends
to see what this gonna look like! Oh the floor looks good. Okay so here is our faucet. I want to show you this my friends. Look at this. This is satin brass,
with… a black accent. If you think it looks good here, resting on this box, I
just want you to visualize how amazing it’s gonna look on our vanity. And this
was a custom touch. What I love about this is, this comes from a local
manufacturer that I’ve been working with for so long and you may actually
recognize this faucet. You may think this looks familiar, Sarah. I used this same
faucet but in white. Did you see me powder coat my own faucets? I used it in
white with black accents. So here’s my question for you.
If it was up to you, would you go white with black? Or do you like brass with
black? It’s pretty snazzy, right? And then- see what I’m doing here, I want you to
see this- so there’s my faucet. This is my shower curtain. I bought this. This is a
ready-made shower curtain and this is the way it’s supposed to go. But I notice
when you flip it back, look at this gorgeous little weave accent! Isn’t that
nice? So I think we’ll hang it reversed and that way this little black – I wanted
just a tiny little fleck, a little accent of black, that will pick up our double
border. And I have to say, tile patterns always take a little bit of effort to
figure out. A little bit of effort on the part of the designer, and a little bit of
collaboration and effort on the part of the installers, that’s why Bill and I
have been working together for over 15 years. But the thing about this is, we
went back and forth about what the right tile would be and I’m really happy
because I think that this – the variegated crackle tile looks richer than just a
plain white. It looks more upscale to me. I think that having the double black
band with the double soldier course with this listello takes it to a whole new
level and there’s different ways of approaching things. You can use the best
materials and install them in a simple way or my route is usually to use
affordable, but good quality, materials and then elevate them with the
installation. So what we did here was we chose well priced tiles and then we just
put a little bit more effort into the pattern and we paid a little bit more
for the install because that’s what really delivers the results in the end. I
hope you like this cause I’m like really loving this and I think it’s amazing to
me to see that this bathroom has not gotten any bigger. But it’s amazing how
much more fresh it feels, it feels crisp. The strong black line is really, I feel
like this is a visual trick because your eye goes to the black line and it draws
your eye all the way around the room. So that is really working for me. We’re
gonna have some really fabulous accents in here. Look at these Turkish towels I
found a nice fringe edge reinforcing our color palette and our texture palette
once again and I’ve ordered two different sets of sconces because I can
return the set I don’t want. This set is a hexagon, black and brass, to tie in with
the same black and brass that we’re doing on our faucet. So that’s my whole
story and I think I better get out of here because they need to keep
going. But it’s looking really sharp. Okay Bill I’m out of here! Well that’s good progress! I love it when
a plan comes together. And I love it even more once the whole
room comes together and we’re getting close now. Once the tile is in, we’ll add
our vanity. A little bit of electrical to take care of the sconces and the heated
floor and stick with me, I’ll show you how it turned out! Okay guys today’s a
good day. You know why today’s a good day? I mean,
every day is a good day, but I love project reveal days. And today’s the day
we get to call it a wrap on our modern family bathroom. But I can’t call it a
wrap until I’ve shown you what we did. So come on, let’s take a look. Are you ready for the grand reveal? Let’s do this. Okay maybe it’s not grand, but we
can all agree- this is dramatic! You know from the beginning that our whole agenda
here was how to get a way better end result within the existing footprint.
This is a single family bath shared by four people, not a lot of space and we
wanted to focus on efficiency and also squeezing out all the potential we
possibly could and adding some decorative impact. Let’s talk about why
we started this bathroom renovation. What prompted this bathroom renovation? Yes my
friends, it was the toilet. There is an issue with the toilet. So let’s just see
if we satisfied the fix of that problem. *flushing sound* It feels so much better that is fixed and
it is working. Okay, all joking aside, when I think about a bathroom and when I
think about a renovation it’s amazing if money is no object and you have a huge
amount of space and maybe it’s – I should probably wait for the toilet. It’s filling up. Well that’s a first. I’ve never flushed a toilet on camera before. Isn’t this nice? getting to know each other? It’s still filling. Please stand by. Last time you saw we were trying to figure out a major tile dilemma. Watch
Sarah think try and figure this out. So from tile dilemma to finished project.
This is what we’ve got. So we were dealing with a tub shower combo. There
was no way to get a separate tub and shower but my solution is if you need to
do this at home, try and get the most streamlined, straight-lined, contemporary
bathtub because that way if you’ve got a tall guy in there it’s got a nice flat
bottom and you don’t feel like you’re gonna wipe out in your shower. Next let’s
talk about this tile pattern. We went back and forth and I admittedly spent a
good amount of time trying to navigate all the challenges but it’s always worth
it because you can’t change it once it’s set in stone, or, in grout. This is really
important. So we had to navigate around- this is our thermostatic valve here that
controls our shower – and what we ended up doing was mitering the chair rail back
on itself. This is a, we use it as a chair rail but it’s actually called a listello.
So this listello is made of Carrara marble, so these are solid
pieces of marble that are running all the way through. We’ve mitered them back
on themselves so that then there’s enough room for our thermostatic valve
and then we’ve picked it up again. We’ve got our horizontal bands of black
punctuating both the top and the bottom. We’ve got a double solider course of our
main wall tile and then we grouted it in pale grey. The tile story has been
stealing the show and taking up all the energy in the room for a long time. But
let’s face it, now that the plumbing is installed, this is without a doubt the
star of the show. For this bathroom, because we wanted to create a fusion of
black and brass accents combined with grey, I decided to go with satin brass
with small black accents and I think that you want this shower curtain open
all the time so you can see how absolutely gorgeous this system is. It’s
fabulous. Speaking of shower curtains, I was gonna
make a custom shower curtain and then I did the math and I thought- what if I
just found one that already existed? And I found this one. It’s supposed to be
shown this way, but don’t you think the texture of the backside is so much more
fun? So as long as it’s nicely sewn, yes you can reverse your shower curtain to
get the look you love. Let’s talk about the vanity because in every bathroom
renovation, everybody wants an amazing vanity. But the search for that can be
challenging. Custom is costly and takes a while to get. So I decided to do an
online search and we considered a number of different options. In the end, this one
became the hands-down winner. Why you ask, Sarah? Well, for a number of reasons. First
of all, it has a transitional style that pairs well with the home and every other
room within it. Secondly, it was in stock orderable, and deliverable directly to
the house in a short time period. That is awesome! Lastly, it came with a gorgeous Carrara marble top and a fully installed sink. So
this cuts down on the additional work that has to be done by the contractor
on-site. The cherry on the top of this vanity is the matching lavatory faucet
to our shower system again with the satin brass combined with the black
accents and this is what I think creates that extra special moment. Speaking of
details and little things this is not okay! Okay? We have these beautiful
faucets and they need to sit perfectly aligned.
This one is crooked to this one. So I am going to fix it. I’m gonna get this. Yep! That is so much better. I can sleep
tonight. I like this.
One of the things you may remember that I was talking about it is how do we deal
with our decorative tile band? If you’re doing a decorative tile band you have to
think about not only what does it look like in the shower, but how does it
transition throughout the rest of the bathroom? So in this case we made sure
that we set the height of our listello at a perfect level so that once it
transitioned to this part of the bathroom it would act as a chair rail.
And it’s a chair rail which then turns into the transition for a backsplash.
Let’s talk about the lighting. We considered a number of different options
for our wall sconces, and in the end we went with these swing-arm sconces. I know
you might be thinking, what? Those aren’t bathroom lights Sarah! But we love the
flexibility, we love the fact that they’re adjustable, the arms swing out,
the heads can tilt, and personally I always like doing something I haven’t
done before. So this is the first time for these light fixtures and we think
they do the trick. When it comes to finishing touches, I’m a believer that
all of the details matter. So take the time to find the best solution. I like
this mirror because it has a slightly softened, rounded edge. In a room like a
bathroom, everything is boxy and it’s all sharp edges so I always like to contrast
that with some more organic forms. Few finishing touches-
we’ve got Turkish towels in a combination of black and cream. If you
pick a colour scheme you want to keep going with it. You want to repeat it as many
times as you can so it seems intentional and fully
realized. We’ve got a fabulous, not exactly black and white, this is a colour
photograph that is from a terrific online art service called Permanent
Press Editions. Those glasses? They’re called Edna.
And I think they’re whimsical and fun and great artwork for a bathroom. So
that’s it guys! Oh, last thing, I mean obviously you’ve
noticed the tile floor. This tile floor looks so sharp! We’ve got a small
bathroom so I chose to go with a small scale pattern here in terms of this
mosaic. It’s a combination of Carrara marble with Nero Marquina which is the
black and it’s sort of, I mean you could say it’s a riff on an ice cream parlor
floor cause it’s kind of a classic marble mosaic and I don’t find it too
busy. In case you’ve ever wondered should I put a small-scale mosaic on a floor? I
say, yes you can if it’s a smaller space if we had a huge bathroom this might
start to look busy but I like that it’s a contrast between the scale of the
floor which is small with the scale of the wall tile which is medium and the
scale of the accent tile which is black which is large so it’s all about mixing
the brass with the black and a combination of Carrara marble and sort
of a soft creamy grey tile and our shiny black top a few finishing accents and
that’s it guys our job here is done that is the reveal
of our modern family bath hope you like how it turned a

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