Designer TV | HGTV Divine Design | Seura

Designer TV | HGTV Divine Design | Seura

This project has given me an opportunity to
work with a very special family. Karen, Christian and their two young boys
have been faced with the harsh reality that Christian has developed ALS, and is slowly
losing his mobility and speech. They moved to a home that could be renovated
to include an elevator so that Christian could have access to all of the family living space.
I was delighted when Karen asked me to create a beautiful multipurpose room that would provide
rest, comfort, and functionality for Christian and the whole family. In order to allow enough space for circulation,
we need to position the bed in front of one of the two windows. So we’re going to create
a backdrop for the bed with layers of drapery, so even though we’re losing the light from
one window, we have light from the other window and we’re creating this very dramatic backdrop
for the bed. Directly across from the bed, a huge mirror and underneath that a couple
of mobile stools, sort of extra seating. Karen and Christian’s master suite.
Wha – Oh my goodness. The wallpaper looks awesome.
Oh, I know what’s going here. It’s glass, that’s the key word there.
I mean we really can’t bend it. Okay. Whoa
Okay, let’s see what this is going to look like in place.
All right, straight up. There we go.
Higher. Slide it up there and in.
A little bit higher. There we go, okay, clip her in.
It should just fit into the recess. You like that, Candice?
Yeah. Yeah?
Karen and Christian’s master bedroom has been completely reconstructed.
It’s gone from dysfunctional and pink, to wheelchair accessible and manly, a divine
design that I can’t wait for them to see. Rustic, slightly earthy, warm, and relaxing
– that’s the feeling that we want in this bedroom space.
This entire composition from cabinetry to drapery to bed to feature wall, it’s all reflected
in this gorgeous super-sized mirror that’s, eh, really more than a mirror.
Okay, Chico, we have the frame, we have the mirror and it’s the only mirror with a remote
control. Your part here? Just one table to go.
Ah ha! So with the pink gone and order, instead of
chaos, there is now a warm and cozy space that’s fabulous, functional and finished.
Christian’s whole family is really fighting this battle, so just a bedroom isn’t enough.
This will be the heart of their home, a sanctuary to retreat to together.
Oh holy cow. It’s beautiful. Do you love it?
The feeling, walking into this room, is quite calming.
It’s a nice place to be, right away, it’s absolutely perfect.
Check this out. It looks like stone.
Kind of get a little bit of rustic. Look at your mirror over there.
Do you love the frame? I do – it’s perfect.
Pretty nifty, that’s amazing. When I brought Christian into the room, he
was sufficiently wowed. He just, he felt it was amazing.
Okay, Christian, the mirror – watch. And that whole mobile system, you can hook
up there as well. One of the most miserable things about Lou
Gehrig’s Disease is the full incapacity that Christian’s living from the nose down and
to lose the communications has been one of the hardest things for us.
It really is quite a nice relief to have something else that was done. Reflecting more light into the room, a large
mirror that’s also a big screen television can become command central for communications
and family viewing and games. Before, this room was way off-base, so we
married function and beauty to a taste of the big outdoors.
Now, it’s the warm, inviting heart of this home. Now that’s divine.
Are you missing something? Because remember, you had that window off
here so we sort of give the illusion that the window isn’t here, and this is pretty
fancy. And this is all separate so this can still
raise and lower this is all free-standing. The kids can jump on the bed.
So this bedroom, restful, beautiful, relaxing and a little bit high tech.
I’m Candice Olson, and that’s another divine design. There you go.

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