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  1. Wonderful video!! I have learned so much, thankyou !! I would love to see these decorating professionals again! Happy Memorial Day and Best Wishes!🙋🏼😊👍🏻❤️🇱🇷💙

  2. First of all, thank you so much for these kinds of videos! I love the decorators’ ideas, and I’m all for changing the furniture around to freshen up a room and make it feel new. The main concern I would have (and it’s so hard when I’m not actually in the space) is not being able to access your family room from your dining area. But again, it looks nice not to walk in from the entryway and have the room cut off with the sofa.
    I also like the idea of changing the honey oak trim, now that it no longer serves your space.

  3. Karen!!!!!!!!! Omg this was awesome!!! Thank you for this video!!! We have just renovated and updated our home and furniture placement is my challenge. Now I have to go get caught up on Lauren’s video. Thank you!!! 😘

  4. The only critique for me is there is no access to the living room with the large wall of furniture blocking you. Also I personally don't like the whole room centered around the tv. Also, I like a satin finish on an accent wall.

  5. What a great and informative video I agree with all of their suggestions Karen and I hope if you do decide to make all the changes you will do a reveal video. I wonder how many of us will now take a walk around our house and make a few changes inspired by these talented ladies. Thanks so much 😘

  6. Very exciting! I can’t wait to see everything finished – we just painted our house a light buff color after always having dark colors and I just love it!

  7. I love decorating too. You must play with your furniture placement first. When you had changed your flooring the first thing that had come to my mind was the color of your woodwork in your hallway. It was sticking out like a sore thumb. I agree paint it to match your trim work.

  8. Thanks for the video. These two ladies definitely deserve their own channel or tv show. I agree with all the recommendations they made perhaps with the exception of the painting the chair. Painting the fabric alone on the chair I think would provide enough of update to look fresh and would compliment the current wood tone of the chair. That chair has great bones and the wood is in great condition and a classic piece.

  9. Karen, PLEASE don't paint that mantle or that gorgeous chair or the stairway white!! Oh that would just ruin it. Why does everyone think that everything has to be white??? It just sucks the personality right out of the room. I really liked your living room the way you had it to begin with, with all the warm woods and all the color. Don't be so quick to just buy into every change they want to make. Trust that what YOU did was beautiful, (cause it is!!) and stick with it. Besides the mantle, I really like your window treatments. I'm not impressed with your ladies and their ideas. PLEASE don't change your beautiful home too much.

  10. This was so interesting! Your various areas looked so different after their changes & ideas! Can't wait to see the after! Thanks for sharing! 😀❤️✨✨

  11. Very interesting video! I liked their recommendations and their vision. Can’t wait to see you incorporate them in your home. 😉❤️

  12. Wow these ladies know design! What a treat to have them come in and advise! The quick rearrangement of the furniture was fantastic! The mantle and the corner window curtain ideas are great! Can’t wait to see the new looks! Switching to the big comfy office chair is perfect! Painting fabric is new to me too, can’t wait to see it done! As for the bakers rack, I’d keep it! Just paint it! You need racks to display pretty things on! That’s just my opinion though! What a treat to have fresh eyes come in and give professional advice! Loved this video!

  13. All the suggestions were great! It will be amazing to see the finished area when the ideas come to life. Thank you for doing this video because it will be helpful for everyone looking to make changes in their decor.

  14. These two ladies know their stuff! Love the rearranged furniture. I would never have thought to do that myself. Lauren did a great job filming, too.

  15. I'd love to see tours of their homes, I bet they are fabulous! They should have their own channel, it would do great!

  16. I really love the way the living room is changed. It really did open it up and looks even brighter! They had such great ideas! The stairs being painted white was an awesome idea! Then the huge mirror to place above the fireplace would look better to. WOW such great ideas I love them all!

  17. Wow Karen! These two women are amazing. I like the reminder that the height starts on the left. I did a quick online interior design course last year and I honestly think I learned more from these ladies. I hope you can do all that they have suggested as it would be so nice to see the changes. Love how they organized the furniture too. I wish so often I had a friend or knew someone with a design background. Very excited for you. xo

  18. How exciting for you!!! Unbelievable how lickety-split they were to know how to arrange the living room. Awesome… Painting the wood on staircase would scare me–I think they look great now.

  19. Betty & Nikki gave great advice 👍
    They should start a YT channel, a lot of people would love the expert tips.

  20. Wow. I feel like a had a personal consult myself. Outstanding recommendations. The finished product will be gorgeous for sure. Well done, ladies. – xx, Carla

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