Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Marble Mania (Ep. 20)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Marble Mania (Ep. 20)

Sarah: The cottage seems to be a refuge for
animals. Some of them we want, others… not so much. Robin: There’s a snake in the house! Sarah: Where is he? Oh, there, there! He wants out. Okay I didn’t invite you!
Let’s let him out. He’ll slither right out the door maybe.
Robin: No he won’t. Sarah: No you don’t think? Robin: Here you’re so close! Fiona: Oh my gosh. Sarah: It’s just another day on the island. We get a special amount of spiders here
on this island. Just gonna sweep away the spiders. Oh there’s one there. These are my new windows I do not want you here! A day in the life of a designer. Would you think that this is what I did? This is sometimes what I do. This has been a crazy journey. We
never anticipated it would be as much work as it’s been, but we are getting
into the homestretch. Alex and I have done so much DIY it’s crazy so I decided
to vote myself off the island. I voted myself off the island and today
I am city bound to go meet with my marble supplier. I need to select some
marble slabs that are gonna wrap around our new wood stove fireplace that’s been
installed and we’re gonna wrap around that so we can wrap this up and take it
over the finish line and call this project done. Then I’m going to the office and I’m going to check in and see what’s happening on a whole bunch of other
projects because we have some really exciting things happening now. We have a
chalet that we’re renovating (tada!), we have a modern farmhouse edition that’s
underway, we have a new chalet build, we have a house that’s under renovation in
the city along with a whole bunch of other things. So let’s do it! I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a creator, an entrepreneur, a partner, and a mom and I’m sharing it with you. So let’s
go! Today is another chapter in my design life. First stop! Did I mention I brought my
team? Whoa! I almost always come in here when it’s winter. What’s it gonna be? Giulio: Come here! Sit. Sit. Paw. Good girl. Sarah: Everyone likes my team. Tony: So we’re gonna look for some material? Sarah: Yup. Tony: Do you know what you’re looking for?
Sarah: Well I was trying to decide between quartz and marble. But I asked my friends to take a
vote Tony: Okay Sarah: Took a poll
Tony: Right
Sarah: Guess what they chose? Tony: What did they choose?
Sarah: They chose marble. Tony: Marble. Okay good marble is what I was gonna steer you to.
Sarah: Okay
Tony: Because quartz, because this is a real fire place
Sarah: Yeah
Tony: I don’t think that the quartz will stand up to that heat that a real fireplace generates.
Sarah: Oh! What would happen?
Tony: We don’t know, and I don’t think we want to find out either because the quartz has resin in it, so it may melt it, it may discolour it, so we’re better off sticking with natural marble. Sarah: That’s nice.
Robin: That’s cool. Sarah: That’s nice. Okay what do you think?
Tony: When you showed me the colours you got light in there, right? Sarah: It’s fairly light, everything else is pretty light, not dark. Tony: I remember you saying that you don’t, do you want it, what do you
want the focal point to be? The fireplace? Or the surround? Because I think you had said that. Sarah: I think the surround. Tony: The surround you want it to be the focal point?
Sarah: Yeah, yeah. Just not too wild.
Tony: OK. Giulio: So what colours were you…
Sarah: The rooms pretty light.
Giulio: Yeah? Sarah: Oh my gosh. Robin: What?
Sarah: Girls, I’m really glad I voted us off the island. This is what’s happening now. Robin: Daisy! Come here! Come here girl! Yeah come here. Sarah: Yes, that’s right! My kids are shooting this episode. Robin: I’m still recording mommy.
Sarah: Oh, that’s OK you can pause. Sarah: That’s nice. Yeah? What else? What else you got Giulio? Make sure you get Giulio in the picture Robin!
Robin: I am! I am! I am a very experienced camera person.
Sarah: I know, you are very. Ask a teen to be a camera person.
Robin: I’m good at it. Sarah: You just have to be careful you don’t talk to much cause you’re supposed to be the camera person.
Robin: Okay I know I will shush now. I’m gonna shush now. Giulio: That’s what you used on…
Sarah: Oh yeah! Recognize this?
Robin: So pretty. Sarah: Has anybody else bought it since?
Giulio: A couple yeah actually. Sarah: We’ve sold some? Yay! Giulio: There’s this guy here.
Robin: Oh that’s kind of nice. Sarah: That’s kind of gorgeous! Is there anything with some veining?
Giulio: I have this guy here. Sarah: Does it look too city though? Oh look I’ve got paint all over me from yesterday. That’s nice. You like this? You think it looks like waves? Robin: Well it’s different because it’s something
you’ve never used before but it looks like waves, yeah. Sarah: Okay this is white fantasy. Robin: Hi Daisy! Giulio: Sarah, this one here – because it had some problems in it, I can give you a really good price on it.
Sarah: What are the problems? Oh, the fill. I don’t care about fill! So this one is normally
exotic which means super (you can go for the close-ups later) just, you gotta slow down
Robin: I’m a very experienced camera *aaaahhhh*
Sarah: Stop! (laughter)
Robin: Earthquake! Sarah: It’s take your kids to work day!
Robin: You’re welcome.
Sarah: This is not- hold on I have to take a picture of this. Robin: Just by the way not getting paid. Sarah: Invisible blue is exotic which means normally super expensive but there’s some places here where it’s been
filled cause of flaws and we are happy to work around that to make it work for us.
Robin: Awesome!
Sarah: This is pretty cool. Robin: Is this the one?
Sarah: I don’t know if it’s the one.
Robin: Okay. Sarah: Is there another thing to consider? Cause I’m not sure about the red. Alex would love it, but
Robin: Oh daddy would love that, yeah. Sarah: Daddy would love that. I don’t know if daddy should know that
there’s red available. Sarah: Now this one looks a bit like rain.
Fiona: Or cobwebs!
Sarah: Or what? Robin & Fiona: Cobwebs!
Sarah: No cobwebs! Sarah: So is this a good option Tony?
Tony: I think so. I like it. Sarah: But the difference is it’s gonna go this way. Tony: Yes, veining will be vertical. Sarah: You’re sideways right now. You’re
floating, you’re dancing on the ceiling. Tony: I like this colour. Sarah: Nice and natural. Sarah: Taj Mahal?
Tony: Beautiful stone, just very hard to work with. Very strong, dense stone. Hard to cut.
Sarah: Well suited to a boat ride?
Tony: Absolutely for a boat ride. Sarah: It’s got nice veining, nice movement. Sarah: The thing is, it’s going to be going this way.
Tony: Mhm. Sarah: But it’s got all these tones that are sort of good with the linen. But not too directional. Sarah: I know what you’re thinking- can she just make up her mind? Listen, there’s a lot to think about when
it comes to selecting slabs of marble. And the other option is… One, they’re big
expensive one-of-a-kind pieces of natural stone. Two, once you buy them you
need to have them fabricated. Three, once they’re fabricated they need to be
transported by truck and in our case by boat all the way to the island. And
lastly, once they reach the island they need to be installed by professionals. So
when it comes to choosing slabs, I think it’s important to make sure you get
exactly what you’re looking for and feel confident that you’ve considered all the
options before you make that important final choice.
Tony: And this one the veins will
be going left to right.
Sarah: This always takes me too long! After all, this is gonna be a major focal point in the room
when we are finally done and I’m never gonna change it so I want to love it. Probably just took a photo of the top of my head. Amazingly I didn’t. The interesting thing about this is it sort of has some granite effect to it, right?
Like it feels sort of like the granite that you might see around. This is your
vote Tony?
Tony: I like that one. Sarah: Girls, you need to vote. You can choose
this one or you can choose the Taj Mahal or do you choose… Robin & Fiona: The first one!
Sarah: And that’s what you choose? Tony: That’s what I choose.
Sarah: Is that what you choose Giulio? Everybody chooses that? Okay.
Robin: And what do you choose? Sarah: Looks like I’m gonna be choosing what everybody else is choosing. This is
live polling, happening now! Robin: The White Macaubas.
Sarah: Macaubas. Macaubus? Say it again? Giulio: White Macaubas.
Sarah: White Macaubas.
Robin: Macaubas. Sarah: Okay, this way. This is how it would go.
Robin: I completely butchered that. Sarah: So this is approved?
Robin: Approved! Sarah: I always say that there’s never a dull moment when you’re renovating. So, today is the last install.
The very last thing to do is putting the marble on the fireplace and we’re so
excited about it. So we were talking about a couple of different locations
where we would meet the truck and how we would get them to the island because
what we’re dealing with is some really big slabs. The largest one is four feet
wide by nearly eight feet tall so that’s a little tricky to transport, A, because
it’s a piece of natural stone, B, because it has a big hole cut in it to fit
around the front of the fireplace, and C, because if it breaks we have to start
all over again. So long story short there was a bit of a miscommunication and Mark, our installer, the truck, and all the slabs, have transitioned across a very
bumpy gravel road for nearly an hour to end up at the marina that doesn’t have
the water taxi that I booked. So we now have the choice of what do we do? Do
we try and find a new water taxi that has not yet been arranged, do we send
them back – all the way back – along that bumpy gravel road to the marina that the
water taxi is waiting for them at, or do we get it ourselves? All of these are
really fun problems and I feel really bad because Mark drove a lot longer than
he needed to. The good news is if we can make it work from the marina that
they’re at now it’s a close boat ride so with any luck we’ll have them here soon.
But we have 1100 or 1200 pounds of stone to move and I don’t even know if there’s
a barge there that can take it. Stay tuned! Let’s see how this turns out. I’m
gonna go make some phone calls. And the phone calls paid off!
Alex: You made it! Sarah: Daisy are you supervising this install? Icing the cake, Mark, icing the cake! How’s it going there guys?
Mark: It’s going great.
Alex: It’s going well. Alex: So I’ll just stay here then shall I? Alex: This is why I grew my hair long Sarah.
Sarah: Yeah? Alex: Very handy to have this cushion.
Sarah: But what happens after today? Sarah: How did the kids do on their selection? Your daughters chose this, what do you think?
Fiona: And your dog! Sarah: Oh and the dog, this is the one the dog chose.
Alex: Well Daisy’s done very well, I mean it fits brilliantly. The colours are great, it’s very Georgian Bay.

51 thoughts on “Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Marble Mania (Ep. 20)

  1. This is soooooo great to see that, even an experienced designer, takes a lot of time to choose! I’m not the only one who takes forever to select the right materials/finishes. Thank you for your honesty: we, the « ordinary people » feel better!

  2. So many gorgeous pieces… I would have a hard time picking !!! Good thing you had back up…..daughters and dog !

    Great pick! Can’t wait to see it in place.

  3. The marble was beautiful, but I didn't like the yellow color in it. It would have taken me WEEKS to choose slabs! However, there was a slab that I noticed behind Tony (where Robin filmed him sideways) that had a hit of aqua blue in it. I NEED THAT ONE!
    Where's the LOVE button? YouTube needs a LOVE button, at least just for your videos, Sarah! I absolutely LOVE your taste. Everything you do is incredibly PERFECT! Thank you so much for sharing. I can hardly wait till you have your own Sarah 24/7 channel! 😀

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  5. It was worth all the hassle to get the marble to the island, it's beautiful!! Daisy and the girls chose well 🙂 Now to choose the right white colour for the walls to go with the soft blue-grey undertones of the marble which is quite rightly the main feature of the room. Can't wait to see the final episode!

  6. I felt in awe the first time I entered a similarly well inventoried granite establishment….it was as wonderful as going to the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, OR ANY museum of wonderful large modern paintings….and I was grateful to mother nature in particular when I saw the excavation photos of the slabs being cut from her in Italy…
    I love what we picked, but seeing all those white pieces, I sigh!

  7. Two things…
    1st: GREAT choice on the marble. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be the one!! 👍🏽👍🏽
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    Love your girls choice ~ they already have designer taste ☑️
    🙋🏼 🇨🇦

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