Designer vs. Budget Baby Clothes Shopping Spree! | OMG We're Having A Baby

Designer vs. Budget Baby Clothes Shopping Spree! | OMG We're Having A Baby

can't wait to decorate there's so much we can make how will it turn out oMG we're having a baby it's it's your uterus is the size of a soccer ball that looks accurate I would say and each boob is a grapefruit okay but yes I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and we're so excited to be bringing you another one of our episodes you were having a baby cuz it's it's happening he's bacon in there so we're back for more and we have so much fun stuff planned for this episode we're gonna give you some updates on just how everything's going and then we're also going to go on an epic shopping spree but before we get into not you know the drill guys if you haven't subscribed or turned on your notification ballot please do because it makes such a big difference for us to be able to grow the creative weirdo community also while we're at it why don't you just go ahead and follow someone Instagram yes that actually leads us to what will be the update which is if you want to follow us on Instagram that's great because I'm also posting so many bump updates here's some recent bump updates that I've been posting every week I post them week by week bum a week by the bums I also goes to turn up like punk outfit pics cuz I'm just trying to like have fun dressing the bum which is like sometimes fun and sometimes challenging because it's just literally growing everyday and so we filmed a couple of my recent outfits which you can check out too right now okay and also guys before we get into the shopping spree just a quick update we're about halfway through the pregnancy yeah 24 weeks 24 weeks we recently went and got our Anatomy scan which is kind of like the last hurrah big test that you do during your pregnancy and it's where they measure like the baby's heart and brain and make sure all the organs are there and functioning so you could find out not-so-great things sometimes so I was really nervous but yeah we went and did that and so check it out okay we are in the elevator going up to our doctor for the 20-week ultrasound scan and I'm really nervous on this one as a big deal little brain right here and as brain parts look good nice turn now definitely a who knows oh no baby foot right there the right amount of toes all five of them yep yay we're so happy where's the early or the gate we're both loners everything why are we such now as well I don't know because it's a big deal and I only meant like to throw hard to control blimp is flipping such relief you guys like this journey of pregnancy is so crazy and there's so much stuff that goes on and there's so much joy and excitement but there's also so many nerves and like it was just such a relief to get good news after that test so yeah we know that mr. babies all they're healthy or he's totally has Joey's nose look at joy's nails from the side turned up I call it a who knows you know like the who's from who villain dr. Seuss so there's definitely a who in my belly it's so crazy just be able to see I know like I'm feeling him move so much right now like like he's just kicking and moving and wiggling around in there and so to like put a face to like this little entity that's inside of me is wild like it's so wild so there's your first glimpse that mister baby we're still working on the name guys I know that'll be a comment in asking down there we're still working on a name but we love your suggestions alright so the shoppings because we're both very aesthetically driven obviously we deal with interior design of stuff but we also like clothes and fashion style and expressing ourselves that way so of course picturing the clothes that were gonna put him in is like a really fun thing for us yeah and we also have to make him a style icon he can be a little mini style icon he's gonna I realized he's gonna throw up and poop all over these clothes that are gonna be but there's a washing machine use so we're shopping for life like the first like a little less the first year like yeah the first like three to 12 months yeah we thought it would be really fun to do like a high-low shopping spree and go and buy like me be something designer which is like so not like guys we like never shop designer but we were like this could be really fun and funny so now this shopping spree you guys are about to see is when we went on the hunt for high-low we went to some low places low like low price places and then we hit up Rodeo Drive from goodwill to road address hey guys you know how much I love all things vintage style and interior design which is why I'm so excited to tell you about today's sponsor Joon's journey Joon's journey is a hidden objects mystery game set in the 1920s which is the same decade our houses built sidenote where you work your way through beautiful vintage room designs to find hidden objects to help the main protagonist June Parker in her quest to solve the mystery murder of her sister and uncover her family's many secrets I love the craftsmanship of this game there are hundreds of beautiful colorful carefully painted scenes in gorgeous homes and it's really soothing and not chaotic like a lot of other games out there and you really get immersed in this beautiful world and the mysterious and thrilling story it's relaxing to play but it's also full of twists and turns so it's a fun mix that makes you want to come back for more trust me so if you're Liam or something fun to do check out June's journey the link is in the description below and now let's go shopping for baby clothes shall we maybe shopping spree go baby go easy mama hungry oh this is cute oh my gosh look at this guy wait that's that well here's the thing it's like I feel like we're gonna have to shop in like the wrong actions to like the style that we want like a mix like help that's super cute and I like a day like that has like a pink lining yeah Pink's hip those are really cute sure like how cute yeah those will be their little mastered pants are so cute oh my god those striped ones with the rolled up bottoms oh that's very chic I love that yeah definitely we would have bought these this is really cute yeah they're little striped and the drop crotch pants of it even easier to kill hippy wait oh my gosh look at those little sweat pants actually really fun because I'm basically shopping for myself focus down sighs let me see your goods first bag of baby clothes big bag of me okay now I think we should go to the thrift store okay and then laughs top designer all right guys Kate went next door to go take a pee as she's pregnant she has to be a lot so I am in The Container Store in LA she's peeing looking I'm trying to find baby hangers hangers to hang the clothes before the baby right here's our selection of kids clothes hangers probably need those tiny ones up there I mean these are kind of cool they're out there with our vibe all right Kate welcome back from your pee thank you happening very often lately I think we do a comb it's like this is how I have it might last I have velvet for my shirt and then I have these for my legs okay we're about to park at the goodwill which you guys know is a thrift store that I love actually weirdly we called around to some other thrift stores like there's some one Melrose Avenue in LA and we were thinking mean we could find some like more like vintage G items and none of them have baby clothes were like hey do you carry baby clothes are like you would be a big a big business because like kids grow out of their clothes so quickly you would think like there would be a big baby business no I'm really surprised and then I called this goodwill that we're about to go into and she was like yeah we have some not a lot but they were the only place that like said that they even had any so hoping we can find some cute stuff amongst the small selection I always have the thrifting gods on my side so I'm not worried okay army sir what is this like three to six months huge there's just the lesson we've learned first one first stores are just not a great place to find baby clothes yeah I'm very frustrated because you guys know how much I loved her stores and I count on them for like so much stuff and I'm disappointed all right so goodwill was a bust we're calling Jewish Council Fred hi I was just wondering do you carry baby clothes do you know any other place that might have baby clothes drugstore wise all right thank you bye where are all the baby clothes no she just said they just have kids clothes are all the baby clothes analysis a conspiracy Shane Dawson conspiracy theory here's your next episode where are all the baby clothes okay first doors negative blasts literally everyone I've called no sorry no sorry no sorry so we are here at Target to get some inexpensive baby clothes baby clothes that's right kid I like this what about these oh that's cute you want to get some organic onesies ooh boy once there's a newborn is year three months wouldn't be very very good question I would think so I don't know we're waiting for zone to come over the loudspeaker in Dulles this says my pounds 5 to 8 pounds 8 to 12 pounds 5 5 8 pounds well that's yeah that's newborn newborn like he'll be late so should we do one of each sure okay you're really good at this hello Rosie oh I never shop here kind of overwhelming you think they're gonna let me into these stores I'm wearing it forever 21 dress that I cut the hem off with scissors because I was too lazy to hem it you let me in yeah unleash a leisure I feel like he'll get more use out of a pair of shoes like this like how often can you wear that and the shoes are like 200 that's as Bodeen outfit this jacket is some areas we need loafers Gucci slides Gucci slabs we got our Gucci little slide now we're gonna head into Hermes and see if they have anything these are cute little booties these are really cute are these newborn after three maybe that's the happy medium really soft yeah I feel like these are good color to don't go with Mike it's a nice neutral yeah okay okay great sure five hundred dollars later moving up to tiny pairs of shoes but they'll be so cute and these are slurred items and we'll be able to pair them with like all other outfits that are not as okay his shoe game is already so strong and I feel like we also have sort of taking cues from our own style like red shoes which are like my red tennis shoes that always wear exactly and I thought I was like I want to get in some glitter boots like I have a pair of pink glitter boots and look at his cute little glitter shoes next to them I also have a pair of moccasins that I love mine are like boots and way more Frenchy but look at this cute little I'm really excited about the drop crotch with the thermal and the Gucci slides yeah super Malibu kids super cute outfit yeah yay you guys know I love me some mixed prints okay so I am loving those little leopard skinny jeans that we actually found in the girls section that's our up but again androgynous you can totally wear leopard gonna be such a cool kid he's gonna be such a cute kid okay so I like those leopard pants with then maybe a mixed print moment you guys know I love to like pair my patterns and stripes together and then I think we do the hermes little booties like so cozy and cute our friend made us a onesie that just says my friend Alex who actually is like their originator of the word small head our work in our world like she like would always call me small and so Joey night caught on to that now you guys are all onto the small game but how cute she got a little custom-made onesie Nitesh and I love it paired with a little like diaper covers because that the onesies it was that what that is a diaper cover yeah because he's gonna be a summer baby and that one's he's so tiny up like a newborn like or two three months sighs so like he'll be so little so we could put him in that in the warm months it's like a little diaper cover and then maybe like just some of those socks so my aunt sent us this little New York City shirt it's like the John Lennon sure yeah and we got these really cool mustard pants one target with suspenders yeah I love mustard so like the suspender to the mustard fans in New York City shirt then with that like crazy you healthy yeah yeah we're obsessed with this coat you guys like it is so soft and sign of that fleece so like a little layer and look for him and then the Gucci slides again so much Gucci slow not I get the use out of these slides hello again another like sort of matching me is how we got in this like blue-collar list sure did we give it a Zara yeah I have that exact same Zara shirt 20 times larger so that's shirt with the again another like mustard colored pants but it has yeah and then I guess this is just like the the Mia because they've got the red shoes and then the really cool Swiss red half of your sister that chemo no hello so my sister also recently went to Japan and she brought back a little King no it has like a little sure so cool it's so cool it's so authentic like authentically from Japan and I feel like we have to hear that with the Gucci size so you guys saw that we went to that army navy surplus store in the last video and I got the undershirt from like the 50's yeah we're pairing that with another drop crotch it has a bunny face on it right on the little crotch or just little cute it's painted it looks like it's like watercolor peed it up so yeah okay so we love comfort like that's something that we're really drawn to with clothing like the fabrics and these pants are like chenille pants they're grey they're so soft paired with this like super soft fuzzy little sweater is so cute and then I think we just keep this office going and do the Hermes shoes with it and then a little hat and this one has a little like cat face on it it's more like a little like ah he's gonna be better dress than I am he's gonna be such a cool okay he's gonna be so disliked just created weird weird Oh we'll try to find the links so some of these items put him in the description below find out when he's a baby as me yes I kind of like dress him the way that we want to dress him but as soon as he's old enough to like voice his opinion about what he wants to wear I am going to no it's good you still need to wear those Gucci slides on you value out of them well make them into like earrings for me I'll have like little Gucci mule earrings or something but yes my opinion voices opinion I am definitely letting him like dictate his own outfits because I think that's really important as part of just like his growth and and learning how to express himself and learning how to like embrace the things that he likes and he's drawn to so don't worry we're forcing our style on him before he can voices opinion but once he has a voice we'll be listening course that was fun that was so fun guys I really hopefully you had fun with us going on this shopping spree we had so much fun and obviously like all of that stuff is superficial the underneath of it all is just that we're so excited for this baby to come into our lives and this was just like a fun exercise for us to like picture him not much more and let us know what outfit is your favorite down in the comments because I just want to keep it conversation going about baby clothes but if you want more in this creative weirdness you can also hit the join button and we have a whole memberships thing we can get vlogs you've been doing vlogs I used a bunch of those and we've been filming those if all behind-the-scenes about our life and our business and our shooting our videos and all of that and we release those weekly so if you join the membership you get that bonus content which we're working really hard on to make sure it's fun and amazing and worth it for you guys as part of the membership program so backslash mr. kate hit the join button Thank You Sean we'll be posting more about the stuff on our instagrams so head on over there we just still love sharing this journey with you guys and we're gonna continue to and obviously we're a little bit over halfway done so you are so beautiful guys look at that can we just give some encouraging comments and thumbs up something in the place below because oh you make me get teary oh look at this is there a more beautiful pregnant lady in this land every every pregnant lady's beautiful that's such a message that's what we all need to feel every lady every pregnant lady nobody here's what's crazy is that you really honestly like I don't really even know what you look like right now but right I don't really I mean like you're just like gorgeous to me but I don't know if that's just because like that's how like hormones work in pregnancy that like the partner is just like obsessed I think it is that is like you actually look like a troll or something yeah I can't see past the hormones you're gorgeous no I definitely have my troll days are you kidding me this is a it's a crazy journey don't worry we'll continue to be very real with you that's why the vlogs are good if you guys are interested in this sort of like behind the scenes of it all the vlogs like I get a little bit more trollee in there a little bit more patrols our blogs these rain yellow this today we will see that next time take your eat it stay weird say you we love you so much alright five months pregnant still doing this blah

28 thoughts on “Designer vs. Budget Baby Clothes Shopping Spree! | OMG We're Having A Baby

  1. Joey and I had so much fun shopping for Mr. Baby! What's your favorite outfit or item? We broke outside our usual thrift stores and budget-friendly stores and splurged on some designer items for him! #becausewhynot ; ) … He'll probably be naked and in a onesie the first 3 months but the cute outfits are making me soooooo excited for his arrival! Love all of you Creative Weirdos!

  2. There are specialty child thrift stores we have one that is called once upon a child, you should google childrens thrift stores

  3. I’m your new follower her in Tokyo japan. I’m so excited to your baby congratulations for you two.

  4. Hi Mr.Kate I always buy clothes for my siblings babies . In the first 6 to 7 months the baby loves to snuggle in sleepers and jumpsuits and rompers. You can also buy online from ali express they are really cheap and mostly good quality. love your videos XOXO

  5. I don't know how world wide this thrift store is but in FL there is a store called once upon a child. And they are a "thrift" store just specifically for kids of all ages. I play June's journey, I've actually had to redownload it bc I fell off for awhile. It's a fun game.

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