Designer Stubble | How To Get The Perfect Stubble | Facial Grooming Tips For Beard Trimming

Designer Stubble | How To Get The Perfect Stubble | Facial Grooming Tips For Beard Trimming

– Yo, gentlemen, It’s Make Me That Guy, I’m Ollie, and today’s
video is going to be about how to get the perfect level
of beard growth, of stubble. Alright, we’re talking
designer stubble here, so a bit like what I’ve got going on. What we’re getting is a
lot of clients of ours, asking us, “How do you trim your stubble?” “How do you keep it a perfect length?” I know exactly what they’re suffering, when you try and shave it, or
trim it with beard scissors or something like that,
you cut off too much, you have to take a bit more off, and even it up and even it up, and suddenly, your stubble is gone. You have to shave it all off and you’re back to square one again. And you’re in a stubble
revolving door of beard agony. (The Hobbit theme song) Alright, so the key to
this is not to shave it. You do not use a razor, you do not use a hand-held electric shaver. These always take it down too far, you end up with hardly any stubble, and you might as well shave clean again and you have to grow it again. What I do, and a lot of
my pals and clients do, is use head clippers, so
we’re going to flash up a head clipper on screen, there we go. You’ve all seen them before,
they’re what they use in the hair dresser’s, in the barber shop. You’re gonna simply
take the guard off that, that’s gonna make the clippers grade zero. And if you shave with a
grade zero head clipper, that is the perfect length
for a man’s stubble. If you’re fair haired like
me, or more fair haired, it’s going to be a perfect
length about a day later, and will stay at a good
length for another, three or four days, five days, depending on how quick your
growth is, and you do it again. I never clean shave, even an office job, you can use this, it
will cut it low enough, that you can usually get
away with that stubble. Right, because it does cut it very low, but it’s still visible. It’s very neat, and it’s designer. If you’re a guy with darker hair, then obviously your stubble
is going to be more prominent. And actually, then it’s
everyday, usually it’s perfect. Cause, when it’s just been done, that’s the perfect sort of shadow, it’s very neat, it’s very exact. So, no matter what your hair color, the hair clipper is the way forward. No more trying to battle
with evening out stubble, or get the perfect length using shavers or scissors or whatever. Hair clippers. Okay, gentlemen, that was
it, it was short and sweet. But at least now, you can
have the stubble of a god. Gods have beards, forget about it. Anyway, gentlemen, I’m
Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy. Be sure to subscribe,
like, give us a comment. And there’ll be plenty
more lifestyle, dating, fitness and fashion
videos coming from us here at Make Me That Guy. (explosion)

18 thoughts on “Designer Stubble | How To Get The Perfect Stubble | Facial Grooming Tips For Beard Trimming

  1. What is your take.on Cuban heels for men? Stupid or good? Best Cuban heels to add 1 inch to height that currently exist on the market..most of them are cheap shit

  2. Exactly what I was looking for! But if the stubble goes well below the jawline (full-on beard growth here) should you shave it with a razor to define the jawline after the hair clipper, or leave it?

  3. Hi!! I have ideas for the next videos by the way. For example how to text girls you have never met in person, first date tips and places to go, how to approach older women in the street, what to tell a girl you don't know on Instagram for example to break the ice, etc… Keep it going man!!

  4. Been buzzing my head for 10+ years.

    Never thought to use hair clippers for my face. Got a decent beard trimmer from amazon in the last 2. Always have to wait a few days to look decent using the blade on that, fucking sucks, lol.

    I’ll give this a shot.

    Nice one, mate.

  5. I shaved my pubes once.. I cut too close.. I realised I lost my precious.. Not that there was much to lose.

  6. Yeah every 5-8 days I used 0 on my face always good to have a perfect stubble every single time.

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