Designing the Gallagher family house | Beyond the Scenes with Shameless

Designing the Gallagher family house | Beyond the Scenes with Shameless

[rock music] ♪ ♪ – Hi, everybody,
Shanola Hampton here from the Showtime
original series “Shameless.” – Where is everybody? – It’s 10:00 a.m.
– So? – Just like the associates
at Sheraton, the cast and crew of our show
go beyond every day to make “Shameless”
the number one comedy on Showtime. [all cheering] So come with me. Let’s go beyond the scenes
with “Shameless.” We know the Gallaghers hail from the mean streets
of Chicago’s South Side, and although
all of our exteriors are shot
in the Windy City, our interiors are shot
right here in our LA studios. And who is responsible
for making that bad look so damn good? Miss Nina Ruscio. Hi!
– Hi, sweetheart. – So you don’t just take a set,
bring it back each year. You really go beyond
to make it look lived in. – Well, it was
really important to us to make sure that everything
felt authentic. We age these sets
to make it look like the Gallagher family
has grown up here. – Do you know
what goes on around here when you’re not here?
Life. [knocking at door] – Oh.
– Oh, who’s at the door? – This is our phenomenal
set decorator Matt Callahan. – Anything that’s not attached
to the set, that’s what I’m responsible
for finding. – Where’d we get
an espresso machine? Ow! – This is Kev and V’s house. This set has evolved so much
in eight seasons. – It has. It started as a 1-wall set, and then season two, it ended up
being a 2 1/2 wall set, and then season three,
an entire set. – The babyproofing may be
my favorite thing. It’s one of those
little details of, “Wait a minute. Was that a stuffed animal
wrapped up?” – They don’t have
a lot of money, so they use what they have. – You know what?
I’m gonna use you as my weights. – Whee!
– Whee! – Let’s go look at The Alibi. What you all have created here
is absolutely amazing. – Here’s to the [bleep] bar
on the South Side! – I’ll show you
my favorite thing in this bar. I knew that I was done
with this bar when I put all those
little pieces of gum. Of course, everybody
that comes here orders, you know,
“Can you give me a beer?” you know, and they stick
their gum under there just like they do
in real life. – They love it. They think
it’s authentic or some crap. – That’s about all the time
we have for today, folks. Thank you so much for watching. Big shout-out to my girl
Nina Ruscio and Matt Callahan for giving us this special peek
behind the scenes. Be sure to catch “Shameless”
on Showtime, and get even more beyond
the scenes of “Shameless” on the Sheraton YouTube page. Or explore their properties
at Thanks for watching.

10 thoughts on “Designing the Gallagher family house | Beyond the Scenes with Shameless

  1. How do they shoot in Chicago and LA? Do they spend weeks in one city and weeks in the other? If they take all the cast and crew back and forth in trailers, that is some work. Plus it has to be difficult to shoot it to look seamless when they're indoors in one scene and outdoors in the next.

  2. So do they replicate the inside or make it their own? Cause I'm quite curious on how the actual owner decorated his or her or it's house.

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