Designer Insights: Upcoming Ranked Play Updates

Designer Insights: Upcoming Ranked Play Updates

Well met! We’ve got some exciting stuff to talk about today! We’ve heard your feedback on the current ranked ladder experience, and we have a couple things
that we want to do to improve it. First, the experience is really different depending on where you end up on the ladder each month. For players at the top of the ladder, they have to grind through too many ranks to get back to where they were, to get back to the point
where it feels like you’re having fair and fun games again. And for players
at the bottom end of the ladder, they actually don’t get
enough progression. After just a few wins, you hit Rank 20 and some players feel like
they’re hitting a wall. So what we’re going to do is starting at the end of the February season, and when it rolls into the March season, we’re going to reset everybody exactly 4 ranks. So if you end February at Rank 15, we’ll reset you to Rank 19. If you end at Legend, you’ll reset to Rank 4. What I’m really excited about is
if you can progress more than 4 ranks in a season, you’ll actually start the next season at a higher point than you did the season before. I think that’s cool. Also, we’re making every rank 5 stars. That evens them all out,
every rank will be 5 stars. And that means that every player gets to feel the same amount
of progression each month. Combined, those two changes help deal with another piece of feedback
we’ve been getting which is matchmaking. Because the best players are reset less deep into the ladder, and because there are more stars at the bottom of the ladder, there’s more places
where players can be at, matchmaking should feel a lot better, especially around the Rank 20 point
on the ladder. Another change we’re making is whereas before you had to hit rank 20 to get your card back and monthly rewards, now you’ll just have to win
5 ranked games. This is important because otherwise whereas before rank 25 is 10 wins away
from rank 20, now that all ranks are 5 stars
it’s actually 25 wins away, and we didn’t want to make that monthly card back harder to attain. Overall,
these changes should really help out with that feeling of the grind
for the Legend level players and improve the feeling of progression
and the matchmaking for players
at the bottom end of the ladder. We think it’s going to be awesome. Actually we need your help to play it, and over a couple months give us feedback, so we can improve
and iterate on it over time. Thank you for the continued feedback,
and I’ll see you online.

100 thoughts on “Designer Insights: Upcoming Ranked Play Updates

  1. Suggestion. Since it’s going to be harder to rank. Once at a streak of 5 wins, could we get 3 stars at a time.

  2. Besides card back only requiring 5 ranked wins will the end of the month loot chest still be based on highest rank?

  3. As someone that usually ends around rank 4 or 5 every month, I like this reset change. I'm not sure that lower level players will enjoy needing to go five stars now though, but at least they won't get absolutely stomped by the more experienced players. There's a face hunter deck I've used the last two seasons that is not powerful compared to other decks in high levels, but I pulled a 70% win rate with it climbing simply because of major trading mistakes with the lower level players.

  4. well Ben i only say bravo you start kill heartstone for new and lees good players because every elite and better player crush less players and your change are pointless and not motivating for new nad not good players Bravo :´(

  5. This is a great change, and I feel like they actually responded in a logical way to the feedback they were getting. The old system basically required that you grind your life away to get anywhere close to legend, and then maybe you get to bask in your awesome rank for a few days, and then the grind starts all over. It's utterly endless. This new system makes it a lot easier to get back to the rank you were before.

    My one observation against the change is I think this will result in A LOT more people hitting legendary than typical. This might have been unintended, and they might be forced to make further adjustments to offset this phenomenon.

  6. Ben Brode is a bad designer for this game. His ladder changes in fact introduce more grind into all levels of play. 5 Stars?! with less than 50% win rate on most decks because of broken meta can take ages or it will end everyone playing the fastest metadecks hoping for a random better winrate like 60% on secretmage or zoo/cube/controllocks. Games going to get less and less fun. GJ Brode less money for you because you tried to greed it out.

  7. To people saying I don’t got much time I can get legend more ez now how exactly more stars means more work no? and unless if u got a top deck you won’t make it far

  8. Seguirá habiendo bonus de estrellas hasta el rango 5? o no lo habrá? o ahora tambien hay bonus de estrellas del rango 5 hasta el 1?

  9. Am i the only one disliking the changes? I liked to play against legend on rank 15 at the start of the season to improve. Now after the change it will be much harder for bad players to improve fast.

  10. So, for a person who only wants to get to rank 20 for the card back/rewards, this means that starting in March they'll get reset to rank 25 and only need to get to the edge of rank 24.

    Seems like a good result, except it could put more pressure on the casual player to escape the five-rank clawback and therefore create more ladder anxiety.

  11. so you made it harder for lower level or players with less cards HARDER to gain ranks…well done lol make it harder for newer players to make every rank 5 STARS!!! LMAO!!!!! omg your not offering enough for new players, for players like me and players who can get passed 15 every month its not a problem, you just hindered every new player from here on out to get better rewards from ranked…. good job hearthstone fixed what wasnt broken…good job

  12. Maybe this can finally help me to reliably clear quests that require me to win games. Like he said, it's like hitting a wall once you get to Rank 20.

  13. Blizzard should have a competition for the next expac, think of it players around the world saying their ideas to blizz and then maybe just maybe shape HS into a funner game

  14. It is really great that Blizzard is a company that listens to the concerns of their customers… except when it comes to the price of packs.

  15. Yeah, it´s a good idea, but… If you want to improve the game, give us more cards or make it cheaper. At the beginnen I´ve spend 1 expansion and 2 adventures or 2 and 1, but right now we have to spend 3 times 50 packs if you want to be competent in game… Come on… I´m thinking seriously to less the game 🙁

  16. When he says "if you end the season in X rank", does he mean the actuall rank you ended up with, OR the highest you got? Big difference.

  17. Good to hear!
    When I was new (well I still am new, I only joined in KFT and haven't been playing it much 'cause I've been playing PvZ Heroes instead, but newer) I remember one of my first rank 20 games having to deal with Keleseth Rogue. They coined Keleseth, shadow stepped him, played him again, counterfeit coined out a 4/3 pirate and got a 3/3 patches on turn one while I was still reading the card text using a murloc deck with a rockpool hunter and some grimscales as my only synergy. Needless to say I lost, and I didn't find that very fair. That's an extreme example, but still. In wild I'm already seeing Reno decks at rank 18, and in standard Razakus Priests anywhere above 20, so I feel this is a much needed and appreciated change…

  18. im quitting this game your constant card nerfs are bringing me lot of frustration also your last expansion theme was so lame not interesting and childish barely world of warcraft related bye

  19. So. We need 5 stars to get to rank 19 from 20? How do that induce those players into playing more? Aren't they being punished? Or maybe I didn't get something?

  20. Playing Solo Adventures should complete the daily quests.. For the love of god, make the game more flexible and not so pay-to-winish..

  21. This change did remove the wall for new players but replaced it with a huge hill, sure it's more climable but it's gonna take forever to get out of the lower ranks now.

  22. The "current ranked ladder experience"? I've been playing since beta ended – almost daily – and I can't remember when ranked play wasn't like this. Honestly, I appreciate the attempt, and I hope this works, but if feels like another half measure like a month or two ago when they announced ladder resets wouldn't bump you back down past the last major level accomplishment (20, 15, etc.), but it didn't change anything.

  23. Man, I really like Ben Brode and even more Blizzard but Hearthstone is getting very boring and repetitive, every month it's the same thing (it descends from rank) the game is not only for ranque, as tavernas are getting repetitive the adventure mode only is good in the first days of release. I think you hold a new mode, or something different as an arena that is a wonderful way. In addition, it is possible to find the game for future players. I know that Blizzard always gives huge attention to its fans but as Hearthstone updates take too long.


  24. Thank the gods! I was so sick of starting every new season at the bottom and the first 3 matches are against last seasons legend winners lol making the ladder climb feel more like walking up a escalator that's going down lol

  25. Man I think blizzard standalone with listening and actually implementing real and tangible changes. This is just such a good idea!

  26. ban legendary cards on ranks 20 to 15. this would make much better experience for noobs and not so fun time for farmers.

  27. 5*20 … you need 100 wins to get to legendary if you're starting from base?
    That doesn't sound like an improvement… that's like the opposite

  28. You guys should be uploading videos more often considering the popularity of Hearthstone and how youtube allow us to keep informed about your game. Just random content about what's going on in the studio, similar to what the Hots team does. Pls consider this.

  29. I feel like this will make lower ranks stagnant. Plus, players that wish to become better at the game won't really be able to do so because all of the more advanced players will be toward the higher tiers.

  30. At Last!
    I was expecting this for too long. I can't play as many games, and grind all the ladder again all months is not fun.
    Thank you.

  31. I really dislike the 5 star system for each rank. I'm a low rank player and I don't have a lot of time to play. but usually I could easily climb because low rank matches are easy for me. now to get to a level that challenges me I need to play a lot of boring matches and grind so much that it kind of losses its fun. I liked the old system way more.

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