Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Decision Day (Ep. 7)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Decision Day (Ep. 7)

I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mom and I’m sharing it with you, so let’s
go! Today is another chapter in my design life. Today in our design life series,
this is decision day. You and a number of other people have commented that the old finish, our whitewash finish, is looking pinky and I seem to recall you said it
looked like pantyhose when we talked about it or band-aids right? Okay!
And so now you can really see in this room we have our brand new windows which
is new, fresh, white pine and we have our original whitewash stain. Our challenge
today is can we apply a new stain that will still have some degree of
transparency, not be fully opaque like paint, look great right out of the gate
and be easy to achieve?
Steve: We can, they just don’t make it – so
we’re making it
Sarah: So we’re making it. – If we have to we’ll go solid. I just feel like that’s such a
knee-jerk reaction to go solid out of the gate and I think it’s worth trying
to keep some Steve: well that’s true yeah that’s the easy way but I think to keep it rustic looking and keep it cottagey I think we need, I think it’s nice to be
able to see the wood and see the grain don’t you?
Sarah: I’m so glad you said that cuz I got the impression, I got the impression that you just wanted to paint
the whole darn thing
Steve: Well that would be easier Sarah:What would you do? What would you do? Would you paint this or would you try and stain it Steve: Paint it! Paint it! Okay so here we have fresh pine and then
we have some reclaimed pieces so that we can see what it’s looking like. So, you’re
actually using instead of using stain we’ve decided to use eggshell paint and water it down. – Yes okay
Steve: Yes – so the trick is the consistency – how much water – how much paint
Sarah: Yep – and what is the trick that you’re talking about?
Steve: Well with me it’s actually, with me now is just to feel like I could say it’s 25 percent 50
percent 75, but I know the consistency just by stirring and I know where I
should be. If it’s too thin it’s just gonna run down you’re gonna get drips if
it’s too thick it’s paint and I cover it right so I kind of know from the feel of
it where we should be.
Sarah: Okay so I feel like some of these speaking of feels, all
the feels. Some of these are giving me the feels that they’re too opaque and I
want them to be a bit more trim
Steve: Like that one Sarah: Yeah like that one just looks
like a not awesome paint job Steve: It looks like it needs one more coat of paint –
Sarah: Yeah so I don’t want that
Steve: Okay so, 25 percent water to paint, Sarah: 3/4 paint
Steve: 25 percent water to paint, so there’s the difference right there the trick is –
Sarah: You just said 25 percent 25 percent Steve: Oh did I?
Sarah: Yeah you lied. 25 percent 50 percent Steve: Yes sorry
Sarah: Okay, I like the look of 50%
Steve: Okay are you expecting this to look exactly like this?
Sarah: Am I expecting or am I attempting? I don’t think we want it to highlight – like we want it to look the same yeah it used to look the same.
Steve: I can’t guarantee that Sarah: No, I know you can’t guarantee anything
Steve: No, and it is wood like I said like this is new, this is
like yesterday and this is 11 years ago like I think that looks pretty darn good.
That’s, that’s the old and that’s the new Sarah: Yeah you know what, you’re right. You’re right!
Steve: I mean that’s that’s pretty good can you live with that?
Sarah: Can you live with that? Yes you can live with that. Okay, the key is here, this isn’t white.
This is a grey paint we are using – what color we’re using again?
Steve: We’re using grey owl
Sarah: Grey owl! So, this is a soft grey paint this is not in the handbook
Steve: No
Sarah: I feel like this is not in the staining handbook Steve: You’re not looking up a color chip and
going it’s gonna look like this. We’re working with it as we go.
Sarah: It’s like commando staining!
Steve: There’s another one thing we can’t guarantee
Sarah: What it’s going to look like?
Steve: What the new pine is going to look like two weeks from now. This will
be more, the old will be more consistent than the new because the new is going to
take on the color of the pine… I know. Sarah: Two weeks from now you’re gonna be gone and I’m gonna be hoping I like it Steve: You sure I’ll be gone in two weeks
Sarah: I don’t know if you’ll be gone in two weeks
(laughs) Sarah: Okay well, let’s see if we’ve got the right color I feel like we should do it around that kitchen right there Steve: Right over there? Let’s do it! Sarah: This construction crew has not been keeping the cabinets – listen theres all
Steve: Pardon me? Sarah: Greasy fingers
Alex: Sarah we’re trying to do a TV show here, can you stop Steve: Ya really
Sarah: For anybody who knows me, I like to clean look I’m waiting for the paint to go on – Steve: ya gonna need more water excuse me, pardon me!
Sarah: are you gonna like you’re not making this mix up as you go?
Steve: Yeah it’s fine don’t worry
Sarah: Steve, this is not feeling like – Steve: I’m a professional
Sarah: This is not feeling like a controlled experiment. This is feeling like total chaos. Maybe I should
just go figure out some fabric schemes while you –
Steve: Yeah you gonna come back and
it’ll look amazing okay yeah
Sarah: Yep – Okay my god Sarah: I go. I go bye bye. Sarah: When we did the cottage
originally this was a guest room.
Alex: Yes. Sarah: Fiona was not even born. For the first
nine years the girls shared a bedroom Alex: Yeah
Sarah: And when Fiona turned 10 she wanted her own room so Fiona came in here this is
this is a little cute little room yeah and it works well. So, I thought that when
we are doing this we should let Fiona have a say in what she wants her room to
look like moving forward. So this is my ripple drop fabric, she chose this with
no pushing from me – For the drapes
Alex: Great Alex: Perfect
Sarah: Okay then she chose this fabric
this fabric is designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks an American designer and this is
called she chose this because she really liked it and it reminded her of the
water it’s actually called water polo. So this is gonna be her headboard.
Alex: Okay
Sarah: And then this is this is really clever this is a Kravet smart fabric. So, this is
actually an indoor/outdoor fabric. We’re gonna reupholster this chair here okay
and then maybe a pillow in this one Alex: They’re really nice
Sarah: If you, if you’ve
been watching for a long time you always know, you know, I always always always I
start with what I call the hero fabric. So, what is the fabric that I love most
of any other fabric and then I build a scheme around it.
I’m kind of torn, I feel like it’s one of these. Do you agree? You think it’s one of these? Alex: I like them both and I like the one that’s closest to you Sarah: I like this one better! You like this one? All right that’s
exactly what I like. I like the riff that this feels like it’s taken from the
floor and originally when I did this room we had a lot of red accents and –
Alex: Where did those come from?
Sarah: I put in a red accents because your favorite color is red
Alex: Correct! I don’t see a lot of red, but that’s okay. Sarah: You know what? I love you, but I
don’t like red and on a hot day red makes me feel hot when I want to feel
cool. So, I would prefer it if we just stayed cool. We be cool?
Alex: Cool
Sarah: Yeah just cool. So I think this is gonna be it. I think we do this on a headboard. So, the
good thing is I sent the headboard away and if you were worried thinking what
are you doing, I’m just gonna recover the headboard. It’s super inexpensive to
recover it in a new fabric. We’ve had it for 11 years, I feel it’s time for a
change, so it’s gonna come back and it’s gonna
be dressed in this. So, this is what used to be the girls room and is now just
Robin’s room. So Robin said she wanted some grey in her room. Question is, how
does it look to be like the grey with the green? Great the green looks pretty nice I think
Alex: Yeah
Sarah: Like that – this Sarah: So are you happy with that?
Steve: Yeah, it’s dry already it’s amazing! That’s like what half an hour
Sarah: so you think that this is gonna continue to absorb into the wood and lighten
Steve: I can’t predict the future
Sarah: Hey wait a minute, Daisy wants a carrot Sarah: You know what Daisy really loves –
Steve: Meat sticks?
Sarah: She loves the end of fresh Ontario asparagus
Steve: Really?
Sarah: If you snap it, Daisy will come running. Do you love asparagus?
Steve: That’s weird I’ve never seen a dog eat asparagus
Sarah: She loves it! Sarah: Are you actually – I want to know Daisy everybody else are you really hard today,
what did you do on site today? Did you work really really hard?
Steve: I’m liking the way it’s looking right now Sarah: Yeah, I mean, I think this is the more interesting spot to look over here. I’m not seeing any sort of displeasing
contrast between the new trim and the old. Seve: Right
Sarah: So I think that we’re achieving the goal which is, I still know I just want to make sure that
we still know that it’s wood under there and it doesn’t look like a bad paint job. So, we definitely have –
Steve: You don’t have to worry about that. It’s wood. The wood will come through cuz well you can see it already. I mean you can see that, but I – I was
worried that it was gonna go pink again Sarah: Right, I don’t see any pink.
The pink is totally gone. I just want to know if we opened up another can of
Steve: Like? Sarah: Look up.
Steve: Oh the ceiling… Sarah: Is the ceiling gonna look okay with the walls? Or
Steve: It’s gonna look great Sarah: That’s your time saving voice speaking
Steve: I know I like I wouldn’t would not don’t mess with – don’t mess with the board’s. I think they
look great it’s rustic, it’s cottagey I think you’re – it’s opening up
Sarah: I like it I’m happy
Steve: Good Sarah: it was definitely worth the trip to the island today. What do you think? Are you happy with where we’ve come? Do you think we found the right solution? Tell me what you think. You know I want to know. Would you sign off on this, would you say, “Steve go for it” and do all the rest of it like this, or would you go solid white?
Steve: Hmm

100 thoughts on “Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Decision Day (Ep. 7)

  1. It’s so beautiful. I love seeing the wood come through. I’m sitting in my cottage in Prince Edward County, and I am surrounded by real redwood panelling. The lower half is horizontal, and the top half is vertical. Do you think you could white (grey) wash that, or do you have to oil paint it out? Right now, I feel like I’m living in Gaston’s tavern in Beauty and the Beast! 🙂

  2. Viewing all that on a computer screen or TV screen is going to give a completely different effect. Go with what you can see right there before your eyes.

  3. I think it's a nice compromise between stain and paint. I worried it would look like paint that needs a second coat, but it looks very even, no streaks or blotches. It doesn't look 80's white wash either. (Do you remember when you tried to white wash dining room chairs and it didn't work out? Tommy was against it. I think you had them sprayed grey. Good times.) I thought painting the walls but leaving the ceiling natural was the way to go, but this looks nice. Maybe a brownish grey stain on the ceiling will dull the yellow tones?

  4. Can you put a coat of gloss or semi-gloss varathane over the grey owl whitewash? It would dress it up a bit but you would still see the grain. Just a thought.

  5. I’d say go a light linen white ( hint of grey) I’d paint it an actual color and not what the painter mixed up. It’s so hard to repeat an on-site mix. The painter should have said maybe add 1/2 cup water, 2 cups of water etc. but a light line grey is better than that color

  6. I'd go for light and bright and paint white. Time for a fresh look. I think the white would enhance not only any furnishings inside but make the view pop even more! Good luck!

  7. Hi Sarah, Solid paint or watered down, the pine knots will eventually show through. My talented husband put in all our windows and designed his own trim from pine. We painted it a solid white and the knots eventually showed through. I’d do exactly what your doing 👍🏻Love watching you!

  8. Seal the window frames in varnish and then Spray it all solid. In time, some of those knots will eventually bleed sap through and kills will not prevent it.

  9. Do not go solid Sarah! I love the translucent watery look and being able to see the wood grains underneath. And your doggy is adorable. I want to snuggle him. He's so cute. Please include him in your videos! I love getting your videos. They are awesome. Jojo

  10. I’m year 4 with my whitewash and starting to see the pink. I’m hoping that I’ll learn to love it or remember the grey wash trick. Thanks for all your great inspiration!

  11. The walls look great with the transparent watered down “stain”. I would do the trim in a solid white. That way you don’t have to worry about the different woods looking different over time. Make it look different on purpose.

  12. I've never been a fan of whitewash painted rooms so I'd being going with a solid colour. Rather than having the walls competing with furnishings (knots, grain, etc.), I think a solid colour would make a nice backdrop for the contents. IMHO.

  13. I think since you already started painting the big room you have no choice but to paint now. I love the kids rooms and I think the original bedroom they shared looked the best painted solid with the ceiling still natural wood. I think that giant room would be overkill with all the same natural wood from top to bottom since the floor seems to look like the walls and ceiling. I like the lite and fresh look you usually do but I think that big room should be a nice solid gray , darker gray , only from the top of windows down with the ceiling natural wood. I think the view through the windows would be more dramatic with a darker gray only on the walls. Lake homes with that many scenic windows look better with darker walls because you tend to look out the window rather than feel like your in the room itself, if that makes sense. The white wash in that room reminds me of Maalox. 🙂

  14. That's pretty close to what I thought, and your painter is definitely spot on. Love how it's working out!

  15. This is pretty much exactly what I envisioned when I commented on the last video. Something halfway between stain and paint. Love it! I think if the ceiling starts to look like it doesn't "go", you could use a light toning lacquer to push the color more green or amber or whatever to tonally harmonize with the new finish on the walls.

  16. To me the ceiling looks a bit washed doesn't look right but I don't know what to suggest to fix it.

  17. Can you do a little less grey? It looks nice and the wood floors help balance out the difference between ceiling and walls, but I somehow think that a color going toward a very light taupe"ish" vs grey might make for a better transition from the ceiling to walls and back down to the brown"ish" of the floors.

  18. I love watching your renos Sarah. I've been watching your programmes for years! I think you should trust Steve – he seems like a pretty intuitive sort of guy and obviously knows his stuff. I'm going to throw a spanner in the works – paint wash the ceiling also. I think it'll look too unfinished if left natural. Sorry! It's going to be amazing. Cheers, DEB T (NZ)

  19. I like the translucent color – great idea. Your painter is wonderful. I would paint the ceiling though, I like it to flow with the walls .

  20. It looks nice as it is; however, if I lived there I'd go solid with the paint and perhaps do something interesting like a stain for the ceiling. But that's just my taste. This is a lovely update to watch!

  21. The translucent stain is great solution, but in my opinion i would paint walls and ceiling in a solid colour. I’m sure your what your thinking of next for fabric will match perfectly.

  22. I agree with Steve. Using the grey is a great way to "not" be pinky; and leave the ceiling alone. I feel that anything weathers over time and the greyish now will continue to greyish later…SMILE

  23. Love what the painter did. Leave the ceiling natural but stain the beams the same as the walls. Daisy is darling!

  24. OMG my ceilings are all whitewashed with50% eggshell White paint and 50% water. They have not turned pinkish at all. Done on tongue and groove pine.

  25. I would definitely stay with the white wash rather than the solid stain. Losing the knots would be sad. It looks beautiful!

  26. Beautiful room of windows! Makes me want a tiny cabin on the lake to spend the weekends in quiet solitude!

  27. I agree with your painter to leave the ceiling alone, and I like what you want to achieve. But looking at the trim and walls towards the end of the video I see it leaning towards ‘a bad paint job’. Mind you I’m not there ( more’s the pity😉) so it probably looks better in person. But I see a lot of knotty, splotches. By the way, what did you use for flooring in the girls rooms? Is it painted wood?

  28. I say trust Steve 😁 he definitely seems to know what he’s talking about! Can’t wait to see the new bedrooms 😍

  29. I put a first coat of white paint on new wainscoting in my bathroom – expecting to do at least one more… but I liked the look of the wood showing through so much that I just left it. Best lazy decision I ever made. Also: If the single coat of paint on your new wood windows doesn't end up matching the painted old wood walls pleasingly, I might try fully painting just the windows for a nice contrast.

  30. The new color is really good ~ The pro's always know how to make the paint do exactly how they want it to look – solid would have been to much ~

  31. Sarah,
    You always find the right look and combination.🖌
    That's why your Sarah Richardson…..extremely successful.🏆
    My choice would still be white washing the ceiling to match the walls.
    I have seen pine ceiling go yellow over time "if" they were treated. Am I wrong ???
    When push comes to shove whatever you do makes sense and looks awesome.
    Appreciate having the opportunity to chime in. Thank you for that. 🙋🏼

  32. I like the look of the freshly grey-washed wall and frames. What I would be worried about is that they are two different kinds of wood and they WILL fade differently. I think I would paint the frames a solid colour and leave the walls washed so you can see the wood grain through. Don’t hate me but I think I would paint the ceiling too. 😬 Too much wood, not my favourite. How about the barest hint of pale blue-green?

  33. Off topic: what kind of dog is Daisy? I love her! She looks like a bigger version of my Jasper, who is a Bolonoodle (Bolognese/Toy Poodle). Love the cool colors.

  34. I’d do the ceiling too. Looks weird with walls painted with transparent paint and ceiling not done.

  35. The color is fantastic. It is not completely white but a nice soft gray that actually goes with all the color in the nature going on outside. It is subtle, not overbearing and, yet, will be a nice backdrop to all that is going on the inside to a nice transition to all the colors of nature to the outside. Perfect.

  36. Regarding the ceiling, yeah I am confused on that one too. But I think leaving it will really add warmth to the place and keep that cottage feel.

  37. Solid as a rock! I painted my knotty pine wainscoting. The knots are still visible but it has a nice clean finish. Change is good!

  38. I do like the wash – I think if the trim around the windows start to darken you can go over it again. I would leave the ceiling.
    I liked your room with the red touches because it’s not a colour you work with often & it was good to see how to work something in without it becoming overbearing.

  39. Love where you are going with the soft grey paint to stain away the pink and all your new fabric choices for your bedrooms. Everything is got a beautiful cohesiveness to it and reflects the water and sky around you.

  40. Hi Sarah, it’s so much fun following along as you update one of my favorite projects of yours. I can’t wait to see future episodes.
    Since you asked – I really like the paint/glaze look your painter created. I think it’ll look great with your ceiling. But I know that regardless you create beautiful spaces. Thanks for sharing it with us. I miss you on hgtv here in the USA.

  41. The translucent watered down paint allows the wood grain to shine through, maybe paint the trim solid just to make it pop a little and leave the ceiling natural. The finished product will look beautiful no matter what you choose. Good job as always.

  42. Paint it! There is a reason why you are unsure and asking a lot of questions. I think your gut is saying that you are afraid of the outcome. Paint it

  43. I like the walls but would probably go the same paint in solid around the new windows. It should give a nice crisp look which would empathise the more rustic walls. 🙋🏼👍

  44. I would go solid white including ceilings, fresh and airy. I do think the washed gray in time will look like a bad paint job.

  45. Not too sure I like the grey against the wood ceiling as much as I would like white against the ceiling. I am all for saving the look of the wood, and I would rarely if ever say to paint it, but I think it would contrast the ceiling better as white… I really loved the bedspread with the trees on it !!! I am really enjoying the reno. I remember when you did it the first time. I especially love all of the fabrics you use in your designs.

  46. Steve…… COME and paint all my shiplap for me…… PLEASE! I want just what Sarah is asking for. Color, but still see the wood grain!

    Loving it Sarah! Love the fabrics your daughters have pick out also! And a THUMBS UP to your blue colors for your room ! ❤️

  47. Stain it! I'm no designer. You're the expert, but I feel like if you paint it, your eye will focus on the wall color and not on the amazing view of the lake outside.

  48. I can 100% relate to the dog loving asparagus. We have three yellow labs (one is also named Daisie!!!). They LOVE asparagus. My middle boy hears that first snap of a stalk and he is there, albeit more slowly now that he is 12. Whenever we have asparagus, we save all the ends for the dogs and it is their treats for the evening. FYI, they love carrots too!

  49. This is cool ! Proceed. If you don't like it in the end and decide to go solid I'd do it in the same colour Grey not white. Glad the pink is gone!
    Natural on the ceiling…what's funny is you are already done with this last summer we are tell you what to do 😂

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