Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Team Optimist (Ep. 15)

Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Team Optimist (Ep. 15)

It’s a beautiful morning on the island.
Summer has finally really kicked in. It is still, it is calm, it is gonna be a
hot one! And as always we are racing against the
clock here. Just like every project, you plan and plan and plan and you try and
get everything to align perfectly, does it ever? Not exactly! So, we have the
painting on the interior is done, that’s amazing. All of the existing interior
rooms are ready to accept furniture. We have the vanity in in the bathroom, we
have another vanity that still needs to go in and we’ve sort of reached an
exciting phase. On the outside and in the porch we’ve had a few setbacks. We’re a
bit behind, the fireplace went in yesterday and that’s awesome, but we
still have to clad the entire porch, then we have to do all the paneling inside
that all has to be painted and guess what? All the furniture is showing up
today! So, we have stuff that we need to get out
of the cottage still and all the new stuff coming in.
We are about 10 minutes away – I’m going to meet the truck. There’s a lot of stuff coming so, I’m one
part “Yes!” and one part “Ohhh what’s gonna happen next?”
Everybody’s here working their hardest, we’re gonna do our best!
We’re gunna see what happens today. I’m Sarah and every day my life revolves
around design. This is my journal of what’s happening right now in my world as a
creator, an entrepreneur, a partner and a mom and I’m sharing it with you, so let’s
go! Today is another chapter in my design life.
Alex: Alright so, we’ve just arrived at
the marina and about to load the boats with basically everything that’s in here
and I gotta tell you there’s a lot of stuff! So how full is this moving van?
– ahh top to bottom!
Alex: Oh ya no problem, uhh moving van versus boats. I believe this should be easy.
Sarah: I didn’t say this was going to be easy. Alex: It’s an adventure with Sarah!
Sarah: Huge amount of stuff. Right
now I’m really glad that it’s gorgeous weather and it’s dead calm because we’re
gonna have to leave most of this stuff outside as I figure out how to get more
stuff out of the inside of the cottage. That’s when I arrange and re-design. Nice custom furniture?
Alex: Yep! Sarah: In case you’re wondering and thinking
well okay so if you’re not ready why would you bring stuff to the island?
Because, everything I’ve organized was made in the city, I had four different
work rooms working on furniture, I had marble cut… Hot summer day, slippery hands, how much does the marble weigh boys? And Jeff’s carrying it with one hand? Are
you showing off Jeff? – And then we set a day for the delivery to happen and
Dillon and Lance our delivery guys had to drive around the city and do multiple
pickups, once that’s complete I can’t just say, “ah you know what? We’re gonna
take another week!” Can’t do that. We’re approaching the time of summer shutdown
for a lot of these companies so, we ordered it, we asked for a delivery date,
that delivery date came, we had to pick it up and we had to get it out of there.
So now, it’s right here. Ready or not here it comes!
These boats are getting very very full. Hey gorgeous turtle!
Some people will spend today swimming, not us.
Here’s what’s happening here, we got two boats I’d say they’re pretty heavily
Alex: I’ve always wanted a boat Sarah: Well now you got one! Oh now we’re gonna
put on a vanity top, marble top with the sink top. Today is definitely the day
for this t-shirt, team optimist! It’s the only way to go. Definitely I’m going to
admit here the cottage is not ready, however – oh gosh
Dillon nearly fell in the boat with marble! Never a dull moment,
Alex is carrying some marble shelves… Poor guy has no idea, he has no idea what
I’ve ordered, no idea what this place is going to look like. So, hopefully he’s gonna like it when we’re done. Wish me luck! Okay! Boat one successfully made it to
the cottage. Now we unload and do it all over again.
Alex: Where’s the snake? Wanna
help unload the boat? We could do with some slithery help! Sure we do… all right. Sarah: Careful of the water line. I gotta
just catch my breath for a second here AY.
Alex: Are we clear to get in there?
Sarah: I don’t know maybe we should just set it down here and go back and get the rest of stuff.
Alex: Let’s get it in the door at least. Sarah: It’s total chaos but this is so exciting because Briana and I are about to set up our very first room from scratch. We’ve
just built the bed, this mattress came in a box and it feels like it’s pretty
comfortable and we’re finally gonna set this room up the way it was originally
intended. I have to admit when we built this cabin my plan was always the bed
would go under the window. I ordered a four poster bed and I had some really
great side tables – And they didn’t fit – So, it always looked out over your feet to the water instead.
So now, we’re gonna try and do this again the way I planned originally. Shall we do
it? Let’s do it, come on! Alex: Looks great!
Sarah: Oh my gosh the boats rocking, the waves are coming in to the harbor and I’m
about to fall out of the boat! Brie, can you take that end?
Brie: Yep! Sarah: The headboard I think it’s gonna Nestle right underneath this window – uhh it’s going to be so pretty! You know what today is? Today is the most beautiful day of the summer so far and while I would love to be swimming around on the water
is just so thrilling for me to getting this done. It’s the best.
Brie: Okay!
Sarah: Now I hope it fits. Look at this, oh that fits! Look at how nice the height of the bedside table is to the height of the
mattress. This is something I always like bedside table it matters it about the
same height! It’s really working for me. Okay let’s see
what’s happening on the second floor! And this is our countertop –
Chris: The Powder room Vanity!
Sarah: Awesome! and you’ll see, in case anybody was worried, red cabinets still here!
And then here we are, okay we’re in Robin’s room. Briana should we assemble these?
Brie: Yes, lets!
Sarah: Okay I love repurposing things, so these are
actually Robin’s bedside tables from home and she got the point where she
said, “Mommy I really don’t want to have pink bedside tables anymore”. And I love these tables because they have this
fabulous shape if that rounded profile on the top, rounded sides, gorgeous
conical tapered legs and they have these little caps and really pretty delicate
hardware. Originally this hardware was all brass and what’s good to point out is, if
you get a piece of furniture and you don’t like the hardware, you have options.
Obviously you can buy new hardware. In this case, I really love the hardware, I just
thought the finish on it was getting a little shabby, so you know what I did? I
had it re-plated. I had it custom plated in nickel and now we removed all that
hardware when we repainted the tables and I think they just looked perfect
here. Also, they fit perfectly! If your dealing with a tight space, you need to know what your dimensions are first. Excuse the hammering I am not stopping any work for audio. So then, we have – This really simple, in most of the
bedrooms I’ve done these upholstered headboards, it allows us to get an accent bit of fabric, some softness, but also a little bit of
softness from the fabric because all the walls are wood and we don’t do a lot of
decoration in here and so these are all just wall mounted on a French pleat,
super easy! And then, check out this, these are whimsical, these light fixtures were
$19 each, they’re gonna hang from the ceiling has a little socket set so we’ll
place them, but the first thing we need to do is basically arts and crafts. So
you’re ready Briana? We’re gonna crinkle! Oooh this is so fun! and what I love about these lights is that they feel breezy, let’s see – my gosh! Okay I love that. I love these, they feel
breezy, they feel contemporary, they were $19, if my teenager decides she grows
this concept then we can put them in somewhere else. How fun is that! They’re so great! Next up on our rim
assembly tour is the living room. The storm room are you ready? Marble tops, remnant marble tops no less! So, previously when I bought these they had glass tops.
I just didn’t think – glass tops here are not the best solution, this is amazing!
Alex: Love it!
Sarah: High five! We’re in the midst of moving and setup and we’ve had windy days, we’ve had cloudy days, rainy days, freezing cold days, we’ve had every kind of day, but
today is the hottest day it is 90 degrees and there isn’t a breath. Trying
to keep cool, it’s so hot! So the question is, if the entire work crew is
in the water is any work getting done? No!

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