Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Paint Woes (Ep. 8)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Paint Woes (Ep. 8)

I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mother and I’m sharing it with you, so
let’s go! Today is another chapter in my design life. So, did you ever have a
YouTube channel and you go to use your camera and that’s when you find out the
kids have filled the entire memory card with videos of guinea pigs riding a
vacuum cleaner? Well, welcome to my design life! At least I know that back on the island
Alex is taking these renovation videos seriously not just playing with the dog…
Never mind. So back in the city I’ve had a day full of client meetings. One first
site visit for clients who’ve just bought a brand new town house, so that was fun!
Alex: Alright so, we’re taking apart the propane hut and when we went to lift
this up, we found a nice little surprise. Those look like duck eggs to me. We’re
just gonna put a new one of these on top of it and hopefully the Ducks come back.
No ducks were harmed in the filming of this sequence.
Sarah: Yep, clearly island life and city life operate at different speeds.
Alex: Today is a big day because behind me you can see the old solar shed and the sea can and
those are disappearing because we have the big barge arriving with all kinds of
new materials, which we’re going to use for the screen porch over here.
Sarah: This is the old solar shed and this solar shed is going to move on and find a new home
because Alex put all of the solar panels up on the roof, which is fabulous because
they’re getting amazing exposure. We’re going to be able to create even more
power. Happily the solar shed can be recycled, but some of the rotted wood
from the flat roof on the screen porch was not so lucky. We’re just gonna check
in on the beginning of changing the flat roof to a pitched roof and we’re just
getting it all set up now. You’re gonna make sure the measurements are good, the pitch is good and the nice thing is we have the old flat roof to work on while
we build the new roof. So, it actually kind of works it well.
Sarah: And the painting is going well, or at least I thought it was. I just got a text from Alex who’s
asking about the stain color that we chose for the walls and he says, “Quick
question, this color seems quite blue and cold”. Alex: So, the big question is, do we go
with that color or not?
Steve: Alex sees blue, I don’t see blue myself. Sarah: So I thought we had landed on the right color
and I left Steve to run with it, but it seems like maybe we need to choose a
different color and this is really tricky because we’re at that challenging
stage where you have the existing a starting point, which is this whitewashed
wood that’s gone all pinki and now we’ve put on a proposed new color, but you
can’t actually read the new color for what it is because you’re still reading
it against the pinky color. So, now I don’t know what to do. The painters are
on the island and Alex is on the island. I am here in the city the question is, do
I say, “nah nah don’t worry about it, just go ahead!” Get up there and realize it’s a
disaster, or do I say, “Go ahead!” and it’s going to be awesome, or do we reselect a
colour? I just hope that when I see it completely finished, it still looks like the right colour.
Alex: All right well only one way to find out! Sarah: Looks like I’m going back to the island. So, here’s where we’ve ended up. This is
the before side of things and over here the window trims and stuff haven’t been
done yet, but this is the after side of things and what I can tell you is I am
so relieved because this works. What we did, we took a pink color that we thought
was the color we wanted and we cut it about half with water. So, this is just a
super super thin paint treatment and the good thing is, we can still see the
texture of the boards coming through, we can still see that it is solid natural
wood, but the pink is gone before a lot of kinkiness.
the after it’s fresh, it’s looking crisp and I’m feeling so happy with it and one
of the other things I started worrying about was how I was gonna look with the
ceiling and I’m happy to report I think it looks great! It’s got just a bit of
warmth to it and I think there’s enough contrast between the walls and the
ceiling that we’re gonna leave the ceiling exactly as it is rustic. That adds
character, the warmer ceiling relates to the warmer floor tone and the walls act
as this nice neutral bridge in between. So, all that’s good, but what I can see is
I can see up to Robin’s bedroom because the doors are open we’re putting solid
stain on there and it is not covering well. It’s looking like three coats and
it’s actually looking way too cold. So, I’ve got a sample that we’re gonna check
for a new solution! Before I go and buy ten gallons, which is how much Steve
thinks we need, I thought I’d start with one little sample pot. So, the good thing
is, this is a solid white stain, it has kind of a creamy white finish to it and
apparently it’s got good coverage and just a tiny bit of Sheen. So, I’m gonna
cross both of these and hope that this is the magic potion. Hmmm how’s it looking in here. Looks kind of blue in here. This doesn’t look like warm white and maybe that has to do with the
reflection we’re getting off the water, off the trees, but to me this feels cold.
The problem that Steve and the team are dealing with is, this is how it’s
covering. They put the first coat on and look how thin it is…
And that’s not good, so this is why I’m here to see if we can figure out another
solution because we want this to be easy. We really don’t want everything to need
three coats, and while that dries I want to check Fiona’s room. White is way
better! Look how fresh this looks, whoo this is gonna be good in here! Okay so, what I
want to do is I just want to see how this color compares to what we had. It’s
just ever so slightly warmer than the color we had. Hey!
Okay, I should’ve… I know the drop sheet is here for a reason, don’t make me look
bad! It’s latex, it’s all cleaned up, it’s like it never happened and I just dusted
okay. There, it was an honest mistake I was so excited to try it. One more room
to test! So, will this cover in two coats, or is this gonna need three? Does that…
Three coats of anything is just not what we want. In case you don’t know this, I
love to paint. I really wish that I could just be here. I really wish I could just
be here and work with the crew, because there’s nothing I love more than
progress and I love pitching in and helping and really that sweat equity DIY
is totally my thing, but the reality of it is, I’ve got too much going on in the
office. I’ve got a bathroom renovation that’s starting, I got
two house renovations and a house build all starting all this week. So, you know
what I’m not gonna be doing? Painting. It’s why I’m here on Sunday painting,
Sunday painter! Okay, so I need to leave this to dry and come back and maybe we
can go see what the progress is like in other areas. So, this is what’s happening
out here. Woowee super exciting! This is our new ridge beam, so this is now gonna
be the roof line. So, I know you’re wondering, “What does this mean?” This means that the door is gone, we take out the laundry that’s here and the laundry
instead is going to tuck in right here. And then I’ll be able to get a window
here above the top of the roof, so we’ll still get light coming in, but it’ll end
up making… I think it’s gonna make a great space! Everything is looking up and
speaking of up I’ve got to get back to the city. So, you’ll have to wait till
next time for the final word on our paint colour!

42 thoughts on “Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Paint Woes (Ep. 8)

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