Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Old & New (Ep. 9)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Old & New (Ep. 9)

I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mom and I’m sharing it with you. So lets
go! Todays another chapter in my design life. While the island crew is moving
full steam ahead, I had to leave and you may also remember most of our old
furniture left too. “Here we go”. So today I’m gonna do something about
that and I’m also on the hunt for storage! So I’d like that whole wall
inside the door to be really great storage. So our options are, we can do a
narrow unit, we can do the wide unit… I think that to make the best use of
organization I feel like we should do a wide unit in the centre with a narrow
unit on either side and then baskets! Baskets are a good idea
Alyssa: Okay! These are a little bit more heavy duty than the drawers anyways they can support a little bit more weight
Sarah: How do we do this? Do we go to your computer and just – Alyssa: Yea! So we go to the Path Finder and just find out the pattern for you.
Sarah: Okay! While you get set up I’m gonna look at door options. The hardest part is choosing. So there’s
this nice dark grey, but I’m not sure if dark wood is gonna be too dark… This
is interesting. Look at this cork! Cork is cool. For
somebody else… Grey, shiny grey, you literally you cannot go
wrong with this one right? Everybody looks at all these fancy ones, and 99% of
the people choose this one right? I might be 99 should I be 99% of the people? Or
should I do something different? I’m gonna think about that while we do
this! So, this is what we have perfect okay! Alyssa: So here’s our back wall.
Sarah: Yep! It’s gonna be on this wall here.
Yep! And then a small one on either side and then we’re gonna do a narrow one on
each side here and what’s going in the middle is a fireplace. If we leave this
same space in the middle, that allows for the size of the fireplace. What if this
one was just shelves top to bottom? So maybe on this side we do three mesh
baskets – what are those? Do you do I think we need to try two of these
Alyssa: Okay!
Sarah: Now what happens next? Alyssa: Doors?
Sarah: Oh doors uh-huh! I’m gunna keep it
simple. Yep, plain white… It’s not gonna be
plain when we’re done, it’s gonna be amazing! So then you just send this and then
there’s a pick and pack that happens Alyssa: Mhmm yeah, so I can schedule delivery for you
and then we pick everything and we can do the same day or next day delivery.
Sarah: Great! Then there’s just a whole lot of fun assembly. Alyssa: Yeah!
Sarah: Fantastic! Thank you for your help. That is great storage.
Alyssa: So we’re feeling good about that? Sarah: Yeah Alyssa: Okay I’ll print it off So I’m gonna play it safe on my storage
wall and go all white, but then I’m building another little storage wall and
I’m thinking we go blue, snazzy, shiny, but I think this is a way to get a really
premium look at a super affordable price, holy moly! Now we’re gonna talk about
butcher block because butcher block is available in all sorts of different
materials, different constructions, so you can go with solid oak – see this. Solid all
the way through and because it’s solid wood,
you can change the color, you can sand it down, you can stain it, you can apply your
own custom finish to it. So I’m thinking about using this as a desk solution. You
can also do, If you want to save a little bit of money, a veneer on the top and
then it has a particle board inside. You can do walnut, you can get it in ash… I
think I’m going to go with the ash. It’s gonna be light and bright and crisp and
contemporary, yeah! So, I just found the desktop, the question is what is the desk
base? Gonna be these. These are really fun! If you saw the laundry room I did recently,
this was the door that I did it with. Look at that, see that door front $15! You’re
wanting to get color but you don’t want to have to custom spray it. Look at all
these different fun options, I’m liking this. Are you liking this? So if I use
this little cabinet with this leg and then put a butcher block top on, I will
have perfect desk height. And I will have a desk that is more than eight feet long
for an amazing price and now I’m gonna get a little tiny pencil to write down
all my big thoughts! These are just cute, that’s a good
bedroom chair. That’s what happens when the designer doesn’t bring their
measuring tape… wait a second did I actually check whether I had one in my
bag? What do I have in here? I’ve always said I could go on let’s make a deal
with my purse as to like what’s in here! I have nail polish, green juice, another
color of nail polish, hair clip, laptop… I’m a designer, why would I have a
measuring tape? This project popped up quickly, so I’m looking for an in stock,
ready to roll solution to make this new porch vision come to life!
Look at this, clever storage. Everybody needs storage. This is such a
good idea and this is all just a loose back. So, loose pillow back means that I
can swap in some of my own pillows with it. I’m not going with the beige, it’s
gonna be a surprise. This is gonna be like a pit of relaxation and there is
nothing wrong with that, but this is a great option! It’s Saturday and that
means it’s an awesome day to go treasure hunting, so I’m here in my little tiny
town with Creemore and I’m at Miller Island company which is pretty much my
favourite local shop, but first I’m gonna see if I can trade in this bar cart – do you need a bar cart?
Travis: I know a lot of people that might need a bar cart!
Sarah: Right? I also sent you a picture of these lamps, so I’m
gonna start by trading in my formerly love treasures to you and now I’m gonna
go shop your treasures. Chairs, do you see what I see? This is so amazing! Lately the
universe is sending me rattan swivel chairs. I bought these exact same chairs, and then I painted them. Alex nod if you think we need these. Totally, right? Put them in the storm room, swivel around!
Would you be sad if I bought these Travis? You’re obsessed? Okay, you can be obsessed with them, good I’m gonna own them! These are these are high enough
that you could actually doze off while sitting in them and if they feel this
good with no cushion, I can just imagine that they might be a lot more
comfortable in the rattan isn’t, you know, digging into my body parts! They’re awesome though, I feel like these are extra chic, they’re totally the round
base, all single pieces! Woo! This is a good games table. That could go in the porch. Oooh deck! This is a perfect desk for a bedroom. You could load a few
things into the drawer if you wanted to, they don’t have to. Nice petite scale,
but still a good work surface if you like laptop desk. I like it! That my
friends is a good treasure hunting Saturday. I want to make like a rattan
loft, you know?
Travis: It would look like my store. Sarah: Exactly! How are we doing now? Doesn’t my truck look amazing?! If this
doesn’t make me happy on a Saturday I don’t know what does. Sun is shining, it
is summer, a pair of chairs for 450 dollars, a little dinette table that’ll
be a great cards and puzzle and gaming table for a 145
dollars and that desk that’s sweet desk 275 dollars! That is vintage awesomeness!

31 thoughts on “Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Old & New (Ep. 9)

  1. Amazing findes that was my cine of Saturday am on the way to a out door Market in Hudson Quebec .cath later By.

  2. Those rattan treasures you found were awesome but the star of the video is that beautiful teal vintage pick up truck with the chrome grill. I’m in love!💖💖💖

  3. I am jealous….that truck is perfect…how fun to go treasure hunting!!
    Thanks for the great video.❣️

  4. I’m not a rattan fan but I can’t wait to see how you dress them. I love how quick you are to decide things – 20years my guy & I searched for a new dining room table (used an antique that wasn’t big enough for family) and I remember finally just thinking ‘if he picks out something I ‘like’ I’m rolling with it. I’m always looking for ‘love’. I almost love the dining table & having a table that fits everyone for a steal was what pushed it to love.

  5. Great finds, I have two of those rattan swivels on my deck and the table as well!! Loving the series wish the eoisides were longer in duration:)

  6. I wish I had your vision, I go into that store and get completely overwhelmed! I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

  7. Had that very same table and swivel chairs in first home 26 years ago. Good to see they are vintage🤣 Sorry I let them go…… Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  8. I saw you in that gorgeous truck full of that beautiful rattan furniture with your arms outstretched and I thought, What a great, cute little wall quilt that would be!

  9. Cute truck, it doesn’t have seatbelts? Get seatbelts, Sarah, even a small accident could be really bad. Sorry to be that person, but we like you. 😊

  10. Love the rattan desk. His store is amazing. Oh I wonderful to go shopping with you….. and maybe Tommy ..💚.

  11. Love the YouTube content. I am actually really interested in the cork board door for a homeschool room. What’s the IKEA wall unit called that you are using??

  12. Those prices are crazy ! I live in South Carolina and I have a desk like that ,I got for $45 . Thrift stores would sell those chairs for $30 each .

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