hi guys welcome back to my channel today
we are doing my handbag collection part two you guys were really into my first
video if you haven’t checked it out please do so today I’m excited to show
you a little bit extra stuff that I have I wanted to say huge thank you to the
realreal for partnering up with me for this video I wanted to spread the word
about the reel reel because if you’re looking for a designer bag that’s the
place to go so the reel reel is a consignment
website and app that sells rent like Chanel Balenciaga Louie Vuitton with up
to 90% off they have a lot of experts that specialize in all these codes and
make sure that everything is authentic and real if you have designer bags that
you want to sell and make a little bit of money and maybe get a new one there
are three ways to consign with the real real so number one you send your item
through the website you can see all the information there and then the second is
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can drop it at two of their locations in New York and LA this is a great way to
purchase your first designer bag for a really really good price if you’re in
the market for a new bag you guys can find similar versions of all the bags
I’ll be showing and mentioning and many more under real real for up to 90% off
retail you heard me 90% off I attached a link in the description box that you can
use and receive $25 off your first order on the real wheel get a girls so the
first time that I want to show you guys is are you ready
this is gonna be mind-blowing because you know I’ve never worn this before a
Chanel bag this is my jumbo Chanel this is one of the first bags that I’ve ever
that I’ve ever gotten and it is big this is also lambskin and black with silver
hardware that was at a time where a tight gold is like so extra look at me
now gold gold gold so you know things change I got this bag probably like
eight years ago and I would say that I haven’t worn it in probably five because
I was really at a phase where only small bags things that are very you know easy
to carry I started where
about maybe three four months ago more and I’ve been wearing it almost every
single day it fits my laptop and it’s just kind of
that perfect like luxury but kind of you know chilled type of bag that I can take
to any meetings or places where I don’t want to necessarily come in with a
bright red Birkin this has been actually a really really great bag and it’s
carries quite a bit it has a lot of space in it oh I found my prescription
yay so this is just kind of to show you that sometimes you buy bags and then you
know you kind of go on and off about loving them but when you really invest
in a good great bag it will always come back the next bag that I wanted to show
you is this little Louis Vuitton mini traveler or I think it’s called I don’t
know so I actually bought the backpack the
one that is a size up from it it had much more defined straps and it was
bigger so it kind of fit a lot more things and I used it a lot like I used
it so much but what started happening was that this part of the bag started
kind of scraping off I got really annoyed because obviously you purchase a
designer bag you want to make sure that the quality is good I knew they might
give me trouble saying that it’s aware and there is something that it’s my
responsibility so I was just like I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna behave
like this is unacceptable and I’m not gonna leave them any choice to even
doubt this replacement so I went in there to Louie Vuitton and I was like
listen to me and then the girl is like listen this doesn’t look like wear and
tear it looks like a defect so we’re gonna refund you the full amount for the
backpack let me remind you that I’ve worn it for maybe like two three years
at that point I literally got so much use out of it so she’s like we’re gonna
refund you the full amount but you know what it actually went up in price so
we’re gonna refund you the amount that it is now I was like what so then this
little baby was like shining from the side and I asked to see it I’m carrying
it as kind of one strap but it actually comes with two straps this is the
thickness of them and it’s much easier to carry it’s still pretty roomy like I
obviously can put you know my iPad and stuff that I used to carry in the other
one now that the iPhone is so big I don’t need an iPad it kind of fits
everything that I need to and it’s just a kind of bag that I can just grab with
me and go anywhere yeah and they also told me that I have the option to
customize it which made me really excited because that’s gonna make it
kind of like a one-of-a-kind so the whole kind of story behind a travel bag
is that you put kind of stamps of the places that you either want to go to or
VIN before so I was sitting there and choosing what I wanted I really liked
the pink thing this is a Miami sticker but honestly not because any emotional
connection to Miami is just it’s big this one is the pieces so this is Italy
its actual place have never been to before I’m looking forward to going to
Italy hopefully someday this is just a little bit on kind of stamp this is
actually a Louis Vuitton bag that they came out with eighteen hundred or
something you can just customize it and you see it’s valaria l if anyone steals
that bag you better change your name to valera elk I’m super happy actually with
this bag I’ve been wearing it a lot and I’m sure you’ve seen it other bloggers
have it the next bag that I wanted to show you is this one and you probably
haven’t seen this one on my social media at all this is from Valentino and
Valentino has very different style with their studs I actually found this bag at
winners and winners is the Canadian version of I would say target or
Marshalls so when I saw that I was like what Valentino at winners and it was
actually half the price then it was online on Valentino’s website the bag
was at like current collection so I was just like oh my god this is so cool I’m
for sure gonna wear it I’m sure gonna wear it it’s such an iconic bag and I’ve
never worn it I’m looking at it and I love it but then I’m like I’ll never
wear it basically I need to sell it because it’s a waste like someone can
really rock this bag it’s really cute and I feel like if you wear you know
kind of an understatement outfit this is go back to have don’t
ever buy a badges because it’s half price and the
I’ve learned my lesson and then the last two bags that I wanted to share with you
our recent presence from my superstar husband Gary if you guys are new to the
channel you’ll probably haven’t seen my birthday vlog so check it out but Gary
really really went out of his way and really find hash tag goals husband this
year for my birthday so on my last video I showed you guys the Birkin that I got
as a push present and I was saying that I would never get a Birkin from her mess
ever again just cuz I felt like it wasn’t really working with my lifestyle
I did mention that I would love to get myself a Kelly which is kind of a more
usable bag that bad that I specifically talked about is this one so this brown
color is something that’s pretty iconic for her Mesbah size is 25 and it’s with
gold hardware and this was like my dream bag that I knew that it’s gonna be one
hell of a journey to get so I just kind of put it out there because I truly
believe when you put like you know kind of your intentions out there in any
level materialistic or you know spiritual it manifests itself so my
manifestation came in the shape of Gary the super husband so he saw this and he
started going on a freaking adventure of a lifetime to find me this bag the girls
at valaria Inc knew what was going on the whole time as I mentioned in my
previous video it’s impossible to get Birkins or Kelly’s that are her mess
they’re like non-existent and people go on years of like waiting lists to get a
phone call saying that there’s a Birkin or a Kelly in store and you can’t really
choose exactly what you want either a consignment website is a great way to
get bags that are maybe not available anymore and to find something that you
like unfortunately they didn’t have that Brown classic bag that I wanted so Gary
kept on the journey of finding it Gary went to Vegas with a friend he went to
him as there there was no calories no nothing he tried to be annoying again
just like he was with my push present the Birkin that didn’t work it was
impossible for him to find anything so he started contact
thing these people that are kind of collecting Birkins and bags and they
sell them they would put themselves on like waiting lists and then get the bag
and then sell them resell them for higher value I guess he found this one
woman who’s like a very trusted source for her meds in general he told her okay
I want this bag and I see showed me afterwards all the kind of conversation
that he was having with her and she was like it’s impossible to get this bad I
have this one and this one and this one and he’s like no no no I need this one I
need this one and obviously he wanted to make sure that I’ll have it for my
birthday so before she found this bag he went to
her mass store and that was in Vegas and they offered him this one so this is
also a Kelly and this isn’t 25 this is such a gorgeous color it’s not red it’s
kind of like pinkish matte I don’t know if you can really see it with gold
hardware with the long strap which is amazing so he bought this one because he
wanted to make sure that he has something in case he won’t be able to
get this one and then the lady calls him and told him I found one Kelly and brown
exactly what you want in Geneva and I can make sure that it gets here in time
but you have to come and pick it up the dedication is insane so for my birthday
I wasn’t expecting anything I’m never like really big into these like huge
gestures I’m honestly so grateful and loved everything and feel so like
fulfilled and I don’t need anything else we had a dinner party and he surprised
me with his gift which was a donation to the Jesse Center which is a center for
young women that are financial trouble or need support or anything like that so
that was such a beautiful gift on its own as the evening went on he took Ben
outside he made him bring this kind of box in her mess box and it was all
wrapped up so I opened it I was like oh my god I can’t believe it this is so
amazing he was telling me how I’m so sorry this is not the exact one that you
wanted but this is all I could get I was you and say this is amazing thank you so
much then he did this other trick where he made the waiter come in with this box
that was also wrapped the waiter told me valaria a fan dropped it off for you for
your birthday and I like a fan that’s so creepy we’re in the
restaurant with the whole family like how did anyone know where I am I opened
the box and I see an orange box which is a hermas box I peed my my pants not even
a joke I was also like nine months pregnant so there was not a lot of
support there I opened the bag and I see this beautiful baby I was just so in
shock the bags are beautiful and I’m so thankful for that but the actual trouble
and the amount of effort and energy finding these bags just wowed me on
another level I think that was kind of the biggest gift for me to see how much
he loves me and how much of an effort he went through to get something that he
knew that I wanted it was just so amazing it’s good to have a reminder of
how grateful and fortunate and lucky I am to find a man that will go above and
beyond to make me happy I love you Gary you are the best this is it this is hard
to of my handbag collection I hope you guys enjoyed it this was just kind of a
little like girl times video sharing a little bit of the stories and the joy
that back spin you just for a little bit it’s not the key to happiness I would
love to know what is your dream bag like white bag do you look at and be like oh
my god this will be mine so I want to know let me know in the
comments thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys next
time love you Gary

100 thoughts on “DESIGNER HANDBAG COLLECTION PT. 2 | Chanel, Hermès

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    I want a Chanel camera case, Metallic Goatskin & Gold-Tone Metal, Ref. ASO137 Y84158 5B709. I was good this year. Thank you.

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