Designer Dogs 101: Top 10 Bichon Frise Hybrid Breeds – Animal Facts

Designer Dogs 101: Top 10 Bichon Frise Hybrid Breeds – Animal Facts

Welcome to Animal Facts. Time for another Top 10 list. Today we’re going to look at hybrid breeds
or designer dogs that stem from the beloved Bichon Frise. Stick around for some fluffy cuteness. Let’s get started. But, before we start, take a moment to like
and subscribe for more fun, fauna facts. 10. ShiChon Described as Friendly, Bold, Intelligent,
and Independent this Bichon Shih Tzu hybrid loves to play, is easy to train and makes
an excellent family pet. Like all the dogs on this list, the Shichon
can be hypoallergenic, but no dog is guaranteed to be so. If you have allergies and are planning on
getting a dog based on hypoallergenic claims, we suggest spending time with the breed before
deciding on adding one to your family. We publish every Monday and Friday. So, hit that notification icon to not miss
a single fact. 9. ChiChon Not to be confused with the Shichon, the ChiChon
is a Bichon mixed with a Chihuahua. This designer dog can be loving, energetic,
sweet natured and easy to train. He can be quite intelligent, but many would
also describe the Chichon as being a bit on the needy side. But, we’ll just call that affectionate. Be warned that he may be a frequent barker. 8. Chonzer One can’t be part Miniature Schnauzer and
not be adorable. The Chonzer is no exception. Affectionate, devoted, loving, and intelligent,
the Chonzer can be protective and makes a great family companion. 7. Papichon The Papichon, a Bichon Papillion hybrid, is
known to listen to commands and obey his owner. He’s a moderate maintenance dog and is said
to be a great pet for new dog owners. He is a bit high energy though, so if you’re
on the lookout for an activity partner and are home on a regular basis, look no further. 6. Glechon Slightly larger than the other dogs on this
list is the Glechon, a Beagle Bichon Designer Dog. He’s a medium-sized dog weighing up to 35
pounds. He’s gentle, friendly, easy-going and intelligent. He also makes a good watchdog. If you have smaller children or would just
like a somewhat larger hybrid, the Glechon is a good choice. 5. Havachon These next two dogs are probably as close
to being purebreds as any on this list. The Havachon is the mix of a Havanese and
a Bichon Frise. If you’ve watched our Havanese video (linked
in the card) you know that the Havanese is a Bichon breed that hails from Cuba. What do you get when you mix these two Bichon
breeds. You get a small dog (weighing between 8 and
12 pounds)with a solid temperament. He’s devoted, smart, gentle, happy, energetic
and a bit of an explorer. He has been described as a bit stubborn though
and pretty high energy, so he’s going to need a bit of exercise to keep his energy
levels in check. 4. Maltichon There’s not a lot to say about the Maltichon
that hasn’t been said about the Havachon. The Maltichon is the cross between a Maltese
and a Bichon Frise. Like the Havanese, the Maltese is considered
a Bichon breed. The Maltichon’s activity level is a bit
lower than the Havachon making him an excellent apartment dweller. Like all the dogs on this list expect a lifespan
of 12-15 years. 3. Yo-Chon OK… the Yochon is just adorable. There’s just no other word that more precisely
describes this hybrid. With Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise parents,
the Yo-Chon is a happy, energetic, social, curious dog that’s easy to train and makes
a delightful addition to a family that prefers small dogs. He’s slightly active, but for a dog his
size a romp in your living room a few times a day should suffice. 2. Peek-A-Chon Peek-A-Chon… no, he’s not some Bichon-like
Pokemon, he’s the cross of a purebred Bichon Frise and a Pekingese. He is a small, friendly dog who makes a great
family pet. This is a sweet, loving dog who will make
a great addition to any home. He likes to play but he doesn’t require
a lot of exercises. And who can resist his cute little black button
nose? 1. Cavachon The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the
Bichon Frise combine to create the Cavachon. The result is a sweet-tempered, fuzzy ball
of fluff that can make a lovely companion for the right person. The Cavachon is a small dog, which makes him
a nice choice for people who live in a small apartment. If you’re looking for an aggressive guard
dog, this designer combination is probably not the right choice for you. He is quite the opposite. He is gentle, accepting and tolerant (for
the most part). This makes him a good pet option for families
with children, as well as for households where there are other pets. The Cavachon is generally energetic, but not
hyperactive. Moderate daily exercise is usually enough
to help him burn off some of his excess energy. A daily walk and a game of fetch or some other
activity will provide some mental stimulation as well. Well, this list was certainly not all inclusive
of the entire lineup of Bichon Frise hybrids. We’ve missed the Poochon, La-Chon, Kashon
and Daisy Dog to name just a few more of the popular designer breeds based on the Bichon
Fise. Perhaps we’ll get to them in a future video,
or perhaps by the time you watch this video we already have. So, take a look around, see if there is anything
else that strikes your fancy. Want more fun, fauna facts? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button and
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  2. I liked and subbed your channel…. it's soooo cute educating with fun facts cute pictures of puppies, I would like to see more of what these puppies look like when they become adults,…. As poppies looking so sweet every one wants one, but I am always worried about what they will turn out looking like!

  3. I fell in love with our Cavachon, Sami, the first time I saw her at 6 weeks old. She is so smart and funny. not to mention too cute with her little attitude. They are a wonderful breed. I would share a photo if I could figure out how to do it.

  4. I have an 11 week old shichon named Cookie and I just love her to pieces!!! She just loves everyone.

  5. you'd be less likely to confuse a Shichon with a Chichon if you called it a Zuchon! LOL… My Zuchon (also known as Teddy Bear) looks exactly like a Bichon Frise and weighs about 11 lbs. I would think most of these dogs mixed with Bichon do the "Bichon Blitz" where they all of a sudden start running in circles and jumping on the furniture. It's rather hilarious.

  6. They aren't hybrids, they are crossbreeds. Domestic dogs of any kind are all the same species. To get a hybrid one would have to cross species. Coydogs, Wolfdogs, count as hybrids. One could maybe even say that they are not true "hybrids" because they create viable offspring that can breed with those of their own kind, or those members of either parents species. A true hybrid is a mule or hinny, which typically cannot breed again. Same goes for Zorses, Zonkeys, Zonies, and all the zebroids. Although Ligers and Tigons are also hybrids but apparently can breed back to either parents side.

  7. Ur right cavachons are the best dogs. Was my first dog and was very esy to keep. Grooming is the only concern you will have.

  8. Iam sorry, but you People distroy the Bichon Breed. PUPPIES ARE ALWAYS CUTE , BUT THEY ARE NOT PRETTY. THAT'S WHAT People call them Mutts. You Breaders should be stopped producing these poor Dogs
    and it's all for making Money. And what your telling People it's a laugh .These Dogs will never be accepted by the AKC Society . The Dogs are being sold without Papers. I have 2 Bichon Fris'e Girl's , they are registered Dogs.

  9. My wife and I babysat some kind of Bichon for a month, and I have been searching the Internet to find out exactly what the dog was cross bred with. After seeing this video I am almost positive she was a maltichon. Absolutely adorable, I miss her so much and we want to get one now

  10. Has anyone heard of a Kichon, or Kiechon, I have no idea how to spell it but would like to know the mix is. My little boy Bichon just died. I saw a puppy that looked like complete Bichon but owner said it was a…..see spelling above. I cried when I saw her dog. I just cannot stop.

  11. No Bichpoo aka Poochon here either. I watched the Poodle mixes earlier. A Poodle Bichon is, arguably, the most natural mix of the miniature to toy hybrids.

  12. great video… we have a yo-chon and she is just wonderful!  she can be a bit mischievous and get's a little cranky at bedtime… but she's also very thoughtful and loving.  we love her so much… she has really been a blessing for us… and she has never met a person she didn't like!

  13. Hello, I’m seeking my first dog. I want one that does not smell, so my guest wont smell a dog when they visit my home. I want a small good trainable dog. My Mom has one mixed with poodle absolutely never poop or pee in the house. But who sells these dogs and how do I know what I’m buying?

  14. I have a bichon frise- yorkie- beagle- Maltese mix. When people ask what kind of dog I have it’s a mouthfull

    Edit: I guess you could call it malbeakie-chon 😂

  15. Our Bichapoo is eight months now and we can’t get her to stop biting us. We are hoping she gets out of this habit but it is very trying right now. We are running out of patience. She is not very obedient. Help!!!!!!

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