Designing a Creative Studio – Real Life Design

Designing a Creative Studio – Real Life Design

Hey everyone I’m here today to measure
this amazing space. It’s one big open space right now in a brand-new
building in downtown Toronto and the project that I’m working on is a design
and media marketing agency and they’re going to love being here once it’s all
done. So today I’m here to measure this entire space and make sure that we have
accurate dimensions so that we can start working on the space plans. So do you
want to see the space? Here’s a quick overview and that amazing view. So I’m doing a full site measure today
which means that I have to measure everything in the space I have to know
where everything is Heights widths everything the ceiling by the way is 13
feet there you go these are all the
dimensions that I need for this space and now the next step is to draw it up
in AutoCAD and start the space planning what a great view Lync is that way yeah I have a feeling
there’s gonna be a building right there that’s okay still a great view thanks
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everybody you

18 thoughts on “Designing a Creative Studio – Real Life Design

  1. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with this space, I’m sure it’s going to be super amazing! Please keep posting 🙂

  2. Very cool idea! Always great to see the real projects progress! We're trying something similar with our own office! 🙂

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