Designing and Building a Modern Bench – Woodworking Projects

Designing and Building a Modern Bench – Woodworking Projects

this is our porch it needs a bench the idea for this bench came from this bench this bench came
from this piece of wood this piece of wood came from a dumpster I don’t know where this dumpster came from so I originally built this bench when I
was out for a walk one day and found a piece of wood in a dumpster I just kind of wanted to see what i
could do with it so I brought it home and I made this bench the benches kind of flimsy as you can
see it’s the wood was probably only about a half of an inch thick maybe a little bit more than that to
start by the time i got it all nice and smooth it was pretty thin I wouldn’t recommend sitting on this
bench I brought it to my office and I pretty much just use it to set a couple
bags on partly because it’s convenient and partly because it deters people from
sitting on it I did have one guy sit on at one time
kind of a bigger guy actually probably 210 pounds didn’t break but there’s a
lot of creaking going on so I actually really like the design of
this bench you know it’s very simple pretty minimal I really love the look of angled and
tapered legs so I ran with that idea I went through a couple of design ideas
before finally landing on this design you can see it has all of the exact same
pieces that the original bench has but each piece is just slightly different I don’t know that I normally would have
picked cherry to build something outside but I had some leftover cherry from
another build so I took the path of least resistance plus the bench is going
to sit under porch it’s not really going to be out in the
Sun or in the rain or anything like that and the weather here in Southern
California is pretty mild so I’m sure it’ll be fine after i joined and planned all the
cherry to the proper thickness I built the four legs I can get all four
legs from two small chunks of wood by kind of flipping things around and
nesting them together the legs are going to angle in 15
degrees from 90 degrees so I guess that’s 75 degrees from being vertical i
started by making a 15 degree cut from the top and bottom of the piece that the
legs and come from then I marked out one of the legs
carefully and cut it out on the band saw I use this first leg as a template for
the rest using it to mark and cut out the others also at the bandsaw once I had all of the pieces cut out i clamped them together with the outside edges flush
and I run their wobbly edge over the jointer again so that they’re all perfectly equal. one of the repeating themes that I find
with woodworking and I’ll probably say this over and over accuracy is way less important than
repeatability what I mean is if something is supposed to be 16 inches it isn’t really that important that it
ends up being exactly 16 inches it can be a 32nd of an inch off either way and at
some level you can’t really control for that but what’s more important is being
consistently short or long by that 32nd of an inch as long as you repeat the same cut over
and over things are usually going to come out okay back to the legs now that the shape is
created it’s time to start cutting in some joinery i went ahead and cut some
dedos for all the connector pieces that will run between the front and back of
the legs on either side we know that the outside edge angles are
15 degrees so I basically set up the dado blade spent a bunch of time accurately marking out where all of my cuts needed to be
set my miter gauge at 15 degrees and started nibbling away cutting the cross connector pieces was
the first part of the bench that was a little tricky the reason for this is because of the
taper the legs I knew that the outside edge of the
crosspieces would be at 15 degrees to match up with the legs but the inside of
the legs are basically just some random unknown angle I did my best to measure and I came up
with 18 degrees also each crosspieces a different width
basically they need to get wider as you get closer to the top of the leg where the leg gets wider. so again marked out everything set the blade and
cut a 15-degree angle off one side and an 18-degree angle off the other side for the bottom crosspieces I also cut a
dado on the top which will eventually hold a stretcher that will keep the legs
from wanting to move away from each other when somebody sits on top of the
bench now is ready to glue up the legs and do
some sanding the legs aren’t quite complete here
because I need to wait till the very end to glue on the top piece after the seat
is on otherwise there’d be no way to get the seat in with the base mostly finished i turn my attention to the stretcher. the
piece that would run between the too legs this was the second tricky part of the
build. I needed to cut joinery on the ends to mate with the dados I just cut
in the crosspieces but the inside edge needed to match that 18 degree angle I couldn’t use the data blade here
because if you tilt the blade at 18 degrees you’re going to end up with it
way higher on one side of the other so instead i made a cut with a regular
blade at 18 degrees then I turn the piece vertical and cut out the remainder this left to minimize version of the
problem the dado blade with a left but it was easy to clean up with the chisel I went ahead and left the piece long on
the edges so that I could clean it up to match the outside 15-degree angle after
gluing the whole base together Here I am trimming off those extra
pieces for the top i had to use two boards
glued together it’s about 15 inches wide which is
almost twice the width of my joiner when I’m gluing that pieces like this i
like to use a few dominoes to help with alignment I don’t know that they really provide
any extra strength but they make it easier to keep the board’s aligned
vertically and horizontally after a little cleanup I cut the top to
the finish length and width since the ends were uneven and the
board was too wide to use my miter gauge i used a tracks to cut it square into
the finished length I wanted to put a really long bevel on
the underside of the ends but a blade on a table saw only tilts to 45 degrees at
least on my table saw so instead of having that be my limit I
set the blade at 15 degrees and cut the piece vertically so that would be the
equivalent of being able to tilt your blade to 75 degrees to attach the top to
the base i use these figure 8 clips I don’t know if that’s their technical
name they’re pretty easy to install and they allow for wood movement so i really
like them I probably should have done this before
i had assembled the legs but it came out fine plus placement isn’t really that
important since they’re going to be hidden on the underside I’m pretty happy with the way the bench
came out it’s definitely different and modern-looking
but I think it also has a sort of Japanese-ish quality to it I don’t really know what Japanese-ish
means but I don’t know that’s just the way it comes off to me if I were to
build it again I think I’d do a couple of things
differently I’d probably make the taper a little more exaggerated keep it the same
at the bottom but maybe make it a little wider at the top I’d also played with the idea of having
two cross stretchers one in the front and one in the back instead of just having
one in the middle like it is know that would probably also help with the stability a
little bit. it’s fine but can never be too sturdy I guess thanks for watching if you liked this
video good news i’m going to be making more when I would ask of you is please
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feel free to ask and see you next time

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  19. Ӳőú ćáń ǵét íńśtáńt áććéśś tő ővéŕ *16,000 ẃőődẃőŕḱíńǵ ṕŕőjéćtś íń thé ńéxt 5 ḿíńútéś őŕ ĺéśś*

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