DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing and Embroidery Machine

DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing and Embroidery Machine

what if a sewing company actually took its inspiration from enthusiasts owers create any idea imaginable with the greatest of ease achieve expert level results regardless of experience or fabrics chosen experience the pure joy of sewing unlike ever before introducing the who’s far no viking designer epic sewing and embroidery machine thoughtfully created for you the first and only machine with the tablet-like scream the unique joy OS advisor feature now boasts 120 animated and illustrated step-by-step instructions built into the machine Sowers of all skill levels can fulfill their creative ambitions a new automatic needle threader 30% larger bobbins exclusive sensor system and deluxe stitch system make sewing and embroidery easy and fun with Wi-Fi and my sonette cloud storage it’s the only sewing machine that lets you create store and access designs from anywhere anytime with the myso monitor app you’ll receive instant updates on your embroidery with 12.2 inches from needle to arm and 5.5 inches from base to arm it’s the largest brightest yet lightest top-of-the-line machine for sewing quilting and embroidery with the best viewing angles and the largest turnable and non turnable hoops whatever you can imagine you will have the space to create it and because we are so errs just like you and focused on even the smallest details with designer epic achieve your own personal style create something that really stands out enjoy your hobby from anywhere bring vibrant life to an old space fulfill your creative ambitions whatever they may be and share the joy of sewing with the most cherished of all the Husqvarna Viking designer epic sewing an embroidery machine made for sewers by sewers

49 thoughts on “DESIGNER EPIC™ Sewing and Embroidery Machine

  1. I wonder who can afford a domestic sewing machine for 11.000 € and still have the time to actually use it. o.O
    I could afford it, but i dont have the free time to use it, and its not reasonable to only use it during holidays. 🤔

  2. Is this machine compatible to download any design from online to copy? I would like the flexibility of freehand designing to upload to my computer and being able to have a machine embroidery it for me, will this machine do this?

  3. Кто бы мне подарил таких машинок.мне скучно дома.так я больна.хочу вышивать.

  4. I was a real skeptic about combination sewing and embroidery machines…. until I saw a Husquvarna Topaz in action at a recent Sew Saturday, demonstrated by Chris at Jane White Couture Studios, Barton Under Humber. Chris was demonstrating 3D lace…. It was exceptional work, it didn't have that cheap embroidery machine look, it was flawless and I consider myself to be extremely discerning. In fact you can create real lace if you use the right dissolvable and other techniques. I just wish there were more events around the UK that demonstrate digital embroidery, without owning one. I think education BEFORE purchase is as equally as important as after sales.

    Perhaps makers like Husquvarna can start their own Qualifications, so that others can perfect and teach. That would be awesome.

  5. I had my sewnet set up on my machine and it kept shutting my machine down during the sewing. I had it in the shop many times and they couldn't not figure out what the problem was. I finally took the sewnet off and I have never had any problems since. I want to know why there is a problem with downloading this program? I just use my USB stick now.

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  7. I love my Designer Epic!! It's like having a sewing machine with a Turbo V-8. Smooth and powerful. Decadence and flawless Meet.

  8. Lovely machine. But why isn’t there a single man in the commercial? Seems a bit old fashioned and not with equality in mind. Anyway, love Husqvarna Viking machines.

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  10. something Bigger okay and sophisticated designation machine. it's about the mathematics design of machine and clothing..

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