Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: 12 Mile Journey (Ep. 2)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: 12 Mile Journey (Ep. 2)

I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design! This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mom and I’m sharing it with you so let’s go! Today is another chapter in my design life! It’s a beautiful day on Georgian Bay and
it is a very exciting day for us here at the cottage because today is the day
that big changes are really gonna start to happen. So far, Alex and Chris and
Charlotte have been working hard here for a number of weeks on all the
exterior stuff, but today, you know what today is? Today is window and door day! It is
the delivery of all of our windows and doors and I don’t know maybe you don’t
think this is a big deal, but what you have to do is understand the context of
what it’s like to work on an island! Look at that, as far as you can see… nothing!
Just the pure open water of Georgian Bay. So, it’s remote, but it’s amazing!
Especially on a day when the sun is shining. Let me give you a quick tour of the
progress here. The bugs they’re gonna be gone very soon.
Alex promises me that within a week the bugs are gone. So, don’t be afraid because
it’s going to be amazing here. Right now, I think a bug just blew up my nose… You
know that saying, ‘when it rains it pours’. Well, it just started pouring awesomeness
because the crew has arrived. Hi guys, good morning! Good morning! Is it gonna be an awesome day? You guys pack like me going on vacation!
Hi, I’m Sarah! – If you think getting a delivery at home is exciting, I need you
to imagine what it’s like to get a delivery when you are 12 miles from the
harbor and everything has to come by boat. So, this barge travels at a whopping
speed of 4 or 5 knots. Which means, it takes 3 hours to make the 12-mile
journey three hours each way. This is not fast and what you can see is we’ve got a
shipping container and all of our windows and doors are loaded into that
container. So, you have to really want it to bring it all the way here to the
island cause it is a massive effort to bring anything here. So what’s happening right
now, we have to remove each door, each window, reinstalled, replace the trim. In
some cases this is going to involve repainting rooms or restaining because
it hasn’t all stood up super well over 11 years, brutal! And the big thing, my big
job today – you’re wondering, what am i doing today? I am packing up 11 years of
family life and getting every room cleaned up and ready to roll, which for
me means we’re also thinking about some redecorating! Check out this barge! It is loaded with
beds, dressers, chaises, chairs, side tables you name it, It’s on it! What am I doing
with this you ask? Well, some of it I’m gonna reupholster and bring back to the
island, some of it I’m gonna repurpose elsewhere, some of it I’m gonna sell, some of it I’m going to donate. Here we go! I thought a four-poster bed was a good
idea, but it made the cabin feel super small so I’m gonna sell it and start
again! I think it’s safe to say that’s going to be the most decorated stylish
barge you have ever seen traveling the channel. Want to talk about speed
renovations? The furniture is headed out and I see the first window heading in! So
this is an awesome Monday, we’re in the storm room, this is room number one the
window reinstall, all the blinds are coming down now and as you can see we’re
back to a construction site. Most people wouldn’t like that – this has me feeling
super jazzed, super excited about the potential of what happens next in our cottage 2.0! We have reached the end of day 1 of
project ‘Window and Door installation’ and we are psyched, we are happy because we have already got all of the windows installed in the storm room, which is the
living room and look how good they look! I am super, super pleased with the colour
and these are aluminum clad windows so their wood on the inside and their
aluminum clad on the outside and the aluminum comes in a variety of pre
painted colours! I went with Midnight Surf and this is a standard Gentek colour
and what I like about it is, it’s grey, but it’s got a blue undertone. So, on an
overcast day like today, it’s basically like the colour of the bay and I love
that and I also think it works really well with the existing siding colour
because that is not changing! So, right now we’ve moved towards more dramatic,
more contemporary palette. Here we’re pulling in the color of the granite
rocks and the color of the water and here’s my question for you: I want to
know what you think, do you like where we’re headed here? We’ve gone with single panels of glass instead of this old, this is a ladder bar on top on these previous
windows. So we had a light color with this ladder detail, with the simulated
divided lights and now we’ve gone to single pane, dark rich, what do you think? Are you A or are you B? As you can see
we’re headed in a more contemporary direction here, so I hope you’re gonna
follow along cuz it’s gonna get pretty interesting!

100 thoughts on “Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: 12 Mile Journey (Ep. 2)

  1. The aesthetic of B, but functionality of A. B makes the place more like a cottage, but from a view standpoint, the closer you get to unobstructed the better.

  2. How about "C" I'm just kidding. I like the new style and colour so "A". Now Georgian Bay /Lake Huron can get stormy; do you have removable storm shutters?

  3. A all the way! They let in more light and you get a better view. No more quaint, which isn't bad just different.

  4. In regards to the look, I would always lean towards B…….BUT living on Vancouver Island I have been in many waterfront homes and the large uninterrupted windows provide a gorgeous view. So option A gets and A+ from me..

  5. I like A. Love the color and how it goes well with the siding. The best feature is the unobstructed view. I am looking forward to what you do inside.

  6. I like your new windows…..both the style and the colour. I also really like your enthusiasm for the project…..really fun to watch😊

  7. I think if you're going for a more contemporary look then the (A) windows without a doubt. I also like them as they don't obstruct the views at all, whether or not you're going for a certain look.

  8. Love the new windows. Better views.I have been following you since way back in early H&H days. You were born to be! Outstanding design and taste!

  9. SOOOOO Excited that I have found you again Sarah! I use to watch you a long time ago onTV! You have not aged a DAY!!! How I wish I could get my hands on those OLD windows you took out… BUT yes, loving the NEW windows!

    Looking forward to MORE videos!

  10. Hey Sarah
    I definitely love the more modern contemporary look of your new windows ,they actually make the room larger inside. For sure these new windows will not be rooting out on you. I love the colour that you choose for the windows, very nice.

  11. B fan, but I'm sure your new path will be amazing. Loved your show from way back on HGTV. Glad to see you back!

  12. I love the look of the old but the view will be less obstructed with the new. I just would have picked a lighter color.

  13. I am so excited to find this on You Tube. I watched all of your old shows back in the day and miss seeing your work. You are by far my favorite designer of all time. And the cabin was one of my favorite makeovers the first time.

  14. My first instinct was B, just because it’s so typical of cottage style. However, on pondering a few minutes, the color and style of option A is my final choice for freshness, opening up the view, and just creating more serenity in your property. So enjoying seeing you again!

  15. I think I prefer the character and the assumed age/"story" of the "B" windows. My only concern would be the business of the original mullions viewed from the inside. The color palate is the same as many townhouses today in Brooklyn . I'd rather reference trees or deep ocean blues, I think. On the other hand, I trust your intuition 100%. Always amazing.

  16. I vote for B windows but the other is ok. Especially since they are already installed! It’s going to be beautiful!!

  17. A- The ladder detail is just simulated, it's not individuals panes, and having had blinds and/or draperies on the windows anyway the detail becomes less of a priority. My own preference is for the permanent choices to be more of a basic with less permanent choices creating the greatest visual.

  18. Love the older look but can appreciate the beautiful, unobstructed new view. We are in the process this summer of replacing 10 aluminum clad over wood windows and five sets of French doors that lasted 25 years in humid South Carolina.

  19. ‘A’ looks fantastic. That room will be brighter on the inside. And on the outside love the match with the Bay.

  20. Yup…….B …all the way. Super contemp !
    Love 💚🏡💚 everything you do Sarah.
    Thank you for sharing.💫🙂💫

  21. I like both changes. When you’ve got a view like that, there’s no need to obstruct it even if those panes are cute.

  22. I love both. I think with good design you can make almost anything work. My issue is I love so many things it makes it hard to decide!

  23. I am a little late to this party. As an old person I love the design of the old windows. Live is too short not to step out of ones comfort zone. Sooo, I Love the new widows, the cottage chic will be amazing when its done or should I say when I get through all the videos.

  24. I like A all the way!! But then again, I’ve been watching your shows for years and I love your style and taste!!

  25. Style B but the color of new windows which is beautiful! I'm a traditionalist, so I'm drawn to the classic window. That said, I have complete confidence that I'll love your result. I always do. Really enjoying this series!!

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