Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Hard-working Friends (Ep. 11)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Hard-working Friends (Ep. 11)

I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design! This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mom and I’m sharing it with you, so let’s
go! Today’s another chapter in my design life! On the island things are looking up,
and in the city we finalized our fabric scheme.
Tommy: It’s all blue all the time!
Sarah: This project is heating up… literally! There is so much going on, but you know
what’s not going on? In this part of the office, the air conditioning is not going
on! So we have windows open, we have fans going. It’s a bit steamy. I’m looking at
some of the stuff that’s arrived I’ve got rugs, I’ve got fabric samples.
The rugs are here which is amazing, but you know it’s not amazing?
We have fabric samples, but we don’t have fabrics for a whole bunch of these. They
seem to be stuck in customs getting across the border and that is not a good
situation because we are running out of time. We have three different work rooms
around the city working right now to get the furniture ready,
we have refinishers working, we have drapery being sewn, we have pillows being sewn and we sit here waiting, waiting for shipment. Trying to get stuff there and
the next biggest hurdle is going to be to make sure that the completion of the
building aligns with the arrival of all the pretty, because as you can see I’m
getting ready to move on to the pretty! I am here today with my friend Noail and
we are about to check in on some tables that we are spraying for the cottage. Wow
it’s like a before-and-after buffet! Which do you like better before or after?
This is a dramatic change, these were pretty in pink, but I have a teenager who
grew out of pink. Look at this though, I just bought these these were a great
deal. This is what happens when you paint you guys! Look at this these were three
hundred and seventy five dollars I think, for the pair.
Can you fill this hole for me? I don’t want to put that little bit back on.
I don’t want that yeah, it’s good thing I told you! So in this, oh that’s the
headboard, that’s the drapes, that looks great!
I love these. Sometimes we spray something to give it a second life, this
is on to its third life. Oh ya lets see how these look. Oh, that is a nice color!
So what sheen is this Noail?
Noail: Satin Sarah: Satin is nice. Look at that! Oh yeah, I just came here to tell you that it’s all perfect! Well it’s actually only half perfect,
right? That one’s perfect, that one’s perfect and that one’s perfect, so we’re
halfway there! All right! You have a lot of chairs up there huh? We need to put
this on Kijiji Noail, like you can’t just – that’s money up there you gotta get
rid of it! Why do you want to keep them?
Noail: One day it’s going to be slow like that. Sarah: Then what? Then you’re gonna – you could just prime them all. If you just started by priming them all then it would be
easy to sell them all, right? We’ve worked together for 20 years, so come and see Noail’s office.
Noail: I am young, twenty years old.
Sarah: Yeah Oh my gosh the first TV show room
service! I signed it and it disappeared?
Noail: Ya! Sarah: Oh my gosh. Okay well do you want me to sign it again? This is 2009, yep 10 years ago! That’s a lot younger! Thank you
you’re doing amazing, things I thank you, thank you, thank you! I am here in the remnant Department at
my fabricators and I am looking for two 26 inch pieces that I can use as
tabletops, and I also need a 36 inch vanity and somewhere in here I’m hoping I can find it!
Tony: They go in the same spot? Sarah: No. The vanity in the side tables?
Tony: Oh sorry… no! (Laughs)
Sarah: I gotcha I gotcha!
Tony: What colour do you want the side tables? White.
Sarah: yeah the side tables can be whitish, grayish, creamish… Tony: What about that one we do uh –
Sarah: I like this though! This is nice, this would be good for a
vanity! I’m not gonna hurt myself. The suggestion this is gonna fall and crush
me is always funny. I mean I get if I was trying to lift up giant slabs, but how
wide is this? Yeah
Tony: Forty…
Sarah: So I could literally just take a little piece?
Tony: Yeah!
Tony: See this is why you have to come in. This is a great vanity top just waiting to be discovered.
Tony: Oh we have tons… of vanities waiting to be discovered! Sarah: I know but how many –
Tony: Don’t yell at me, you’re being recorded!
Sarah: Being recorded, I know, but how many times have I told you, you just need to have a little –
Tony: You’re going to edit that right? Where you’re yelling at me? Sarah: Yeah! I keep telling Tony you just need every, every fabricator needs to have a little library where you show all the
pieces that are left overs, that you don’t have any use for. I’m telling you
this is money, this is gold! Right here! Today I’m going around to see all my
friends and telling them about the sales they should have. Look at this, this is
just a little scrap. Tony has no use for this scrap, but you might have used for
this scrap, right? An affordable countertop, see? He has all these bits. He
doesn’t want them, but I can figure out how to use them! Hi Mo!
I’m gonna send somebody from my team up, I want to get photographs of all this
stuff you have, because this is awesome! So, I think the countertops could be good
in this cloudburst concrete because it’s they’re just I just want them to bequiet.
Tony: Not this one, I do have another one, but not this!
Sarah: You told me this was all extras! Don’t lie to me! I think I just ate some dust… So the first place that I used to buy marble from I loved the people there
and the owner had such a strong Italian accent he called a slab a slap. “You want
to hold it the slap? You want to own? Do you want to own or you wanted a polish?”
So that was, do you want it honed or do you want it polished? And he called them
slaps and this is actually labeled instead of a slab it’s labeled as a slap! What’s this one? Is this extra?
Tony: Uhhh Super White, yes that’s extra!
Sarah: Ooh I like – I do like a super white! It’s yes super super dusty mm-hmm. You have to have – you have some vision, because with this stone actually it looks like you whited down
Tony: You have – You have the vision Sarah!
Sarah: If I don’t I’m in trouble. Are these all extras too? Gosh you guys
we’re gonna have a yard sale one day! Mo’s just in the middle of cutting a
massive slab here and actually working while I’m sifting through the leftovers,
being disruptive. Okay, I think we should go with – I think we go with this. I think
this is perfect for a vanity, right? Say that, oh that’s stuff – that stuff is
cool! Is there enough to do two side tables in that?
Tony: Should just reach!
Sarah: Can we just reach? Yeah let’s do two side tables in the back. You got a dig to
find the gold. So this is gonna go on a pair of vintage rattan tables! Two tables,
one vanity, ten minutes and dump. And back at the office, my fabrics have arrived!
Which means my seamstress Bessie can get started. These are my directions for
Bessie. This is in the front, this is the backs. I’ve known Bessie forever, like as in over 20 years. Since I first started
working in this business and we’ve been working together ever since. She works
with her sister and they do it all pillows, drapes, from and blinds whatever
we need to add that final finishing touch and make our rooms signature Sarah! It’s Wednesday, hump day, today I need to climb a mountain to get stuff done to
keep this cottage project on track. As well as a few other things that are
percolating right now and I’m stopping in at one of my work rooms. I’ve been
making my own custom designed bench made furniture for over 20 years with this
team and right now in order to get this project on I have this team working on
new production furniture and we’re gunna go see what some of these new pieces are
looking like! One of the great things about custom furniture and having an
amazing workroom that we work with is that we can always design and sketch
anything and it can be made. And if the first ones we make aren’t
exactly what we want, we make another one. So this is prototype number one for our
revised Phoebe chair and I say approved! So, that’s awesome. Love these chairs. So
this is good, this is making me happy, these are looking sharp.
Devon: Fantastic!
Sarah: Oh my gosh, I like it with the leather! Super durable these are looking really sharp, that’s exciting to see. Okay and in the distance I see the sofa! Eugene: How are you!
Sarah: Oh wow! You look like you’ve been on vocation! Or are you just enjoying the great outdoors? nice to see you you look good! Are you feeling good? How are the – Ya it’s still a problem? Yeah that’s the thing when you smash up your bones Eugene…
Exactly! This looks great! How’s this fabric to work with? Is it
okay? You know why I chose this? Because you can take the covers off, throw them
in the washing machine and put them back on this fabric is pre-washed. This is our
Lola says and I’m currently hoping that this isn’t
too small. Is one of these further along? Upholstered? Okay we’re gunna take a look. I’m personally having a small heart attack right now because these are way
more petite than I thought they were. So here’s what happened, first I designed
this is the sofa and I made this soap and then from the sofa we created a
chair, from that chair we created a smaller chair, then we created a chaise and what I didn’t remember was we created the chaise, not from the big chair that I know how comfy and loungy it is, but from the more
petite chair. Therein lies the challenge that I am facing at this precise moment,
but maybe it’s gonna feel different when I sit on it. You can take the cover off
and wash it yes, but not before it gets delivered and you don’t put your shoes
on his chaise. You put your socks or you put it throw… Oh my gosh, it’s really
comfy. I can use a nap today! Okay well it is gorgeous. Well it’ll make the journey
and we’ll see what happens. What else can we do? So this is one of my secrets and
all good things are happening in there. All good things except the size of those
choses, which I’m gonna be honest is a major, major concern right now! So I need
to think about what to do because I a hundred percent know that that is not what my family wants, but these guys have pulled so hard for me. Do
you know what I didn’t tell you in there is that the fabric got delivered two
days ago and so they are working so hard to meet the deadline that we gave them
and that is the amazing thing about having these relationships that I’ve had
for so long and this is the magic of having local suppliers is that you can
stop in, you can make a sketch, you can dream it up and somebody can make it for you. That’s what I love, that’s the best part
about my design life and the not best part is when you design something and it
is that chaise is perfect for a whole bunch of situations, I’m just not sure
that I chose the right thing from my situation. What do you do? Now I’m gonna get in the car, drive to my next destination and I’m gonna think about it!

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