Designer Interview : – Unreal Reality

Designer Interview : – Unreal Reality

The real world is so unreal… but because I live in this world, I want to look for reality. So our brand’s name comes from “a lie.” And also contains our initials. We were originally painters. We had a strong desire to work with textile like we were painting. But we weren’t able to do that yet with skirts and things like that. So we started with tights and socks, because
designing them is like drawing on paper. And we felt that many people would buy such items. We wanted to create detachable collars for a long time. – Since the beginning she has been saying that she wants to make them. – But because we have no background in
the textile industry, we didn’t know how… – We couldn’t even sew. – We didn’t know yet how to make it, and with what materials. – But as we were making things… – we came to think of ways that turned out to be feasible. – Eri is the brains of – I just offer support. I ask her everything. Like a question every second. How about this? How about that? How about this? This? This? This? She quickly answers, ‘No good.’ ‘That will never sell.’ ‘What?’ ‘That never sells.’ ‘Never.’ ‘Never.’ – Then I say, ‘Aren’t you tired? Why don’t you go to bed?’ Then I go to bed, and in the morning I get an idea. And when I show
it, she says OK and we’re done. – And then we finally start working on the details. Let’s use this model, this photographer, this, this, this, that, that, that. – We have never decided on a product in just one go, right? Never.

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  1. Honestly, they are rather strange. It is great to find their fashion line so unexpected due to the fact that for the most part fashion recently is more vibrant, hip and neurotic.
    I honestly have to say it is not my cup of tea, but I can see this will have some good success. -Haasi

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