everyone and welcome to my Channel today
I am back with collection video I did previously a shoe collection and an
evening dress collection which I will pick on the screen basically about and a
lot of people I love these curtains in video so I’m back with 800 collection
video so in the all line designer handbags that I have at the moment and I
don’t actually keep all my labs I do kind of resell them to purchase me back
whenever you like they didn’t kind of fit my style or their is it Warner or I
do kind of love them anymore as much as I used to so I have recently sold a
speedy Louboutin and a Prada bag which were just too big in a moment I just
don’t want an office so I feel like I didn’t need such big bag so I sell them
on bestir collective and also on be possible in favorite ask for them in
case you do want to purchase some of my stuff when I do set it up but yeah
without further ado let’s get straight into this collection video and forget to
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video star everything off with a small bag and my password is this is beauty
beauty that I have this is a bag actually purchased last year when I was
in Paris for the Easter holiday and I just absolutely love this bag is fully
in Python and it’s got gold hardware as you will see during the second video I
am a pretty gold hardware girl I love gold hardware and I just love the slide
I have use it t that it is such a versatile bag it’s really spacious
inside even though it’s quite small which means you can use it for a daytime
crossbody and you can also kind of dress it up for evening I love the gold – on
top because I just think it gives it such a glamorous and decadent look and
but you can put it still like because you can work for you can still use it
for daytime and I to mix up the gold patient with the
normal kind of more natural colors – and I love the little piece of pink patient
on the side I think it gives it a stiffer so it’s a special look and I
love this kind of lock here you just sort of press it and that’s have a bag
open and it’s quite squarish and so it keeps its shape really well but at the
same time it is pretty pretty spacious inside so what’s stopping the side but
it’s pretty spacious and yeah I just love it it’s such a beautiful bag it’s
got a little pocket at the back we can put some cars maybe if you’re not
carrying a wallet and love it it’s got this little hanging bit I usually either
online wearing it more casually because this is like a little key to lock the
bag but where I’m wearing it more dressy for evening I usually take this off
because you can easily take it off from here
I think the chain is beautiful it’s quite thick so it actually is like a
feature in itself in the bye and it’s just so beautiful and the
patient tells it really well usually – and the scale usually lifts up pretty
easily so this one’s treated for the scale still in really good condition I
have taken it on the rain and it’s not damaged at all and the bag is is pretty
pretty good condition I do take care of it but I have to say that I’m not kind
of so careful about it that I didn’t use it and it still held up pretty well so I
have to build up this one another patterns of similar style is the reason
why ourselves that I’ve purchased in midnight blue – and unfortunately that I
don’t have that bike here with you because I forgot it in spring when I
went to visit my family I will insert some pictures of what this bag looks
like is absolutely stunning it has a beautiful gold tassel and it’s been a
very goofy Python it has like a special metallic finish to it so it’s really
gloppy and it’s not only metallic but it does kind of just a little bit the type
I love the gold however again it just makes it look so decadent and so
beautiful the middle is so dark but it’s almost
Lux which means I can pair it with pretty much everything it’s a very very
neat tool bag and it just I love it a lot of wires on those I love these bags
the work done by the new designer at Y and I think they look so beautiful what
they’ve always got like an 85 to them with so much goals in them but I think
that is so stunning and again it’s a very very spacious bag you can use it
for evening for daytime you can work close by if you’re very poor and with
the chain might not long be long enough or crossbody but for me it’s good enough
and I can work crossbody during the day and it fits a whole lot of stuff oh you
would be surprised at how much you can fit in this bag I can actually fit in
like my wallet and I’m like a essential and my sunglasses and they’re still kind
of room in the bag for my phone and stuff so it’s a really versatile bag I
think it looks beautiful and you can pretty small it means that although it
has a chain it doesn’t get so heavy little dig into your shoulder so it’s a
great bag maybe have to touch mask now I actually want to show you this ability
from Alexander McQueen it is a bear by which you can put your fingers through
it’s a very iconic bag for them I can’t remember the name right now this one’s
also enticing but it’s in a treatment Python which means that the skills do
not lift at all it has a very very very smooth finish to it and it’s in an
antique gold sort of color it is very beautiful it has sort of shades of
copper and gold and but it is super beautiful and all the hardware is and
gold and these topics make it look like if you put your finger through it makes
it look like you’re wearing rings and it’s got the classic McQueen skull and
then it has a black onyx looking stone and then a few other another skull or
this one and a smaller skull on this one as well so it’s really beautiful it’s a
really kind of statement bag I love it it’s quite a simple actually to me if
you can’t actually fit in too much and my iPhone when I had the bigger iPhone
was actually too wider didn’t even fit them both a beautiful bag I’ve used
essential parties and I actually purchased this one second time for a
birthday collective and hard you can use it only hi
Chinese fashion back which is hardly visible and I got this for an amazing
price if you are listened to by designer bags is a more affordable price I will
link to the best gear collective site below loads of lot of uses and it’s a
great great site to buy a kind of second time items and sometimes that all this
brand new suit like this one it is hardly ever been used so yeah and you
can get really good deals on zone purchases and I love to describe it kind
of a classic classic icon that I think I’ll cherish the and the bag another
clutch bag is this specific funky bad fight Jimmy Choo and I actually have
some matching shoes where it’s a sort of silver color and then it has a champagne
gold threads going through it creamy sort of design on it and it’s so
beautiful it has a very light champagne gold hardware and it just has like a
clasp at the top that you kind of click open to Quinn and it works see for a
climbing actually it is quite a lot for a clutch bag it’s pretty spacious and
expose beautiful satin lining and I absolutely love this bag I am use it so
much and it’s very very special to me that I actually bought this for my
waiting for one of the functions that my way my way with actually minion waves I
have three days of party so for one of the parties I bought this five and it is
so special to me about the matching shoes and it just holds a very special
place in my heart another clutch is that it’s a ferragamo
scotch and I absolutely love this club it’s in lambskin which means it’s pretty
delicate and gets scratched but usually but if you’re careful with it – survives
pretty much scratch for you for a long time in a beautiful powder pink shade
it’s actually matches all those separately remember no video cut and
it’s got a very soft gold hardware it’s got the classic Ferragamo’s plus the
here’s if you just lift this and then that how you open by so it’s a little
bit kind of puffy to open it it’s lined with leather inside as well and the
middle fast and opening close but I guess like a clock is not something
you’re tired when you go shopping in stock so it’s still okay it’s got this
bit here that you can it around the rest which is really nice
and handy when you’ve got other stuff in your hand and it’s got a little key here
which you can lock the bag with but you take this off or you’ve it on depending
on what you prefer it’s got a beautiful color I love it it’s so smooth it’s
going pretty good size as well you can put additional kind of stuff in you
confidently loads but you can actually put a decent Mountain and I love this
for what kind of daytime or maybe your daytime wedding and it’s just so
beautiful a classic classic bag and this one that will actually give Subaru has
inserted very special and my final class is this one which was actually this but
yes my husband gave me but with a handbag and this one is a beauty bag and
it’s in patent leather and it’s got silver Hardware one of my rare bags I’ve
got silver hardware and this bag was all the rage when I go like our most
compliments ever got with like honestly everybody loves it is quite oversized
clutch which makes it great for like students but also here during the
daytime you can fit in loads of stuff because it’s pretty oversized and I love
the fact that it has a mirror in here when you open it which means that you
don’t need to carry a mirror when you this is really handy when you want to
kind of put some lipstick on and it’s lined with fabric inside but the top bit
is lined with leather with a mirror in and it just has kind of a really nice
kind of magnetic closure and yeah I have it I mean it’s quite a few scratches but
it survived pretty well it’s about five years old and it survived really really
well and it’s super versatile bag it is literally in my party bag because this
one is so easy to clean the patients are so easy to clean if somebody spilled a
drink or something on top so if a great party by moving one keeps bigger bag my
next slide is a different is a shopping bag and this little Tory bus and I
actually bought this month ago to my funny mood and I thought you know would
be a great bag to go to the beach or you know we’re just kind of throwing around
you in the daytime we casually like a navy and cream print with like
horizontal lines and then it’s got the leather in tan on top and it’s got the
story but those over here in Wi-Fi it feels pretty much
everything it’s kind of very very similar to the reboot or never for bag
and yeah and I like that it’s got like an inside pocket as well which is all
that poses which looks really nice when you can see it and in this pocket you
can put kind of smaller stuff that you don’t want to get lots of the in the bag
so it’s really really handy I love this to the beach because it’s canvas so you
can clean it super super easily it doesn’t stay in easily you can just take
like a damp cloth his peanut soup it usually anything and it’s not very
structured so it turns bag at the bottom but you can put inside like a fifth card
or something if you don’t want to decide at the bottom I’m use it to the beach
and stuff so I’m not really that forward so if you want to look a little bit more
structured you can put us with this hard piece at the bottoms of it and kind of
hold its shape a little bit better it isn’t super versatile bag super easy to
clean and yes we useful and enough bit prints another view big bag is this one
by Carolina Herrera this one is in suede and in cost green leather and this
illness like the caviar Levitt from Chanel it’s very very similar it’s
always called Hardware back again throughout gold hardware and then it’s
got this bit of the handle in leather which is really handy because it means
it doesn’t dig into your shoulder it is pretty heavy and then this bit is in
gold as well it’s very soft gold with a champagne gold we’ve got the Cheney bits
there and it’s pretty structured at the bottom it is the bottom is really stiff
which means that hold this shape even though at the top is kind of all be
structured and softer which means you can fit in clothes into this bag it’s
got material lining inside and yeah it’s a super super good bag to carry during
the daytime if you wanted like carats worth or you go shopping anyone a felon
notice stuff and it’s also good because although you can fit in a lot it does
have a bit which moves you can close it and stuff won’t fall out my only gripe
with this bag is it is sleeve which means that you cannot clean it and it’s
a very light shade actually it’s like a soft turn and get them pretty well I’ve
had for about a things for years now and that’s a pretty well but on the back
where it rubs with my clothes as you can see here it has gotten a little bit
students so it’s not amazing that it’s live every day so I love the bag but
because it’s weird it does seem pretty and other size that SP should employ a
few my videos if this lady your bag and of course it is a bit squished because
it was a bit squished in with others but it’s my most prized possessions I love
this bag it’s with the classic gold hardware it’s in a very soft time kind
of a baby color and I just love it such a classic bag it fits in close even
though it’s not a very structured sheet and it’s in a large size which I think
nobody buys any more in the book very few shades whatever this is was the most
popular outside to buy it I’ll open it so chain which means you can close it
the gold hardware is stunning and the gold parma is actually not super heavy
with with a lot of these designer bags the hardware can be really heavy and it
makes them really uncomfortable but this one is pretty light when it’s empty
which means you can fill it up and it’s still pretty comfortable to carry around
it’s an amount of skins that obviously you have to be really careful with the
leather it just gets right please even mine held
up pretty well and obviously it rubs against jeans the color does robot so
you have to be a little bit careful with that I just clean it with baby wipes and
it tells it pretty well I love the fact that it’s structured because it held up
the chase pretty nicely for a long time if you spin it up a lot it still holds
its shape quite well and I like leave structured bag so this what’s amazing
it’s pretty structured on the bottom of worms got these little feet to kind of
hold it up and yeah it’s absolutely love this bag I think just a poor enroll
wardrobe and it’s super classic and this color goes with absolutely everything
the handles also hard which makes it really nice and easy to put a foot in
the crook of your arm but I have to say the Kristin leathers really thin from
holding it with my hands they let her have torn a little bit there but and I
held it sweet emoji and I still really love this another bag from Dior which I
have and which has been loving is this one which is easier in my bag and this
one is in a really beautiful navy blue this was actually my graduation present
from my family when I graduated from university and this actually has
the hardware and usually I go for the gold hardware but because this one
didn’t have it was all hardware and I really like the blue I thought the
silver looked really nice actually with the blue and it’s a scalable modern fuel
as well and it actually looks very nice I love this one because it broke
contract lining it’s kind of mine in a very soft liner key pink and I really
love that because when you carried a bag and it just sort of flops you can seed
it but this one emulated you’ll come with a long shoulder strap as well so
you can actually wear those from your shoulder as well and when it’s hanging
from your shoulder this was staged like this and you can see the contrast lining
which i think looks stunning again this one is a little bit softer and it’s been
belated your but it does have a very structured bottom which means it holds
its shape pretty well and it doesn’t sag at the bottom which I really like you
like more falling back so I’m really happy that it doesn’t and yeah I’ve used
this bag loads again this is again this one is actually not called did like the
ladies you which means scratches or a lot more visible but I am pretty careful
with it and there is a Kiwi product that you can use on top to kind of cover the
scratches as well as we hydrate the bag and keep it in a really good condition
but when they step below if I can find it online but yeah I really love this
bag and I use it so so much and finally love but most definitely not least my
Louboutins packaging bag this one isn’t a very soft powder pink which is a
beautiful color it’s a miscellany leather which means that it doesn’t
scratch intermediates in casting so it doesn’t scratch at all it really is a
very structured bag but because it is you can fit in loads in the side and
it’s got like a flap on top that you can even leave it out or you can tuck it in
so that you can see very Bhutan logo here this one is also in silver hardware
just because we didn’t have it with the gold hardware in this color and it’s
very structured it fits and loads it has with two compartments inside it has like
a zips down the middle and it has one large compartment here and one large
compartment there and then it has a small pocket at the back so you can fit
in loads of stuff and it’s because it’s quite structure use what is going to get
it locked in there I regret with the Fagor it’s really really heavy even
empty which means that when you fill it with stuff it just becomes a super super
heavy to carry on your arm and this one doesn’t have a shoulder strap so this
one is just to carry on the crook of your arm but it is a really beautiful
bag but if I had to repurchase I say I take the smaller size this one it’s a
bigger size and it’s just super super heavy but I feel really love this bag so
that’s it for me guys favored over bag I hope you enjoyed this video and if you
are applying buying these I hope this information was useful and I will see
you in my next one thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe
and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it bye

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  1. Stunning collection! I have a tote bag (the sookie) in the matching Ferragamo leather with the same clasp-I've never seen the clutch version- so cute!!

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  5. Beautiful bags, I like the way you have chosen really neutral colours for most of your bags. That will go with anything, and looks good for any season. Love your style, so classy 😊

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