Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Installation Gratification (Ep. 13)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Installation Gratification (Ep. 13)

I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mom and I’m sharing it with you, so let’s
go! Today is another chapter in my design life. Alex: Ok, quick update back at the island and
doing a little check-in on how things are going as you can see the roof behind
me is coming along really well and so we’re getting close to shooting, but it’s
amazing I went away for a few days and have a proper roof now, very exciting.
Sarah: A new roof is very exciting because it means I get to pick out what goes
underneath as in, a new floor. Have some water while we talk about some flooring. What you got?
Tom: So these are all vinyl Sarah: mm-hmm
Tom: They look like wood, but vinyl has come a long way. Especially after you’re show! Sarah: I know! Everybody – I’ve made vinyl like a hot new trend. Love it! So this is the one I used, right? Ok, I like this, but I’m
thinking I want something lighter. It used to be a screen porch,
it is now gonna be a room. Dead simple install, it’s a box of a room, it is
summer only.
Tom: So this is good enough Sarah: Last time you installed this for me it went in so fast it blew my mind it was I think less than an hour and a half for the entire install!
Tom: This installation anybody can really do it. You just need a
knife, a straightedge, you snap it and go. Sarah: No nails, no glue, you just need a
perfectly levelled floor.
Tom: No nails, no glue, you do need a perfect – yes! Sarah: So, this is nice, and I think this is nice. Alright would these be your top two choices if I wanted a lighter look?
Tom: Yes I think this these two choices are probably the closest Sarah: These are the best. Alright so, leave it with me and I am going to choose one of these. Thanks Tom I really appreciate it! And back on the island… Alex: We’re just gonna go ahead and
check out what’s happening with the screen porch. Which has now got waterproofing membrane on it and a whole bunch of stuff. It’s very exciting because we have our framing inspection tomorrow so, got a bit of a ways to go.
This is the best part right here you can finally see up to the new ceiling!
Sarah: And we’re going to see a whole lot more in a second. Alex: What a great volume this space is going to be! Sarah’s gonna be very pleased when she sees this.
Chris: Those seemed to work out well! What do you think? They got them done in no time!
Alex: I’ve got good news, for a change!
Tommy: You often have good news it’s not that big a change!
Sarah: What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here! Alex: Well, you know I’ve got this business I’ve got to
run that doesn’t involve construction, but um… I talked to Andrew about the windows
Sarah: Yes?
Alex: And he’s gonna do us a favor and get them installed next week which
is awesome!
Sarah: What day next week? Alex: Uhhh probably mid-week, so probably Wednesday
Sarah: If the windows go in Wednesday, the floor is happening on Friday
Alex: Okay!
Sarah: So the floor will go in Friday and then it’ll only take – I don’t even know if he’ll take an
out remember the last time they did it? they did final floor it was like so fast
Tommy: It was done so fast!
Alex: I know it’s so cool how fast it goes down Sarah: They’re gonna spend six hours driving and getting to and
from the location
Tommy: And it will take 15 minutes inside it!
Alex: This steel plate for the beams has just arrived and the inspector is showing up in about an hour so you
should give us just enough time to get this up, hold it in and then hopefully they’ll like it! Alright let’s get cracking Let’s do it! Yeah, yeah! I got it! Ya, it’s got to come to you about… an inch! Okay so, the inspector was just here and
says that everything up there looks great! We’re good to put windows in
tomorrow. So, it’s about three o’clock and the inspector pointed out something
which was very helpful, so we called the engineer, which is the windows
are going in here tomorrow and we need heavy-duty bracket here. So, now what I
need to do is find someone who can make the brackets in time for the time that I
go and pick up the window guys at 7:00 a.m. at Mill airport tomorrow, have the
manufacture tonight so we can bolt them on as soon as the guys get here.
Otherwise, we can’t put the windows in tomorrow or we put them in with them
have to take out, which isn’t very good. So wish me luck!
Sarah: Hopefully there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or at least a couple of lamps… Ever wondered what
happens after 5:00 at the office? Well, it’s the last day before I leave to go
and start installing things on the island. I’ve got a whole bunch of
accessories we’re stockpiling everything, we’re doing inventory and these lamps
are just a teeny bit not the right color, so we’ve painted them in latex and I’m
just giving them a quick DIY sanding to see if I can make them look exactly as I
want! And I’m not sure that I’ve succeeded oh but I did get dust all over my top… that’s a good look! Did I improve them? That remains to be
seen. You’ll know whether or not this worked
if you see these in the cottage, in the final reveals. Well, here’s the
good thing, between the before and the after they’re not worse. Right? They look better
than they did before, they look better than they did when they were fully
painted and I think they have a good rustic texture now. You know what happens when I start DIYing? I just can’t stop! So, I bought this pair of lamps online,
totally loved them, great shape, they’re a hundred and thirty dollars each, great
great price! The only problem is, this bit of gold… Can’t really have gold at the
cottage. So you know what I’m gonna do? We’re just gonna go like this.
Those of you who are around in the 80s – this does not apply to Millennials, you
might remember sponge painting! I remember sponge painting and it was a
good thing back then, this is how we’re gonna sponge paint in 2019, with a very
light touch. Look at that! Gold, no gold. We still get the color variation. Part of
the thing for me when I’m buying lamps, when I’m thinking about a project, if
you’re doing an entire house project you always have to think about what you need
and how many of things you need and I can guarantee you always need more table lamps than you think you do. So, I can’t tell you that I know a hundred percent
what room they’re gonna go in, but we like to just try them in a bunch of
different spaces! Since sometime late yesterday afternoon
Alex had to take a boat, a plane, a car pick up the brackets at the secret
drop-off point – our friend Ed’s mailbox, drive back to the hangar,
get the plane fixed, then sleep, then fly to the city to pick up the window
installers by 7:00 a.m. and get all the way back to the island before 9 a.m! But he did it!
Alex: And we were super lucky because we only got the window brackets
and there they are installed and it’s just 9 o’clock. How about that! That’s
pretty awesome! These windows will come in and this room will be totally different by the end of the day. Alex: Whoa, look at this! It took the guys only an hour to get this whole thing down. After the long road we’ve had and the challenges with rot
and all that, this is a really nice feature to have. And suddenly we’re getting some nice gratification for a lot of hard work! Alright, stay tuned for the next fun stuff! This is awesome, Wow!
Sarah: I can’t wait to see it, next time!

34 thoughts on “Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Installation Gratification (Ep. 13)

  1. You are patheticaly politically correct. It's downright disgusting. You don't have a 'partner'…you have a HUSBAND.

  2. Love the new vaulted ceiling. They really open up the room. Of course, it is hard to top the view from your new windows.

  3. Hi, Sarah, this is looking great. Question for you, please? How do you choose whether to paint window trim light colors to benefit the airy feeling of the room, or dark colors to keep the view less obstructed? Thanks, KP

  4. Where in the hee haw is your window sill flashing? You used Tyvek on the shed, where is it on the house? There is nothing protecting the bottom of your window sill from rotting away should water get behind your siding or whatever. How is this even code in Canada?

  5. I had those lamps that you’re distressing in the 90’s. I sold them in the 2000’s because they were dated. This was before distressing was a thing. Darn it. Also, your husband is basically James Gond and/or MacGyver. He can do anything. Very impressive.

  6. AAAAHHHHH … talk about leaving us hanging!!! Loved the DIY’d lamps. I’ve done that several times but I have to wonder at the prices. Down here in Florida we have amazing thrift shops and I’ve purchased similar lamps for $10 a piece (US)
    My friends joke when I find almost any item is always “What color are you going to spray paint it?.” 😂😂😂

  7. Been watching you from New Zealand for years Sarah! Love your work 🙂 What a shame I couldn't have you come here and help me with my space <3

  8. Really enjoy watching the transformation, thank you for letting us have a look into the creative process…..and the Minister of Exteriors deserves a bonus for the window bracket ordeal!😉

  9. If I could look as elegant as you do when I'm painting and sanding, I would be one happy woman. You need to invest in a small lazy susan so you can pop your lamps and other things onto it to do your DIY really easily. Its a great investment. I love your videos and seeing how this big project is all coming together. Even when it's finished, can you do something else please? Cheers, DEBBIE (NZ)

  10. Getting very excited about this room! I have almost the same color of flooring in my 12ft x 22ft full bathroom/ laundry room and LOVE it !!! Love love love the color !

  11. I loved this episode that featured #MOE, though he was more Interior this time. You are such a great team!

  12. I am pleasantly surprised about Sarah using vinyl plank flooring! I don't watch every episodes but glad I did that one. I purchased a new built and the builder is installing luxury vinyl plank flooring throughout the house. I wasn't sure about the vinyl floor as I haven't heard about it before but now I am feeling much better! Thanks Sarah

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