Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Sarah’s Paint Shop (Ep. 17)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Sarah’s Paint Shop (Ep. 17)

Sarah: It’s Monday and we are back with island
life and our cottage renovation and we’ve hit a few snags so we took a wee jaunt last week. Alex and I went to England to meet His Royal Highness, the Prince of
Wales and that was really fun but now we’re back and we have some more
challenges in our porch renovation. So you saw that we eventually ended up with
tongue and groove for the ceiling. What you didn’t see was everything in between
that it took us to get there. Let’s rewind and show you how we went from
rough cut boards to tongue and groove paneling. Alex: We ordered rough cut and this is
what we got and as you can see this is kind of more of a machine kind of
roughness because it’s very obvious it’s not just rough pine. And then the other
side is smooth. Sarah: What was the plan you ask? Well, we wanted to treat the
ceiling in the porch to match the rough sawn boards with a whitewash finish that
we have in the original cottage. But what we got was boards that are smooth on one
side and varying degrees of roughness on the other side. The rough side isn’t like
the rough sawn we have in the main cottage it kind of looks machine-made
rough and frankly it’s just not cutting it. So the rough side is a non-starter. We
decided to go with the smooth side and while I was in England the boards got
stained and installed horizontally on the ceiling. So they installed all the
boards on the ceiling… unfortunately… they don’t look good. In fact, I think they look really bad
so this solution is not working, the boards aren’t lining up properly, we
tried to make do with the boards we were sent. What we wanted was rough sawn we
wanted it to match what we’ve done in the rest of the cottage and what we
got wasn’t working so we tried to make do. And you know what? That was just
a bad idea. Sometimes you just gotta stick with your vision and do
what you were planning because now not only have we paid for all the boards,
they’ve painted all the boards, they’ve installed half the boards, and honestly
they just look bad. I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves around design. This
is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a creator, an
entrepreneur, a partner, and a mom. And I’m sharing it with you! So let’s go – today is another chapter in my design life. Alex: So what’s going on Chris? Chris: Well, we’ve
taken down the smooth sided boards. I think the rough side is better and
we’re gonna make it white but I think it just needs a quick palm sand just to take some of the
super rough stuff off. I’m no interior designer, I’m no Sarah Richardson, but
I’ve worked with her a while and I think she’s gonna like this one the best. What
do you think? Alex: I’m glad you’re no Sarah Richardson too, no offense. All right
let’s get this sander running. Chris: All right. Alex: So these are the boards we’re trying to
make look nice. So Sarah’s come up with some thoughts and as the ever
resourceful woman that she is, she set up a full painting shop on our lawn! Sarah: Plein air painting baby! I don’t know if this is working but it’s worth a try. One of
the main differences between using a professional camera person and
having your husband do the shooting is the professional camera person isn’t
distracted quite as easily… Alex: Let’s see what the guinea pigs think of all this!
Well, what do you guys think? Do you think that the paint shop is a
good paint shop? Oh those squeaks definitely mean good things! I think
we’re actually moving in the right direction.
Sarah: A cottage renovation is truly a family effort. Fiona has a level and
she’s installing hooks. Oh, we gotta come down. We need this level! This is a quality job – oooh
Fiona is on the level. I am having a cleaning snit! Alex: It’s a snit and a half. Sarah: It’s not a snit!
A snit makes it sound like I’m not happy. I love cleaning. Oh, nice work Fi. I’ll get the next one ready. You’re like, you’re just leaning in there. I’m gonna lean. Alex: Very nice! Sarah: That’s my helper!
The hooks are perfect but the ceiling boards… let’s just say the guinea pigs
may have spoken too soon. Hey, it’s Sarah Richardson. I was calling to inquire about tongue and groove boards. I’m looking for tongue and groove pine. Wondering what sizes you have available? I’ve tried sanding them and it’s not working so the next step is I’m now
making phone calls to the lumberyards in town to see if anybody has
tongue and groove boards that are the right length. Not ideal. I hate wasting money. And wasting money
is what we’re doing and wasting time is what we’re doing and another week has
passed and we still aren’t done and we are getting close to the halfway point of summer. I’ve got paint splatters all over the lawn, we’ve ripped down half the ceiling,
now we realized that basically the solution that we have here is not the
solution. So now we’re continuing to make phone calls we can’t find- nobody! Nobody,
none of our local suppliers have 1×8 tongue and groove in stock in the length
we need. It all comes in random lengths which is not helpful because we don’t
need a patchwork ceiling we want 10-foot lengths and we can’t get them. We can get
6-inch but Alex thinks that’s gonna look too busy and he’s probably right. I can’t get
the eight Alex: darn-tootin he’s right! Sarah: Can’t get the 8 inch so now Chris is
gonna call another supplier further away and see if we can get what we want and
we may have just wasted a lot of time and money. (ringing) Phone: Hi, there’s no one available to take your call at the moment. Please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Chris: uh hi this is Chris Gibson calling.
I’m looking for some 1×8 V-groove pine. Can somebody give me a call back
please? Yeah, 10-foot, they have to be minimum
10 foot. Perfect. Can you deliver to Parry Sound first thing tomorrow morning? Didn’t think so. Ok I will have somebody come by
first thing and load up her truck and does that work? Awesome. And you open at
7:00? We got it! Sarah: Phew! That’s a good omen, kind of like red
sky at night, designers delight! Err, well dogs delight
too. Oh you come bearing treasure! Okay so the new wood for the ceiling has just arrived and we’re gonna unload
all of it and try and stain it and get it installed all today. Possible? It took them
three hours to get it out of the channel and it’s after one o’clock.
Kinda not super awesome but we’re gonna do our best. Sarah: And Alex has arrived with the rest of my
painting crew. I have a team working you’ve got painters working inside, the carpenters are working inside and we are setting up our paint studio out here. So we’ve
decided to move to tongue and groove boards that we’re gonna run vertically up
the ceiling and this is my custom mix with the occasional small bug in it and
this is a half and half mix of our white paint with water. So it is really drippy and
watery. Okay Fi you ready to take a try? Okay so
the key is first you get the bug out (one bug was harmed in the making of this
segment). And then I’m gonna hold this for you so you can do along the side. Not too
hard, super soft! Alex: Anyone ever say that you two might look
a little bit alike? Sarah: No nobody’s ever said that! Nice painting dress. I anticipate you’re gonna be covered. Keep going. Now do this side. Want me to do just this little bit? So you just want to roll it you don’t want
it too drippy but the good thing about when you’re working with tongue and groove
is if you paint the tongue and the groove it means that when the boards shrink it
won’t be noticeable. Can we take down the Wolverines for this segment? Alex: The
Wolverines! If you take those down they scare the snakes away. Sarah: They’re supposed to scare the geese. They don’t scare anything. They just look really ugly. Alex: What about you two hmm? You scared by the Wolverines? What do you
think? So this is really really wet the key with this kind of translucent
treatment is that you have to work quickly because what we don’t want is we
don’t want to see any roller marks or brush strokes or anything else.
Now Fi, I’ll reload this, you want me to show you what you need to know about
doing the main board? Fiona: Yes please. Sarah: Gotta run! It’s like the paint olympics Fiona: Why? Sarah: Cause we don’t want it to dry. We want it to be
a very smooth finish with no seams. Okay so now start at the top, even, like this,
and don’t worry about the t-shirt it’s a painter shirt now. And then you
just want to make sure but see how once you roll and then you
go back there’s a little seam that happens? I have to get around a box. I’ll
take that for you for a sec. Like this all the way to the end, nice long strokes. And
then you know what you do at the very end? Fiona: Go back. Sarah: Nice! And come back to me! Perfect! Woooooo done. So in case you’re wondering this is not a stain we’re using. This is literally
paint. This is white, semi-gloss paint that we have cut 50% with water.
A 50/50 paint/water mix which makes it super thin. We realize we have a lot of boards to
paint so now we have this system. Bri? Brianna: Yeah. Sarah: Get your brush! Brianna: Thank you. Sarah: We have a sponge brush, we have a sash brush, and I’ve got the roller. Robin: Oh I want to try the roller, can I try the roller? Sarah: Sure, okay are you gonna get paint on my skirt though? Robin: No, that’s okay. Sarah: Wait wait wait!
You have to wait, you have to be patient Robin. Till the time is right. Yeah,
so what you do is don’t push too hard yeah and you have to get it fully
covered. Careful careful! You’re gonna get green all over your favourite tank top. Fiona: Green, don’t you mean paint? Sarah: Did you? Robin: No, I might have gotten it on your skirt though. Sarah: Whose jean skirt is that? Fiona: Hey, move. Sarah: Sister painters. Fiona: Move, move, move! You’re not supposed to paint the other board! Sarah: Oh yeah, oh yikes. Okay yeah here trade back! Somehow we made it through the painting. Robin: Oh gosh.
I’m loving the new grass decor. Sarah: Everyone worked really hard on the island and we
had a great day and then the guinea pigs got it. But that’s another story.

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