Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: All Blue All The Time (Ep. 10)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: All Blue All The Time (Ep. 10)

I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design! This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mother and I’m sharing it with you, so
let’s go! Today is another chapter in my design life. To get this cottage reno
done, Alex and the team have been working flat out seven days a week and to do
that they’ve had to live on the island in the middle of all the construction.
Alex: Here we are in bug land
Sarah: Now I don’t find the island as livable right now as they do
and I’ve got some other things to do! Not that. We’re updating the color scheme and to do that I source a lot of new fabrics,
but before I place my order I just want to run through them one more time and
make sure I got it right! So, we are doing our Nic chair.
Tommy: Ya
Sarah: You have two dining chairs, the backs are being done in this nice fabric. Tommy: Love
Sarah: The seats are being done in white leather
Tommy: Okay Sarah: Which I worried about it that you would say it was like a figure skate… I could not find any color that actually matched
the background. Tommy: I don’t think so, I mean I don’t think in the context like this isn’t a year-round residence that people are using and
really giving it a hard time for twelve months of the year. So, white leather
though kind of unforgiving in like a breakfast room in your everyday house could be fine here.
Sarah: Well I kind of disagree cuz I put this same white
leather on the window bench at the farm and it is ridiculously doable!
hmm admittedly all the chairs around the table could use reupholstery
Tommy: Yeah
Sarah: And this looks brand-new okay you get chocolate on it maple syrup okay it’s
where I stick all the kids for a dinner party and it’s perfect, okay! So now,
moving on from that, this is two… Chairs
Tommy: I love this I really love this!
Sarah: There’s gonna be three stools sitting at the counter. So I used to have those
mismatched, vintage, little cute wood stool. I think it needs to be more comfortable.
Tommy: Sure!
Sarah: So I’m doing three of our upholstery barstools.
Tommy: I feel like when we
originally did those antique wooden stools, we didn’t realize how often people are sitting at that bar!
Sarah: Well it’s where you want to sit if you’re on your
laptop, it’s where you sit if you’re chatting while somebody’s making
something yeah and also when we were doing that, let’s be honest… I was eight
months pregnant, we were in a hurry and also doing another TV series at the same time!
Tommy: Yeah!
Sarah: So we were just kind of Tommy: Oh, it’s not just a place where you get your – it’s not just a juice bar it’s craft, it’s homework, it’s you know like chit chats, it’s everything
Sarah: It’s everything Tommy: Sandwich building like it’s all the
Sarah: Sandwich building is an important activity. Okay so, here’s my question,
we could go again with the white, keeping in mind that it’s sitting
against our great paneling – yeah, so what I was wondering is, would it be crazy to do a coloured leather
Tommy: Well this is gonna contrast against the paneling, whereas,
this will be a little more blending. Sarah: Does it look like a smurf is my question?
Tommy: No I think it’s fine! Like it’s a good blue like it still feels lakey to me!
Sarah: Do you like it? Do you likey it?
Tommy: Yeah I do like it… I like it a lot if you were choosing
which one would you do?
Tommy: I feel like I would do this. I feel like this feels more rustic
and that feels a little more formal for a barstool.
Sarah: I like it I just wanted to make sure
Tommy: What is the shapes that you’re doing like what kind of a stool is it?
Tommy: One of ours!
Tommy: Which one though? Sarah: The uhh no the Jake
Tommy: Oh nice yeah Jake is it good
Sarah: Yeah cuz then when you look through just if you want to know… This is
what’s happening in the living room, the sofa and two chaises. New chaises are
all being done in a washed version of this linen and then these are some fabrics to go with it
Tommy: Very Denim-y indigo-y… what’s this?
Sarah: Do you like this?
Tommy: Yeah I do! Sarah: I’m crazy about them. So, for being on the water
Tommy: Kind of like tie-dye denim
Sarah: yeah just kind of a bit more inky blue as opposed to I feel like
originally it was more cobalt, it was more of more fresh blues and this is
just a little bit – I find these to be a little bit richer
Tommy: Well the darker tones, to me, read more “Great Lakes”, then the more turquoise-y tones which to me can err on the side of like Caribbean right – So I like that.
Sarah: Right! So do you want to see what’s happening in your cabin? Tommy: Yes!
Sarah: Okay so here’s this happening in your bunkie. You’re getting a cream linen channel headboard
Tommy: Nice!
Sarah: And then these are the accent fabrics Tommy: Love this! This feels kind of preppy!
Sarah: So these are Fiona’s this is her – Tommy: She’s getting the brighter more turquoise-y girly looking stuff?
Sarah: Right. Well yeah, but this is Jeffrey Alan Marx and this is called
water polo and it’s based on water polo nets! Tommy: Is it? – Interesting
Sarah: Yeah – Isn’t that fun! Tommy: Yeah I’m just gonna say it looks it
reminds me a little bit of the pool patterns Sarah: Yes
Tommy: in…
Sarah: David Hockney? Tommy: Yes in Hockney paintings.
Sarah: right
Tommy: Yeah Sarah: Isn’t that fun? And then triple drop our ripple drop and then
Tommy: That’s adorable
Sarah: In a chair in this indoor outdoor fabric Tommy: She’s gonna love this! Has she seen this yet?
Sarah: Yes she’s has! She chose it. And then this is Robyn’s, roman blinds
Tommy: Cute
Sarah: And this kind of nice little bit more grown-up. Look at this!
Tommy: Oooh I love that!
Sarah: And then this is what’s happening in the principal bedroom as a headboard
Tommy: Love it! It’s all blue all the time, but it’s all these different kinds of blue –
Sarah: What other colours?
Tommy: – Like this is smoky, this is smoky and stormy, yeah this is bright and kind of
like ‘kid like’ blue, yeah this is like not blue but still stormy, I love!
Sarah: Soft grey, yep! With pale grey bedside tables
Tommy: And then this feels like really lake deep water you know that’s like deep water, shallow water
Sarah: and then this is the porch! Tommy: Smoky, rainy, nice, this is more sort of like a Navy Sarah: This is a new fabric, done by Nate Berkus, that is from the Kravat archives.
Tommy: That looks so contemporary! How old could it be I wonder?
Sarah: I don’t know
Tommy: Archivally speaking Sarah: Archivally! And then add a little Ralph… All our friends are playing together! We got some Nate, we got some Ralph, we’ve got some Kate Spade! Okay thanks! Tommy: This looks good
Sarah: Better go buy it cuz it’s supposed to be delivered in a week!
Tommy: When am i coming up to visit? Sarah: What are you doing the week after next? The first week in July?
Tommy: uuuhhhh the first week in July I’m gonna be in Ireland! The Emerald Isle.
I know it seems to you like I’m always in Ireland because last year when you
were shooting –
Sarah: I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and you’re going for the third time!
Tommy: Last summer when you were shooting Off The Grid, I went to Ireland and came
back to an Irish inspired powder room! Sarah: I know!
Tommy: So what will tell I come back from Ireland to this time? Sarah: Im not – Im not painting the whole thing, but I have painted most of the cottage white… Did I tell you that? Tommy: I love that!
Sarah: Do you want to see??
Tommy: The white in the summer is so like it’s mood-enhancing! That’s nice
Sarah: Can you believe it?
Tommy: Yeah so what’s happening with the bedroom distribution
because it used to be girls shared upstairs across from you, then it was two
guest rooms downstairs, so what’s happening now? Sarah: So, Fiona moved out.
Tommy: She moved out (Laughs) Okay with her was there an, an incident? Sarah: No, I don’t remember like a big incident but they definitely have different sleep patterns and they were starting to –
Tommy: Oh that’s not good
Sarah: You know, that was – anyway I said to Fiona one day, maybe you want to try a
different bedroom! Would you like to try a different bedroom? Because Robbin was like “This is – this was my bedroom first and I’m the oldest and I am not moving out!” Tommy: The eldest always pulls rank. I used I used to do that with Christie all the time! I would just say like I’m sorry, but if we’re moving I get to pick my bedroom first.
Sarah: Right? – yeah. So she tried downstairs and she really likes it, so she has the
East guest room downstairs, one that used to have the flowery duvet cover and had
some pinks and yellows and stuff Tommy: So this is what always happens the person who picks first, – yes, ends up regretting their decision because the person who picks
second gets to be further away from everyone Sarah: That’s true she has a floral – and she has her own bathroom!
Tommy: And Fiona is a person who – – Fiona likes her privacy!
Sarah: Yeah, so it’s good
Tommy: I would have I would have done the Fiona thing and been like, okay so
which bedroom is further away from mom and dad? mmm cuz that’s where I would
want to be. Because I don’t like people knowing my business, I don’t want people
to know what I’m up to… Sarah: Well she is on the main floor, so
everybody kind of knows her business. It’s not super secretive
Tommy: Ya, but early morning and late night
Sarah: There aren’t a lot of secrets! Tommy: Early morning and late night, she’s further away from the rest of the fam jam than anyone. Sarah: Right! Look, this is when
they used to share Tommy: And now they’re not so much with the Sharesies Tommy: Okay, thank you! I appreciate your help, I feel so much better. I just felt that like maybe I was gonna end up with like – I was afraid you’d walk in and be like what have you done!
Tommy: No no no, I love all of this I think it’s all great. I like the idea that the whole house is blue it’s
all different kinds and blues Sarah: Well, yeah. I mean originally I threw some red in there but that was a mistake! originally when I did this room, we had a lot of red accents and –
Alex: Where did the red come from? Sarah: I put in a red accents because your
favourite color is red correct
Alex: I don’t see a lot of red in any of these Tommy: Well I mean the days of
having to kowtow to Alexander’s deep love of red are over! I think the
marriage is established well enough now maybe you can just like – maybe you can just vito the red
Sarah: Move along! Yes like what
about I was – Tommy: That was back when we were still trying to give him some like, throw him a bone – right. Now it’s just like, no the red is done! The house plants are all dead and the red has been eliminated from the house!

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