Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Inside Out (Ep. 18)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Inside Out (Ep. 18)

Sarah: It’s early morning on the island and the
water is so calm this morning and you know what that means?
We have to find jobs to keep us busy until the wind comes up because the
neighbours don’t really want their beautiful calm blue morning to be
interrupted by the sound of saws. So right now we’re putting up the flag pole. The
water is so high that the flag is now in the water.
Fiona are you still in your pajamas? wow this is a gorgeous day! Kris: It was cold the first couple seconds and now it’s beautiful. Sarah: I’ve never seen
the water like this that’s crazy. Alex: First flag raising of 2019. I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner, and a mom. And I’m sharing it with you. So
let’s go! Today is another chapter in my design life. Sarah: So it is a beautiful day and
we have three people working on the porch and the painter is out here on the
lawn so I’m just gonna check in with our painter and see what kind of progress is
being made. What we’re doing is we are pre-painting all the Versatex siding
that is going around all of the windows in the porch and this makes it a lot
easier once it goes up. So I’m gonna just check in with our painter. Alex: Yeah well we
have a real pro here- she’s fast and she’s very conscientious and she’s
also really cute. Sarah: Okay so what are you doing
here? You’re just kind of stuck in those boards how are you gonna get out of
there? Fiona: I’m waiting till you move this big board. Sarah: ahhhh alright… so I better finish my board.
Don’t put your ponytail in the paint! Painted ponies. No we’re not shooting the
guinea pigs anymore! What is with you and the guinea pigs? Alex (as the guinea pigs): Get to work I tell ya! Sarah: Fiona did you ever think your dad would
talk to guinea pigs so much? No, I didn’t think so either. I’ve always said that every day in my
design life is different. Lately, it seems that every day is less designer glamour
and more DIY, sweat equity, and manual labour. Mostly this is what I do these days, trying to get this project finished! Today I’ve been a mover… And what do we think here? I’m gonna catch it. So far this boat has held a 500 pound fireplace, and now what is this a 300 pound
table? And now, the painter. Oh, and for about an hour is also an entrepreneur and an author. Alex: Well what’s going on over here? Sarah: Oh a little showroom design for the
furniture collection, paying bills, book review, I was going to take sheets out to the cabin for my housekeeping duties, and I don’t know why but
there are binoculars right here just in case something’s happening on the horizon. Just another day on the island! Sarah: This does not bode well for going up the stairs. Oh, nice! Kris: Hey a beer holder! Sarah: What? That is not a beer holder Kris that
is a jewelry holder. Kris: Oh yeah right. Alex: We have our dresser which is very exciting but it’s
also very heavy! But that’s where we need Kris. We call him muscles or the powerhouse. Kris: Either one works. Kris: Yeah we maybe have to go straight up more. Alex: Hold on. Sarah: How do we like this dresser now guys? Kris: Oh we love it! Alex: Oh it’s the best dresser ever. If you can have bought the
heavy model we would have appreciated it. This one’s just too light and easy! All right do you want to put the legs on while we have it up? Kris: Or we
could lay on its back. Sarah: Yeah do you want to just keep
holding it? The good news is on the inside things are pretty much there other than
accessories and finishing details. But the problem is when everything outside
is still a complete work zone it’s tricky.
Anyway that’s a lot of hammering. Alex is working away on the siding and what is happening here? Renovating can be tough on a marriage. What is happening here? But Alex and I make it work. It’s all about communicating. Are we almost there? What’s happening here? Alex: Very close! Sarah: So we’ve got that little corner to finish? Oh you’re not even listening to me?! Alex: I’m listening to something else. Alex: This is always fun! Sarah: Siding install how close are we getting here? Alex: Well on this wall we’re pretty darn close I would say. This is great. Sarah: I think this is looking really sharp! What’s going on? No what was that about? Your glasses? Fiona: My sunglasses were falling down. Sarah: What’d you find? Fiona: Raspberries! Sarah: Yeah it’s kinda hard to
stay focused when there’s fresh berries around. Alex: Just touching up the nails. Sarah: Oh! Did you know you’ve had a bug on your shoulder all day? Alex: No. Having a nice ride. Sarah: Oh it’s a leaf. How are you feeling about the progress? Alex: Well we’re doing well. It’d be nice if
the roofers showed up but other than that. Sarah: What of those roofers? Alex: I think we should bet. Will they come tomorrow? We’ll start up a roofer poll. Sarah: Are you
betting for or against? Alex: I don’t think they’ll be here tomorrow. Friday. Charlotte: Sarah, question. Sarah: Yeah? Charlotte: Do you want the siding to go up and over the windows trim or do you want a center with something underneath? And then the boards but up to it like inside? Sarah: I think we should do whatever the simplest easiest thing to do is because no one is ever gonna see this end. That’s
my progress update. We’re all doing our best and the reality of this is that
I’ve been thinking about it and I don’t actually think it’s even been two full
months. Not two full months! Since the day that Alex and Kris discovered that the
roof was rotten. Alex: I think we better call Sarah because we have a little problem
here. We’re up here on the flat roof and it’s rotting the whole way around. Sarah: And so in less than two months this is what the team has done. Did that, built that, got
all the windows in and then we finished the interior and we painted the interior
and we installed the electrical and we installed the cabinetry and we installed
a fireplace and now they’re on to the finishing details. So I gotta say, in the
grand scheme of everything if you think about how long it takes to do a
renovation in the city… Hey people! We’re here on this teeny tiny remote little
island! Everything has to come by boat and everything is a challenge and I just
feel so lucky that we have the hardest working team in the business which is
these three amazing people. That’s my husband and Kris and Charlotte and
usually Kris’ daughter Emily is also here helping us but she went to a
concert this week so we gave her a little time off because she’s young and
needs to actually have some summer fun! So hopefully we’re all gonna be having
some summer fun soon. Alex: Remember those duck eggs that were under the propane shed that we rebuilt and we were very careful not to disturb
them? Well look over there… …all happy! Sarah: Isn’t this how every roof gets delivered?
Oh my gosh look at it hanging over. Good morning team! Great how are you? Look is it everybody’s favourite way to spend a summer Friday?! Alex: It sure is. Kris: Wooooo! Alex: It’s only four million degrees out here! Sarah: Hottest day of the summer
so far? A great day to be on a roof. Kris: Yeah this is much better than a patio with a
beer. Sarah: Who wants that? Kris: Who wants that? Alex: So as you can see the roof looks amazing, it’s doing very very well which is fantastic. And it suits the cottage brilliantly. The
one thing is we’re out on an island and the guys want to make sure they get it just
right with the panels. We’re one panel shy. Normally they would bring a machine which
would make it on-site so it’s not a big deal but that machine is actually two hours
away so it’s just arrived at the marina and they’re gonna make us a new panel
and in half an hour we’ll have the last panel on and this beauty will be
complete. Sarah: So we’ve got two kinds of roof, how come? Alex: We got two kinds of roof we have the
original cedar roof because we wanted cedar when we originally did this but
then we realized that a metal roof lasts much longer. It’s also great because up here you get pine needles and all kinds of stuff that
gets stuck in it and spiders which Sarah doesn’t like very much and so the metal
roof gets rid of all of that. Cedar looks nice but it doesn’t last long. The cedar
isn’t this durable as the old roofs were they’ll last about 20 years. This will last
about 50. So this is the last roof we’ll put on this
one and in a few years we’ll switch this
roof to metal from cedar and then we’ll get rid of the bugs we’ll get rid of all
the moss and stuff that’s going in it and all the pine needles that get stuck
and the cottage will look amazing. Sarah: Is there anything else you’re getting
rid of soon? Alex: Oh yeah what do you think? I think I should keep this and just grow
it out. What do you think? Go like all David Letterman. Sarah: Ahhh… no thank you. Alex: Okay I gotta go. Sarah: With a bonus boat trip! Just what you wanted. Alright. And
with that, one panel left.

59 thoughts on “Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Inside Out (Ep. 18)

  1. Sarah,
    WOW !!! You and your family have a beautiful and stunning cottage.🏠
    What a ✨heavenly✨ place to relax and enjoy your family, friends and critters.🐶🐟🐞🕷
    Whether your inside or outside you have maximum views to soak in.😌😎
    Your Canadian 🇨🇦 retreat is ~ 1st class ~ Love it 💕
    Summertime ✨☀️✨ Wishes sent your way.
    Thanks again for sharing your cottage project. 🙋🏼

  2. Sarah… it is magnificent! I love your outside colors! What is the siding? Is it wood or vinyl?

    My family home that my husband and I now live in has “cedar shake shingles” for siding. We live in Central New York…snow belt heaven ! They have been on since I was 4 or 5 years old… I just turned 63 ! I think , like your husband mentioned, the older cedar lasted longer! But I would LOVE to have the look you have on this cottage on my house!

    Everything about that cottage is a dream !!! I wish my Dad had taught me all the carpenter skills like your daughters are learning. But back when I was their age….girls didn’t play with power tools… I had to play “kitchen!l.. LOL!!! My father was a contractor is whole life ❤️

    Looking incredible !!!!

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  18. Our cottage was outside Fenelon Falls and the cedar shingle roof went on in the summer of 1929 (cost $1 per 1000 shingle installed)… the roof is still going strong in its 90th season… the key is solignum stain every three years and a steep pitch.

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  24. Versatex states any painted color should have a light reflective value of 55 or greater so darker colors are not an option. That trim color looks really dark. It will absorb the heat and expand and paint performance may be compromised. It voids their warranty too but who collects on warranties really anyway with a trim board. Not like it will rot away on you, it's PVC.

    5:55, the Tyvek is installed incorrectly. It's supposed to be shingle installed in that you begin at the bottom and each subsequent row lies over the one below it for proper drainage. And you're supposed to tape it. The way you have it now, any water penetrating at the top will literally run down the wall then behind the incorrectly installed Tyvek and potentially rot the plywood sheathing if it cannot dry out. Also, why is he face nailing the siding when it looks as though you can blind nail it on the tongue part and not have to fill holes and repaint?

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